Suddenly, the Baltic nations are hip: Readers will recall our coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest and our heartfelt desire to return to it next year — in Estonia. Now comes news of La Rocca, billed as the most popular club in the Baltics. Located in Riga, Latvia, it is said to attract a crowd of party-seekers from all over Europe. The club features a full complement of SGM gear, including 12 Giotto Spot 250 moving-head units, 12 Galileo and 12 Galileo II scanners, eight Victory II Pro scanners, one Newton 1200 followspot, 14 Flasher DMX 1.5 strobe units, three Varismoke DMX smoke machines, controlled by a Studio 24 console, and 12 Powerlight 612D dimmers. Equipment was supplied by Alexander Cheslavsky, whose firm is named after him. Next time we're in Latvia — perhaps on the way to Eurovision — we absolutely intend to check it out.