IQ G300: This projector is the first in a new line of intelligent projectors that Barco will be rolling out this year. Among the innovative features incorporated in the projector is a picture-in-picture capability that lets users display and simultaneously resize four source windows on the fly. In addition, it offers a seamless switching capability that provides smooth transitions as windows are added or subtracted from the screen. These transitions can be done with or without fade-in/fade-out effects. The unit features 1.3in. polysilicon LCD panels with a native XGA resolution (1024×768 pixels), offering a maximum of 3500ANSI lumens. (Barco; Kennesaw, Ga.; 770-218-3200;


PresentationMaster: Supporting true seamless switching, the PresentationMaster features eight universal A/V inputs that accept NTSC, PAL, S-Video, component, computer-originated, and HDTV video. Folsom's Auto Signal Lock technology automatically locks to the incoming signal and scales it to the native resolution of the display device. Audio sources can either follow video source selection or can be switched independently. The unit also accepts two non-switched audio sources (LINE and MIC) that can be mixed with audio from the selected input channel. The PresentationMaster is aimed at the boardroom, the classroom, the conference room, and churches.

(Folsom; Rancho Cordova, CA; 916-859-2500;


Wavefront W8L: Martin Audio has introduced its next generation of line array systems that it says dramatically advances this product category. The design combines innovative horn loading techniques with line array technology to produce an extremely powerful system with maximum dynamic impact. The W8L is a 3-way, full-range system, which may be used without subwoofers for many applications. By combining patentable and proven driver-loading techniques with no-compromise vertically-coupled waveguides and true constant directivity horns, the company says the W8L achieves a level of efficiency and coverage consistency not usually found in this popular format. W8L horns develop low curvature wave-fronts for smooth, comb-free horizontal coupling — a feature not possible with spaced, point-source drivers. (Martin Audio; Kitchner, Ontario; 800-465-1330;


Enterprise Rental: Designed for individual rental facilities and large companies that conduct resource rentals as part of their day-to-day operations, Enterprise Rental is a collection of programs, reports, and utilities that provide complete control and automation of the rental tracking process. For example, the Check In/Out program monitors rental resources through the creation of check in/out records, hot swap records, and internal movement records. Users can even group rental resources together so that when the main resource's (such as a projector) barcode is scanned, the peripheral resources (such as cords, stands, etc.) are entered automatically by the system. (Xytech Systems; Burbank, CA; 818-767-7400;


Shure WH30: This new headworn microphone is designed for users, especially performers, who require complete and unhindered mobility along with the professional audio quality of a condenser capsule. The WH30 features a frequency response tailored to enhance the clarity of vocals. Ergonomic and lightweight in design, the hands-free unit features a flexible gooseneck that facilitates optimal microphone placement and an isolation shock mount that reduces vibration noise. Temperature and moisture-resistant, its cardioid polar pattern delivers maximum gain before feedback. Capable of handling high SPLs, the headworn mic comes with its own snap-on windscreen. (Shure; Evanston, IL; 847-866-2200;


Innovation: This new series of modular, compact, multimedia switchers expands ISIS-Group's offerings of video and audio signal processing and management solutions. The new switchers accommodate the RGBHV signal format through native HD15 connector I/O in matrix sizes ranging from 8×8, 16×16, and up through 32×32. Using modular construction, users of the switchers are assured of complete configuration flexibility as well as an upgrade path capable of meeting future system requirements, including the addition of analog or digital levels for audio switching. Control panels are operable locally at the switcher frame or remotely with the unique ISIS control panel cradle assembly. The 10 base-2 Ethernet control system design means only a single cable needs to be routed to each remote control panel. (ISIS-Group; Grass Valley, CA;