DViT: At NSCA, Smart Technologies will demo its Digital Vision Touch (DViT) technology, a new platform technology for touch-sensitive displays. Using proprietary digital cameras and sophisticated software, DViT can determine contact of a finger, stylus, pointer, or other object on a display. Situated at each of the display's corners, the cameras communicate position information to a signal processor that, in turn, determines the precise point of contact; no special pens or tools are required. DViT technology will be introduced on two of Smart's products — the Rear Projection Smart Board 3000i and the Smart Board for Plasma Displays interactive whiteboards. (Calgary, Canada; 888-427-6278;


iS10 and cS15: At ShoWest 2003, Digital Projection International announced two new DLP cinema projectors to be sold under the Digital Cinema brand, the product of an alliance between Digital Cinema and NEC Viewtechnology. The iS10 digital cinema projector combines a DLP Cinema subsystem, illumination, power supply, and optics in a single unit. SMPTE brightness compliant on screens up to 35ft. wide, the iS10 is designed to meet the requirements of more than half of the world's cinema screens. The cS15 uses a DLP Cinema head design that integrates with industry-standard lamp consoles and fits into conventional commercial-style theater booths. It provides SMPTE brightness on screens between 35ft. and 60ft. wide. (Kennesaw, Ga.; 770-420-1350;


SB118: From L-Acoustics comes this high-power subwoofer, which is designed to complement the company's other loudspeaker systems, including the dV-DOSC, MTD, and XT models. The unit features a single 18in. transducer loaded in a dual-chamber, vented bandpass configuration. With a power-handling capability of 600W RMS (2,400W peak) and a low-end response of 32Hz, the SB118 measures 17.4in. high by 31.5in. wide by 32.3in. deep. The product will debut at NSCA. (Oxnard, Calif.; 805-604-0577;


Lake Contour: Also at NSCA, Lake Technology will announce a new DSP-based loudspeaker processor. The Lake Contour has been developed from the same hardware platform used by Clair Brothers for the company's Lake-designed and manufactured Clair iO. The Contour offers a new method of equalization and wireless touchscreen operation, and it synthesizes filters, providing precise, flexible equalization. It also supports a virtually unlimited number of EQ curves. Contour's wireless remote presents sound system information in full color on a touchscreen display, and it allows sound engineers to analyze sound and draw on a stored library of parameters. (San Francisco; 415-861-1147;


P50XCA11, P42HCA11, and P42VCA21: At NSCA, Fujitsu General America will debut three new widescreen (16:9) Plasmavision SlimScreen monitors designed for the commercial market. The P50XCA11 (50in.) and P42HCA11 (42in.), and P42VCA21 (42in.) are redesigned from previous models to provide improved image quality with higher brightness and contrast, along with a number of useful features tailored for use in commercial applications. All three models incorporate Fujitsu's latest plasma technologies, including the company's AVM (Advanced Video Movement) digital video processor (with a built-in line doubler), which is designed to eliminate motion artifacts and flicker, improve vertical resolution, and easily reproduce natural movement. All three Plasmavision monitors are compatible with NTSC, PAL, and SECAM. Each includes two sets of analog RGB inputs (15-pin and BNC), an RS-232C control port, and built-in 10 × 10 watt stereo amplifier with volume, treble, bass, and balance controls. They also feature external speaker outputs, facilitating their use with optional matching external speakers as part of a stand-alone multimedia installation. (Fairfield, NJ; 973-575-0380;


DVI Splitter: Gefen's new splitter, also to be shown at NSCA, is a hardware device that plugs into computer ports, splits their signal, and connects it to two displays. Via the DVI Splitter, users may also split the same digital signal that's installed for high-definition television, enabling a setup in which one signal drives a computer display while the other drives the television. The VGA Splitter, which can run two analog projectors or monitors, is also available. (Woodland Hills, Calif.; 818-884-6294;


Beta 54: Shure now offers this headworn vocal mic, available in wireless or hardwired configurations. Operable between 20Hz to 20kHz, the Beta 54 is outfitted with a low-output cartridge, which enables the mic to handle a maximum of 149dB SPL. Available in black or tan, the mic ships with a snap-fit windscreen, detachable boom mount, and a flexible, adjustable headband. (Evanston, Ill.; 847-866-2200;


CinePro and CineClear: JVC Professional now offers a new range of rear projection screens that can, according to the company, be mounted “in air” and in ambient light and still provide a high level of contrast. Available formats are 4:3 and 16:9 in sizes from 50in. to 200in. diagonal, and the screens allow a 170° viewing angle. The CineClear screen, which is completely transparent, can display images from a single projector to create an apparent 3D image. (London;


Smart Fade: Analog Way now offers a new version of its Smart Fade product, a seamless switcher/fader with improved title and fading effects. The unit combines three functions: mixer/switcher with five video and two computer inputs and a built-in scaler, enhanced scaler/line multiplier, and an audio stereo line for each of the seven inputs. Five Smart Fade inputs are scaled to match the resolution of the computer display (up to 1280×1024), allowing users to cut, fade, dissolve, and make title effects between a video and computer sources. (New York; 212-269-1902;


RVC-7 series: Furman Sound announces a new series of AC power conditioners to debut at NSCA. The conditioners are specifically designed and engineered for plasma screens and video projectors. The RVC-7 (17in. component package with optional rack ears) and RCV-7W (features in-wall mounting, ideally secured to the same wall studs and immediately behind the plasma screen's wall-mounting brackets) partner Furman Sound's Symmetrically Balanced Power technology with Plitron Transformer's Narrow Bandwidth Technology. In both units, a single isolation transformer reduces common and transverse mode noise from the AC line and aids in the elimination of hum bars. All RVC units feature non-sacrificial surge protection and the ability to handle 7 amps of AC current. (Petaluma, Calif.; 707-763-1010;


CP-SX5600W: An LCoS projector from Hitachi, the CP-SX5600W weighs 12lbs. and delivers SXGA resolution, a 600:1 contrast ratio, and 1800 ANSI lumens, according to the manufacturer. Connectivity options include DVI, analog RGB, component, composite, and S-Video. Additional features include vertical/horizontal digital keystone correction, digital zoom and freeze, HDTV theater-readiness, and a reverse image function for ceiling mount. The price is $11,995. (Brisbane, Calif.; 800-225-1741;


Motovator: From Wybron comes a new DMX-512 controlled system that, according to the manufacturer, provides precise servo control of the position and movement speed of AC motors, DC motors, and hydraulic actuators used to move scenery, drapes, and drops. The Motovator system allows users to design and edit motion in the same ways as lighting cues, via standard lighting consoles and moving light programming techniques. Motovator motion control systems for Traveler and Austrian curtains, roll drops, and stage turntables are available for inclusion in custom-designed applications or as complete packaged solutions. (Colorado Springs, Colo.; 719-548-9774;


ORCA: From Doremi Labs comes a new realtime MPEG-2 encoder for HD or SD video to be shown at NAB. The ORCA PCI card encodes HD video up to 200Mbps and provides users with a wide choice of encoding parameters, including GOP structure, 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 encoding profiles, and compression bit rate. The card accepts HD-SDI and SDI video from which it extracts video, audio, and other ancillary data. (Burbank, Calif.; 818-562-1101;