The market for silent dimming has always existed; however achieving this goal has been difficult. Strand Lighting is out to make some noise in the market with its new SLD SST Sinewave dimmer, a modern Solid State Transformer (SST) and may be used in any application where an early autotransformer dimmer might have been used. Any load that can be dimmed by a transformer can be dimmed by the SLD SST module. SST dimmer modules can dim a wide range of loads including incandescent, inductive, and capacitive devices from a fraction of a watt to full capacity. It also features built-in micro-controller based short circuit and overload protection; SLD status reporting and advanced waveform compensation as standard; and the SST dimmer produces less than 1% harmonic distortion.

The dimmer is not load-sensitive and the output will remain stable at all times, making the dimmer ideal for dimming any electronic ballast track light, most LED loads, and a wide range of neon and cold cathode loads. Any application where silence is important and system designers want to eliminate all lamp sing should consider using a Sinewave dimmer, as there will be no audible lamp filament noise from any luminaire connected to these dimmers. Since the Sinewave module can be mixed with regular dimmers system designers can choose SST Sinewave modules for house lights and concert lighting and use conventional dimmers backstage and in all less noise-sensitive spaces. The new SST dimmer module will be available for 230V applications as a single 13A dimmer and for 120V applications as a single 20A dimmer. The modules are also available with single-pole, double-pole, and RCD circuit breakers.
Strand Lighting, Inc.
Cypress, CA
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With the Sky Panel, Arri introduces a revolutionary softlight luminaire. The core design features a Planon® light source, an only 10mm thin, uniformly shining light tile, originally created by Osram Sylvania to be used in displays. In a close collaboration between Arri and Osram, the Planon system, consisting of a light source and electronic ballast, has been optimized for film applications. Features include optimal daylight spectrum, compatible with HMIs; full brightness less than one second after switching on; brightness and color are independent of ambient temperature; dimmable - flicker-free and without changes in color; and allows for modular expansion of up to six units with common control.
Arri, Inc.
Blauvelt, NY
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Baxter Controls, Inc. introduces The Pocket Console, one of the smallest and most user-friendly DMX lighting consoles available. It is small, lightweight, portable, and designed to be hand held. It comes with eight faders, each with an associated bump button. 512 dimmer addresses are patchable to any of the eight faders. The unit is powered by a 9V battery or by a 120V AC power supply. This unit is designed as a basic and reliable device to test, set-up, or run a DMX controlled, single-universe system. There is also a low battery indicator on the LED display that blinks to indicate less than one hour of battery power remaining and the faceplate is removable and has cut-outs for wall mounting. The unit is 6-5/8" W × 3-1/4" H × 1-3/8" D (1-5/8" for fader handle clearance.) Weight with battery is 13oz.
Baxter Controls, Inc.
Austin, TX
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We have increasingly sophisticated equipment to satisfy the senses of sight and sound; now the sense of smell is catered for with the Aromatech System from The Effects Company. Working with a unique venturi system, which does not use heat to destroy the delicate fragrances, it has sophisticated digital electronics to enable variable output/timer control and DMX operation. Sub-micron particle generation ensure that there are no lingering odors once the output has stopped. Essence change is less than 20 seconds and the machine is very user friendly, with 30 essences available from stock and a total of 320 essences to choose from in the specials library. Several units can be daisy-chained together for increased coverage and a hanging bracket and ultra-flexible ducting adaptor are available as optional extras, to allow fragrancing of remote areas via ventilation systems, or concealment of the machines.
The Effects Company
Surrey, England
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Elation introduces the Power Spot 250 and Power Wash 250 moving head fixtures. The Power Spot 250 includes an on-board 4.9mW red laser effect and a rotating gobo wheel with six interchangeable, indexable gobos, including four metal gobos, one glass gobo and one multi-colored dichroic gobo. A separate color wheel contains 11 dichroic color filters plus open. The Power Wash 250 features a CMY color mixing system; six dichroic filters plus white, along with 3,200K, 5,600K and UV filters; and a 180þ beam shaper. Beams can be rotated by 90þ. A frost filter on the same wheel can be used to soften the intensity of beams. Additionally, the beam angle can be manually adjusted from 8 to 22þ. Both units have a pan movement range of 530þ and tilt movement range of 280þ; feature 8/16 bit movement resolution; and a 250W discharge lamp.
Elation Professional
Los Angeles, CA
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