Electronic Theatre Controls launches the SmartPack Touring System, another new member of the SmartPack family, a small rugged touring rack with 24 or 48 dimmers and incredible reliability. The Touring System is designed for anything from weekend gigs to regional festivals and small touring productions. The rack has built-in mains distribution — all complete in one box — and, following in the footsteps of the original SmartPack, is one of the smallest, lightweight systems ever made. Options include a 50A main circuit breaker and the Cam-Lok® pass-thru panel. Available with either two or four portable SmartPack slots, the SmartPack Touring System allows you to chose your pack style: 10A or 20A, and your choice of outputs. There are front and rear convenience outlets. The system is housed in an industrial-grade road case with 360° swivel casters.

The system provides one with everything needed for a simple show — power distribution, including convenience outlets, as well as the standard features of the portable pack, including DMX In and Thru connectors. The Touring System is the simple-to-use lighting-control solution for small road shows or shows that need limited dimming — corporate or ballroom events, theaters or performance spaces. The SmartPack range is designed to take into account problems with poor power quality, which ensures stable dimming in all situations. Another major benefit of all the products in the SmartPack range is that they are some of the few products within their class and price range using SCRs, the same style used in ETC's Sensor Dimming systems.
Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc.
Middleton, WI
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The Goddard Design Advanced DMXHub addresses the needs of both the RDM and non-RDM users. In RDM mode, it functions as what the proposed standard calls a hub. The hardware implements the preferred topologies for DMX512-A. A useful feature is the ability to assign any port to DMX512 only. This feature will be attractive because some of the non-compliant legacy equipment will not be true RDM-compatible. In non-RDM systems, this feature is useful to remove the non-null start code messages. And in non-RDM systems, the DMX512 packets may be re-timed to enhance the compatibility in legacy systems using different DMX flavors. The Advanced DMXHub may also be used to hold the last valid null packet sent when controller data is interrupted.
Goddard Design Co.
Brooklyn, NY
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The Lex Data Snake is an eight-universe data multi-cable designed for touring and stage applications, and suitable for DMX512 and high-speed data signals, such as twisted pair Ethernet or 10 Base T. The entire assembly is available on a rugged, heavy-duty reel, up to 150' in length, with connectors at each end. Inputs may be combinations of up to eight DMX-512 XLR or two-pair RJ-45 connectors. The Data Snake is manufactured with a highly durable and flexible tour grade outer jacket with an overall shield. Each pair is 24AWG gauge, stranded, and individually shielded with a drain wire.
Lex Products Corp.
Stamford, CT
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Doug Fleenor Design introduces the Preset 10 Architectural, a lighting control station capable of storing up to 10 presets. The presets are recorded by capturing the output of a DMX console; each preset can have a unique fade time of 0 to 999 seconds. The solid aluminum faceplate is designed to fit a standard single gang faceplate. Power can be supplied from a variety of sources, including a 10V class-2 doorbell transformer. The Preset 10 can work in conjunction with a console, automatically switching between preset and console control. When the console generates DMX, the Preset 10 goes off-line. Upon loss of DMX, the station either returns to its previous preset or holds the last look, which is jumper-selectable.
Doug Fleenor Design, Inc.
Arroyo Grande, CA
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The Effects Company of England launches the CO2 Jet, a multi-head system that produces powerful white jets of CO2 gas. It can be moved in two axes, but does not build up in the atmosphere like conventional smoke machines. It operates in conjunction with easily obtainable CO2 cylinders and is programmed via a standard DMX console through the Datalink Module, to provide a series of effects linked to the show lighting or sound system — oscillations, two axes sweeping, bowing, or pulsating. It can be operated in any position including truss mounting. Safety is taken care of, with the optional CO2 Sensor, an extremely sophisticated sensor measuring CO2 levels — placed anywhere, the unit displays CO2 levels on a rising bar graph on the Datalink and will disable CO2 emissions when the upper level is reached. A full range of accessories, including high-pressure hoses, are available.
The Effects Company
Surrey, United Kingdom
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Entertainment Technology introduces the Bak Pak individual dimmer, the perfect complement to any conventional luminaire. The Bak Pak dimmer is compact, lightweight, and easily attaches to the yoke of a conventional lighting fixture, providing powerful and silent IGBT dimming capability instantly. Because the Bak Pak unit is an individual dimmer, it mounts wherever it's needed. No dimmer room or dimmer rack is required. The Bak Pak dimmer uses standard DMX512 protocol, but can also be plugged directly into a wall outlet and used without DMX.
Entertainment Technology
Dallas, TX
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