The Digital Solution

Neumann presents its new digital microphone, the Solution-D. Solution-D combines a new A/D conversion process, a synchronization method, and remote control of microphone parameters and mixing console functions. The first product in the Solution-D series consists of three components, the digital microphone D-01, digital microphone interface DMI-2, and the software that permits operation and remote control of the microphone. The system conforms to the new standard AES 42-2001.
Neumann, Glenview, IL

The Excellent XLT

Community Professional Loudspeakers is now producing the XLT509 subwoofer, a device that complements any of the XLT500 full-range loudspeaker systems. It features ferrofluid-cooled 15" transducers and is capable of producing 130dB SPL peaks between 40Hz and 150Hz, with a maximum input rated at 400W RMS, 1,000W program. It is rated at 4ohms with a sensitivity of 96dB SPL at 1W/1m.

Backed by a five-year limited warranty, the XLT509 is internally safeguarded by IntelliSense circuitry and PowerMeter LED indicators. The subwoofer measures 34" × 20" × 18", and the enclosure is made from sandwich-core plywood.
Community Professional Loudspeakers, Chester, PA

Snazzy Headgear

Shure Incorporated announces the Beta 53, its new head-worn mic designed for live theatre and presentation applications. The lightweight condenser unit features a microphone element measuring 5.8mm in diameter, an omnidirectional polar pattern, and a frequency response extending from 20Hz to 20,000Hz.

The Beta 53 also comes with a pair of interchangeable frequency response caps for mild and high boost and two termination options. The ergonomic frame is secured with a modular headband and equipped with a detachable boom mount. The headset is corrosion-resistant and available in beige and black.
Shure Inc., Evanston, IL

Flex Those Muscles

Earthworks introduces its new Flex Series microphones. The series is similar to the SR69 and SR71, but with a range of flexible neck lengths that allow real-time and real-world adjustment of microphone positioning. Their on-axis sound quality is natural and uniform out to 90°, and arrivals from off-axis are rejected with very little coloration. These microphones are flat from 50Hz to 20kHz within ±2dB.

There are three microphones in the series: the FM720, FM500, and FM360. The FM720 has an extra-long neck, the FM500 has a neck approximately a yard long, and the FM360 is the smallest of the group.
Earthworks Inc., Milford, NH

What Becomes a Legend?

Midas presents the first live performance-mixing console of the Legend Series, Legend 3000. It includes XL4 preamps and XL3 EQ, and it is semi-modular, constructed in blocks of eight, with each block divided into three sections. The Legend provides the user with two sets of controls. Each input channel has two lots of EQ, one for monitors and one for FOH, as well as two faders. There are also 12 auxiliary sends, which can be used individually as foldback or FOH effects.
Midas, Worcestershire, UK

Get Connected

Neutrik® introduces the EtherCon® Series of connectors. The cable connector carrier has a die-cast shell, chuck-typed strain relief, and accepts all standard RJ-45 plugs. The chassis type is based upon the construction of the XLR A Series. It has a secure latching system and is only available in a horizontal PCB mount version.

The EtherCon connectors are Category-5 unshielded compliant and are compatible with 10 Base-T and 100 Base-TX systems. The receptacle has eight contacts, a rated current of 1.5A, dielectric strength of 1,000V ac rms, with a contact resistance of less than 10mW, and an insulation resistance of more than 500mW. It has an estimated lifetime of more than 1,000 mating cycles.
Neutrik, Lakewood, NJ

Raising the Stakes

MacPherson, Inc. announces the release of the Monolith Version 2 loudspeaker. It raises the “sonic bar” with flatter response, better phase coherence, and increased detail. The slim profile of the enclosure remains the same, but there have been significant changes. The mid-frequency (MF) and high-frequency (HF) sections have been improved. The MF driver was selected, two of which are used in Monolith Version 2. It features a composite cone and an integrated phase plug. A new crossover network was designed to optimize MF performance and a custom-designed damping insert has been added to the HF compression driver. Minimal EQing is also required and upgrade kits are now available.
MacPherson, Inc., Skokie, IL

Theatre Crafts

Stage Crafts (Second Edition) is the new version of Chris Hoggett's backstage bible that covers every aspect of backstage work, from creating an acting area through building sets and props to working with makeup and masks. It offers readers many solutions to common problems and detailed instructions on how to best make use of each technique. Explanations are made in detail and illustrated by hundreds of clear, vividly detailed drawings. Stage Crafts is a book that will appeal especially to students and those in community theatres. This new edition includes more material on makeup and lighting written by expert advisors. (ISBN#0-325-003435-9. $29.95)
Heinemann, Portsmouth, NH

