G-LEC LED Curtain System

The G-LEC LED Curtain should not be confused with a video wall. The G-LEC system utilizes clear acrylic rods to house the LEDs, to give a resolution of 2.4" between pixels as standard, although custom resolutions can be made to order. The resulting transparency and low wind resistance make the system work for architectural use as well as for the theatre, concerts, and corporate events. With the G-LEC Curtain you can place performers both in front of and behind the curtain, using it as a scrim or scenic element.

G-LEC's LED Curtain is making appearances here in the US, most recently winning Honorable Mention at the ETS-LDI trade show and used to good effect in the recent Jay-Z concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

G-LEC stands for “grid-type LED curtain,” as the arrangement of the pixels are not spread over the complete surface, like a video screen. The pixel spacing is above average and the arising spaces are not black but transparent, creating a scrim-like effect. The arrangement gives a good view onto everything that is placed in the background. Respectively, the spaces are sufficient to allow light that is placed behind, the possibility to shine forward through the G-LEC system.

G-LEC is based upon the principle of the additive mixture of colors. Every single pixel consists of three high-brightness LEDs of the primary colors red, green, and blue. The pixel spacing of 60mm (2.4") is relatively large. They are vertically arranged in transparent acrylic tubes. These tubes also have a spacing of 60mm (2.4") between them. So, these spaces between the pixels are not black, as according to conventional LED screens, but have a 70% transparency.

The G-LEC system consists of the tubes, the support frame, and the remote PC-rack for control. The current restriction of length is 100 meters (328') between the PC-racks and the frames. The control of the PC-racks can be done via DMX. The standard system 12G, consists of 12 frames and one PC-rack. (The standard systems are 12G, 24G, 36G, and 48G. Systems, whose number of frames is not divisible by 12, are possible but not standard.) In each frame, there are 30 tubes, which have a spacing of 60mm (2.4") between each other. In each tube, there are 16 pixels, which also have a spacing of 60mm (2.4") between each other. You can arrange the frames in any manner desired. The smallest system that is possible consists of two frames and a length of cable. The maximum run of one control cable is limited at six frames.

Control from a console requires at a minimum 20 channels, 10 per scene. The system consists of two scenes, each with the capability to store up to 70 images or animations. In addition to the stored images and animations, the system will accept a real-time video feed. Controlled by DMX512, the G-LEC Curtain enables you to show and control two graphic streams simultaneously as standard, so you can combine video with text or still images with animated graphics. A DMX channel determines the total brightness of a scene. Further channels are used for controlling the direction of an animation and its speed. The frame rate for the system is 25 fps.

All the images and animations are stored in the PC-racks. Nearly any format can be used as long as it is adjusted to the right size. JPG or BMP formatted images and QuickTime and animated GIF files are the preferred format for the data. For the production of video you should choose the highest optical resolution as possible in the original format.

The G-LECs power draw is about 150W/sqm. So, a 12G-system of 22sq m (24sq yd) will work with a 16A, 230V connection. The system also works fine with 120V, 60Hz power. The curtain weighs 10kg/sq m (22lbs/sq yd.)
G-LEC Europe GmbH
Oetigheim-Rastatt, Germany
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Low-lying dry ice effects have always been difficult to produce well using chiller machines — but now, users of High End Systems' F100 fog generators can now attach the Cirrus Lowsmoke from The Effects Company to their machines. This is a sophisticated but user-friendly system which produces thick white low-lying fog that, most importantly, stays low, and gives a very close simulation to dry ice. It is small (14" × 7 1/2" × 11") and is very economical to run, using easily obtainable CO2 cylinders — a 34kg cylinder lasts 22 minutes, and can be controlled via 0-10V standard timer controller or DMX control. Multiple units can be daisy-chained together for larger area coverage. There is no need to pre-chill, as the system is always ready and dry running is ensured via moisture removal in the machine. The F100 and Cirrus units are linked together both physically and electronically — so both work together, with just one start/stop function. To complete the system a 20 liter remote feeder tank is available (with auto fluid level sensing) and a manifold system can be installed to join up to four CO2 cylinders together.
The Effects Company
Surrey, England
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Adding to its line of dichroic filters, Lee Filters introduces Frosted Dichroic Filters, which are diffused colored dichroic glass filters for MR-16 applications. They are frosted on one side and color-coated on the other. The diffusion softens light beams and reduces halation created by MR-16 lamps.
Lee Filters
Los Angeles, CA
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Lighting & Electronics expands its product range with the development of the C-clamp lineup. This new lineup includes the PipeDream, Get-A-Grip, and HangTuff clamps. All three clamps have a one-piece innovative design that is manufactured from a strong lightweight aluminum alloy. The Get-A-Grip and HangTuff are universal designs rated for loads up to 500lbs, and is ideal for any fixture securing application. The PipeDream is designed for those lighter duty situations. The HangTuff, unlike other safety clamps during an accident, will not only keep the fixture from falling with its built-in safety cable, but is designed to also keep any broken pieces of the clamp from falling as well.
Lighting & Electronics, Inc.
Wappingers Falls, NY
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