Later this month, 400 exhibitors and 10-12,000 entertainment and architectural lighting professionals from 60-plus countries will descend upon our 13th LDI trade show in Las Vegas. At the largest LDI ever, last November in Orlando, 90.6% of the attendees were directly involved in the decision-making process for purchasing in their companies and 49.8% were planning on spending $100,000 on entertainment technology equipment this year! Worldwide, LDI has become one of the largest meeting places (if not the largest) in our business. LDI reminds me of one of those piazzas in Italy where friends and colleagues come together every year as they do, not only at LDI, but at other international events such as the annual PLASA show in London where, last month, many of our friends (and staff) flocked to the annual Bandit Lites "pub" booth at that show. LDI is the place to find products and solutions for every entertainment and architectural lighting application and challenge. It's the place to hire talent and to find a job. LDI has in a sense turned into an annual New Year's celebration where products (and sometimes companies) are launched for the coming year. LDI is also a time when Lighting Dimensions editors and marketing staff get to talk to our readers and advertisers about the coming year. 2001 will be Lighting Dimensions magazine's most exciting year ever when we deliver comprehensive and insightful coverage of lighting projects and products. Come see David, Bob, myself, advertising reps Adrienne Gurman, Robb Holzrichter, and Aimee Eckert at LDI2000 in Las Vegas. Plus, you'll get to meet lots of other Lighting Dimensions, Entertainment Design, and LDI folks in our host booth, #2511.

LDI is the industry's annual reunion - see you there!