Men's Wearhouse

Early Victorian Men is a guide for costume designers and teachers looking for detailed information about this specific period of fashion. It includes information from the rare book The Tailor's Masterpiece: All Kinds of Coats, by George Walker (which dates from 1838) and is supplemented by the full text of Hints on Etiquette and the Usages of Society, published in 1836. Also included are fashion plates from Modes de Paris 1836-1838. Early Victorian Men has cutting drafts and instructions for a full range of coats, including dress coats, frock-coats, greatcoats, box coats, livery, and Quaker coats, not to mention jackets, capes, juvenile dresses, waistcoats, and uniforms. (ISBN#0-914046-28-4. $23.95, +3.50 shipping)
R. L. Shep Publications, Fort Bragg, CA

Quick Changes

Instant Period Costumes, by Barb Rogers, is billed as telling the reader the easy way to be an Egyptian, a flapper, a punk rocker, and more — with no sewing required. The book teaches the tricks of the conversion costuming trade, with detailed instructions. It tells you what types of clothes to look for at thrift stores, then what to add or remove to make the costume fit the look. The chapters encompass many eras and countries, with outfits ranging from Biblical robes to Renaissance gowns, from Old West duds to 60s fashions. More than 100 costume designs are featured, with photos and diagrams. A resource section listing where to obtain hard-to-find accessories is also included. Section headings include Gothic, Renaissance, Elizabethan, Restoration, Bustle, Turn-of-the-century, World War I, and each decade, from the 1920s-80s. (ISBN: 1-56608-070-3. $19.95)
Meriwether Publishing Ltd., Colorado Springs, CO

Shoestring Solutions

Conducting Light on a Shoestring is a new video designed to illustrate the creative process of “conducting light” to the stage within the confines of limited space and budget. It follows professional lighting designer David Cuthbert through his design process, from initial ideas to the final production at the Sledgehammer Theatre in San Diego (a noted experimental company). The video is aimed at college and high school design/production classes as well as introductory or appreciation courses. Scenes depict the signing of the contract, meeting with the director and costume designer, daydreaming as part of the process, light plot development using Autocad and Lightwrite for support documents, use of magic sheets, technical rehearsals, and demonstrations of back, front, top, low washes and high-side and shinbuster lights, and color. (ISBN: 1-883779-18-9. Runs 45 minutes. $96)
Theatre Arts Video Library, Leucadia, CA

Teach It Yourself

Make Your Own Instructional Videos is designed to show instructors how to make basic videos without using fancy editing equipment. Ron Ranson, Jr., a videographer and teacher at University of California at San Diego, leads a program that includes samples of “how-to” footage used in: student recruiting, inventory documentation, talking-head reports, facility tours, clean-up procedures, safety guidelines, and many others. Also includes tips on camera, video lighting, and final presentation.

(ISBN: 1-883779-19-7. Runs 45 minutes. $59)
Theatre Arts Video Library, Leucadia, CA

Software From MA

MA Lighting's Software Version 2.60 boasts numerous new features. A new timecode function with up to 100 individual timecode settings and individual sequences along with editing choices in graphic or list mode will be available. Command line with entering and editing functions for all control functions, as well as command line history, will also be available. Other features include: an “agenda” with timed functions and fully equipped with astronomical real-time clock, password-secured user login with individual access levels, and editing and storing functions for cues, groups, and presets. The new software also allows for copying of features and data of moving lights. New functions include: a “move in black” function for automatic pre-positioning of any feature while the shutter is closed or light is dimmed, a “knockout” function for partial release of changed values, and an “undo” function to restore the last 10 commands or actions.
AC Lighting, Agoura Hills, CA

The Moving Image

High End System introduces the Catalyst, which combines video projection and automated effects lighting. Mounted on the front of a Barco ELM R12, a 12,000 ANSI lumens output, triple DMD video projector, Catalyst allows the image to be moved and placed within a global envelope. Catalyst allows color mixing, with a selection of masks that act as framing shutters. The system is delivered with hundreds of gobo patterns, including the entire DHA and High End libraries

The package consists of the dynamic hardware, a control rack, DMX system control software, and video processing software.
High End Systems, Inc., Austin, TX

Compass Points the Way

FSR has added the Compass to its seamless graphic switcher line. The Compass is a 7 × 1 seamless graphic video and audio switcher. It has a built-in scaler, motion adaptive de-interlacing, and seven universal video inputs. The output resolution is also user-selectable. It has composite video of up to 1,600 × 1,200 and HDTV 480p/720p, along with a 350MHz video bandwith.

The Compass is a single-rack-unit device with front-panel controls of all functions and transitions. All video inputs are via HD-15 D-sub connectors, and all of the audio inputs and outputs are via captive-screw connectors. It is RS-232/485-controllable via FSR's accessory remote control, Crestron, or AMX control systems.
FSR, West Paterson, NJ