The Rip-Tie CableCarrier is designed to help any technician who has ever had to replace a cable in a rush or an emergency situation. That never happens. Right. Well for those that live and work in the real world, this is the product for you. With a CableCarrier, you can carry an extra cable or two on your tool belt and be prepared for any cable problems.

The Rip-Tie CableCarrier attaches to a belt loop or tool belt with one of three choices of attachment hardware — 2-1/16" (5.2cm) nylon swivel hook; 3-1/8" (8cm) aluminum carabiner; or 2-3/16" triangular aluminum carabiner. It uses the best quality hook and loop material and will last for 10,000 refastenings. The Rip-Tie pull-tab makes opening the CableCarrier a simple one-handed operation.

The CableCarrier is available in 14 different colors and two sizes (1" wide by 6 or 9" in length,) with carabiners available in matte silver and matte black. They are sold in packages of two, five, 10, and 50.

The CableCarrier is ideal as a hanger for temporary cable runs. The 3-1/8" carabiner has a maximum opening of 1" — allowing it to hang from a wide range of supports and equipment. (Note: The carabiners are all non-load bearing.)
Rip-Tie, Inc.
San Leandro, CA
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The I-Vision MYLED T36 is an RGB moving yoke LED fixture, which simulates a conventional, 250-sized wash or Fresnel unit, but is brighter, lighter, and less power-hungry. The T36 light source consists of 36 high-brightness Luxeon LEDs. The unit comes with full dimming and color mixing, and four lens options at 6, 10, 25 or 90Þ. Advantages include up to 4,300 lumens with a current consumption, for the light source of only 40W, a rise time of less than 100nS and over 50,000 hours of lamp life. The MYLED T36 uses three channels of DMX for color changing and two for pan and tilt. At 24.25 lbs (11kg) it is very light, portable, and easily manageable.
I-Vision (UK) Ltd
Chepstow, South Wales UK
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GAM introduces the Six-Slide-Tray, an accessory for its SX4©, which snaps onto your ETC Source Four ellipsoidal and converts it into a high-performance scenic projector capable of creating many special effects. The Six-Slide Tray allows you to remote control any six “M” patterns, glass or metal. It can be DMX-controlled and also has built-in programs for automatic pattern changes ideal for display applications where a console may not be available. Using the built-in programs you can select speed, direction, and lapsed time of pattern changes that will automatically sequence when power is turned on. The Six-Slide Tray uses the same power supply as the GAM Indexing TwinSpin and is compatible with the Wybron Forerunner power supply. Use the SX4 with any Source Four 575W or 750W incandescent, or the 575W HMI or the HID Series.
GAMProducts, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA
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LDDE introduces SpectraConnect, a fluorescent tube system for stage and architectural lighting. The advantages of SpectraConnect as compared to similar systems lie in the homogeneous adjustment from 0-100% with an internal 16-bit resolution — realized in the smallest possible dimensions. By means of additive color of T8 fluorescent lamps, it is possible to produce almost all the colors of the rainbow in any desired intensity. Due to the integrated DMX512 module, SpectraConnect is conveniently adjustable from the control console. The modular multi-core-plug system allows forming an unbroken line of lamps in upright as well as hanging position.
LDDE Vertriebs GmbH
Vienna, Austria
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Leviton NSI announces the availability of its two- and four-channel programmable DMX dimmer packs. Both models feature re-settable circuit breakers, eliminating the need to change out fuses during working conditions. A menu-driven LED-programming panel allows one-button DMX addressing. This eliminates the need to adjust cumbersome dipswitch settings for DMX addressing. In addition to multi-channel DMX dimming control, the units also provide a chaser function with 16 pre-programmed patterns, including speed and output level controls that are ideal for stand-alone and display lighting applications. A versatile output channel selector allows users to select the exact number of channels they need. NSI's DMX Dimmer Packs feature a sturdy metal chassis designed for both stationary and portable applications.
Leviton NSI Division
Tualatin, OR
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Wybron's CXI Mariner is a water-resistant scrolling color mixer that fits all 8" theatrical lights (mounting plates available for other fixtures). Two scrolling gel strings of graduated magenta, cyan, and yellow mix to create up to 432 distinct colors, programmed or in real time. Gel string position is controlled by a standard lighting console using DMX512 and diagnostic information is available about each head connected to the supply. The fader positions are proportional to the gel position, allowing partial frames to be used. Fan speed-off, low, and normal-is remotely controllable from the console. Mariners use Coloram II Power Supplies and can be easily daisy-chained.
Wybron, Inc.
Colorado Springs, CO
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Animated Lighting Co. has developed the PO-16MB, a 16-channel complete package. This plug-and-play package enables you to quickly add 16 lighting control channels to a display. Simply connect this unit to power, string your lights on a house, building, or other area, and plug them into the provided female power cords that come pre-assembled to this Animated Lighting LC-16 lighting controller and weather proof case. The Monster Brain comes pre-programmed with a lighting routine already installed. This package includes: LC-16 Sixteen Channel Light Controller; MB Monster Brain Animation Processor; ENC-1 Enclosure; AC3-PIN Power Cable; and AC3-POUT Receptacle Dangle (16).
Animated Lighting Co.
Overland Park, KS
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Robert Juliat USA announces the Buxie 575W MSR/MSD Followspot, which has a zoom range of 11.5Þ-22Þ for short-to-medium throw applications and comes with a removable, fully closing iris, mechanical dimmer, six-way push/pull color changer with removable filter frames, and an A-size gobo holder. The hot re-strike, built-in igniter, which is located in the lantern, is connected to the power supply (PSU) by a Power-Con connector. The removable fan-cooled PSU can be fitted onto the yoke, and operates at voltage ranges of 110/230-50/60Hz. It uses a rugged and economical 575W MSR or MSD lamp, has a high performance double condenser optical system, and is available with or without a manual dimmer. The Buxie is now in stock at Robert Juliat USA.
Robert Juliat USA
Wallingford, CT
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Pulsar introduces the Masterpiece 96. This lighting control console is a direct development from the Masterpiece 48 and brings twice the DMX channels for the same price. Features include: 96 dimmable control channels; Pulsar MultipleX (PMX) and DMX serial digital outputs; 0-10V analog outputs provided for channels 1-24; 96 scenes each containing any of the 96 channel levels; 24 scene chases with individual speeds, slopes, directions, etc.; and Chase Generator, which provides quick generation of chase sequences. The unit is conceptually similar to the Masterpiece 108 and the multi-tasking structure provides just the right amount of programming power required for smaller venues that have a combination of scans, generic, and strobe fixtures. Like its big brother, the Masterpiece 96 is a universal, fully programmable controller.
Pulsar Light of Cambridge, Ltd.
Cambridge, UK
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The ColorMix 240 AT is the latest in the new Robe Advanced Technology (AT) Series. It's a static color changer with a 150mm Fresnel lens. It is designed as a compact version of ColorMix 250 AT, featuring all the functions deemed most useful by lighting designers. It is an ideal substitution for conventional PAR reflectors and color scrollers. Utilizing an MSD 250/2 discharge lamp, the fixture outputs 18,000 lumens, and has a 2,000-hour average rated life. Other features include full CMY color mixing, and a separate shutter for blackout and variable strobing. The fixture's dimmer unit allows smooth micro-step driven dimming. Manual zoom varies the beam angle from 8Þ to 22Þ.
Robe Show Lighting s.r.o.
Czech Republic
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