Artistic Licence launches the Colour-Tramp, a lighting control system designed to handle the complexity of two- and three-dimensional color changing arrays. It combines the concept of lighting control with a graphic editor. The lighting array is entered using a sophisticated graphic user interface. Show programming is then performed using color palettes and visual editing tools. Colour-Tramp provides full implementation of V1.0 Remote Device Management; this allows Colour-Tramp to communicate with the lighting fixtures. Colour-Tramp excels at controlling geometric lighting arrays in architectural applications such as building exteriors and illuminated plazas. It will also find applications in television, nightclub dance floors, and pseudo-video walls, among others.

Colour-Tramp is a PC-based system that merges the concept of lighting control with a graphic paint package. A geographic representation of the lighting array is entered onscreen using a sophisticated editor. The screen layout is used to paint the lighting cues, which are built into sequences for playback. The screen layout also provides an accurate preview of the output. An off-line version of the software is available free of charge; it allows designers to use the actual control software for the storyboard and presentation phase. By the time the job has been won, much of the show programming is complete. The system can even export graphics for incorporation into presentation software.

Colour-Tramp also features full support for the new Remote Device Management (RDM) protocol, used to retrieve sensor data, such as temperature and voltage, from lighting fixtures. A color-coded display provides instant feedback of fixture status. These diagnostic functions can be further enhanced by connection to the Artistic Licence Installation Management Server, which provides real time monitoring of installations and sends emails whenever human intervention is required.
Artistic Licence (UK) Ltd
Harrow, Middlesex, United Kingdom
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Bandit Lites announces the development of a new 30-way hoist controller. This smaller and lighter version of the controller joins the Bandit line of 60-way and 10-way controllers. The unit is designed for ease of maintenance and quick replacement of components in the field. It will be making its maiden appearance on tour with R.E.M later this month. The 30-Way controller integrates seamlessly with Bandit's patented Motor Control System (MotoData) and will work in both the United States and Europe. It is a Class II double-insulated enclosure and incorporates the standard safety features that have been a part of Bandit Lites hoist controllers for over a decade, such as 30 bi-color lighted toggles to control the direction of the hoist and an E-stop switch that kills all 30 motors.
Bandit Lites
Knoxville, TN
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Building on the success of its predecessor, the LP-X24, Leprecon introduces the LP-X48, which has 1,024 DMX channels for both moving lights & dimmers. Its features include more conventional control — instant access of up to 192 conventional control channels via 24 manual faders (up to 48 channels) or through the numeric keypad; more playbacks — you can now run 12 cues lists at once that include moving lights, dimmers, and scrollers; and more options — every LP-X48 is touch screen capable with a TFT 15" flat screen interface that puts fixtures, labels (palettes), effects, timing parameters, and much more at your fingertips. With all the standard features such as VGA output, manual scene control, and label effects.
Leprecon LLC
Hamburg, MI
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Lutron introduces SoftSwitch48 — a new switching system that combines Lutron's proven SoftSwitch technology with a new XPS Controller. Providing a single-panel solution ideal for small- to-medium switching applications, SoftSwitch48 also integrates an astronomic timeclock (ATC) for easy facility automation and allows digital control for up to 48 circuits and 32 wallstations. SoftSwitch48 reduces wiring by incorporating daisy-chained, networked wallstations and programmable contact closure inputs for occupant and photosensor integration. The XPS Controller located in the SoftSwitch 48 panel is used to configure and operate the entire Softswitch48 system. It features an LCD user interface to facilitate programming of both the system itself and ATC parameters. The integrated ATC automates up to 500 user-defined events that can be triggered by time of day or by a time offset from either sunrise or sunset. Available for 100-127V, 277V, and 347V applications, Softswitch48 panels feature switching circuits that are rated for any light source or motor.
Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.
Coopersburg, PA
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Lite Puter launches the EDX-1212A, a 12-channel, DMX-controllable architectural dimmer pack. It features easy control and installation and it combines dimming and switching in one complete unit lighting control system, with onboard dimmer control setting and has a scene memory data control via CPU. The unit is wall-mountable and is only 3.35" (8.5cm) deep, with 1/3 of space for wiring work, and features include the editing and loading of six scenes; timing of presets with auto execute and fade times; ability to lock out the system; linear dimming curve; 12A maximum output per channel; and power supply of 90A, 240V. Dimensions: 18.5" (470mm) wide × 19.7" (500mm) high × 3.5" (88mm) deep.
Lite-Puter Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Taipei, Taiwan
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Mole Richardson introduces a new line of fluorescent fixtures, the Molescent Biax Series. Created from a blend of lightweight polypropylene and aluminum, the Molescent houses high output, 55W biax lamps with integrated, dimmable, high-output flicker free ballasts. There are several models, including 2-light, 4-light, 4-light long, 8-light, and 8-light long with two mounting options including studio-style yoke or film/DV style OmniMount. All models are dimmable and offer multiple circuits with optional DMX control or PowerLine dimming; the latter lets you control and dim the new Molescents from traditional, existing SCR, variac, or wall dimmers. Accessories include barndoor, ParaHex reflective louver with no light loss, filter frame, and shower-cap diffuser. Lamps available in 3200Þ or 5600Þ.
Mole-Richardson Company
Hollywood, CA
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