When Roger Waters starts the second leg of his In the Flesh US tour at the Ice Palace in Tampa, FL, he will be backed by some sizzling liquid light effects courtesy of Peter Wynne Willson of Wynne Willson Gottelier (WWG). For Wynne Willson, whose relationship with Waters goes back to the early days of Pink Floyd, this production closes a generational circle between the homemade projections of the 1960s with the 6kW HMI TeleProjector, from France-based Chameleon, that will be used for effects on this tour.

Wynne Willson has created what he describes as a "fried slide" system with small bubbles, immiscible liquids, and saturated colors which will "boil" across a giant screen behind Waters during his performance. To ensure some consistency of appearance, WWG has provided a semi-automated system to enable an operator to manage the delivery of the images at showtime.

Wynne Willson attended production rehearsals at Calverston Naval Base in New York state at the end of May to train and encourage the lighting crew in the unusual aspects of liquid light technology. Lighting designer for the tour is Simon Sidi and set design is by Jonathan Park. The tour will climax with two nights at Madison Square Garden in mid-July.