SLS6221: Debuted at NSCA, the SLS6221 is a flat-panel display speaker system from Altec Lansing. The first product in Altec's Solution series, the 2.1 speaker system is the result of collaboration between Altec and Electrograph. A small active line array, the two satellites feature six 1in. tri-amplified micro-drivers that provide a 40 to 60 degree coverage pattern starting at 2kHz. Each satellite is magnetically shielded, allowing placement with CRT displays. The system's amplifiers and DSP are housed in the powered audio system's subwoofer. A wired remote control and wireless IR remote complete the package. (Altec Lansing Professional; Oklahoma City; (405) 848-3108; www.altecpro.com)


Spyder 200 and 300 series: Vista Systems' new windowing and realtime compositing devices come in a modular, scaleable package, support a total pixel space of 6 million pixels, and can store up to 100 image files. Within each series are five models. The Spyder 200 series includes the 213 (one-input/three-output processor, useable as a single video source across multiple blended or butted display devices); 222 (two-input/two-output processor, useable multi-format dual scalar dissolver for discrete screen applications); 231 (three-input/one-output processor); 240 (four-input expansion processor); and 204 (four-output expansion processor). The Spyder 300 series offers combinations of eight inputs or outputs. All Spyder units support edgeblending, and they support 24p, NTSC, PAL, and SECAM frame rates. Standard I/O formats are Analog RGB (SOG, Composite, or Separate Sync), Analog YUV, SDI, HD-SDI, DVI, and DVI-Dual. Optional input formats are analog composite and S-Video, and optional output formats are DVI-Twin (10-bit DVI), Analog Composite and S-Video. (Vista Systems; Phoenix, Ariz.; (602) 943-5700; www.vistasystems.net)


Reon-GX: Silicon Optix is now offering a semiconductor system-on-chip that delivers AnyPlace simultaneous vertical and horizontal extreme-angle keystone correction. Reon-GX extends the keystone correction range horizontally up to 80 degrees and vertically up to 40 degrees, allowing users to place a projector almost anywhere in a room while maintaining image quality. The unit also offers advanced scaling, frame-rate conversion without frame tearing, advanced PIP, PAP, POP, bitmapped OSD, an integrated ARM CPU, and gamma correction. (Silicon Optix; San Jose, Calif.; (408) 487-9290; www.siliconoptix.com)


Foam Cannon X-Stream: Available from Foam Masters, the Foam Cannon X-Stream is a completely self-sustained unit that produces dry foam. Versatile and easy to operate, the unit rests on casters and can be angled up or down to shoot up to 480 cubic feet of foam per minute from 10ft. to 25ft. The cannon includes a reservoir, a pumping system, and a one-touch control (on/off). Simply mix a foam solution with water, plug the Foam Cannon X-Stream into a standard 110V, and turn it on. (Foam Masters; Anderson, Ala.; (800) 745-8599; www.foammasters.cc)


EM550-G2: Newly available at InfoComm, Sennheiser's dual-channel rackmount receiver includes AutoScan for easy and secure channel selection and is compatible with any Evolution Wireless 500 series transmitter. The unit, via the broader 36MHz switching bandwidth, offers improved tuning flexibility through 1440 frequencies. An adjustable pilot tone squelch, new to the EM550-G2, allows microphone transmitters to be switched on or off noise free, but it may also be deactivated for backward compatibility with older Evolution Wireless systems. Additional features include an intuitive user menu and backlit displays. (Sennheiser; Old Lyme, Conn.; (860) 434-9190; www.sennheiserusa.com)


GoBigger: From GoVision comes a new mobile LED unit originally designed, built, operated, and managed for Magna Entertainment Corp. The unit features a Barco LED screen (measuring 18'×32') mounted atop a 53ft. trailer. As of May 1, the unit is available for rental nationwide. The GoBigger screen can be raised 18ft. and rotated 360 degrees, and its Barco SLite 14 screen is custom-built for large-format outdoor viewing. GoBigger also features an onboard generator, built-in sound system, camera package, and an onboard control room. (GoVision; Keller, Texas; (817) 431-3077; www.jumbo.tv)