Selecon has expanded its Acclaim line of 500-650W ellipsoidals by developing the Acclaim Axial Profile 18-34, 24-44. The Acclaim luminaires offer a beam that is even and precise, compact-filament lamps for a small point source, and superior lumen output. The Axial has a simple, effective, and safe adjustment of the beam from a center peak to a flat field, two interchangeable beam patterns for longer or short throws, a ratable pattern holder, and large shutter handles for fast adjustments. The heat management system uses hot mirror technology, which is designed to reduce heat in the beam to protect pattern and gel life. In addition, a selective filter produces a "whiter" light. The Selecon Astral Axial is suited for pattern projection and utilizes the Philips CDM lamp, either 70 or 150W types, available in 3,000K or 4,000K color temperatures, with a rated life of 9,000 hours, and a peak beam of 12,500fc at 18ΓΈ. Axial luminaires are CE-marked; UL and CUL listings are pending. Selecon Auckland, New Zealand