Backed up by a three-year warranty, the Mobolazer R-Beam is the first standalone all solid-state beam projector system capable of emitting eight simultaneous beams — eight individual lasers are easily replaced by the operator, ensuring greater reliability, the firm says. Highlights of the R-Beam are three sound-activated modes and four autochase modes.

Based on the G-Beam chassis (24.5"W × 10.25"H × 1.75"D), the R-Beam includes all the special features that are the hallmark of Mobolazer projectors, the firm says — lightweight, compact, air-cooled, user-friendly, and available at the lowest price of any beam projector on the market today. It is ideal for the smaller venue or DJs on the go.
Mobolazer, Inc.
Thousand Oaks, CA
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Launched at the Live! exhibition in February, Zero 88 has introduced its Frog range of control desks. The desks can control up to 48 generic channels, which may be manually or automatically patched to any of the 512 DMX channels. Memories can be recorded as scenes or chases, each with their own fade times and modifiers. Memories may be played back with the crossfade master and the go button, or via the submasters. Fat Frog allows rapid programming of moving lights for all levels of user and introduces F.R.O.G (Fixture Random Output Generator, or autochase), which can dramatically cut programming time in all entertainment lighting applications, the firm says.
Zero 88
Cwmbran, UK
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PWL has been developed by Lumastrobe as a combination flashlight and warning light. The handheld, dual-purpose unit has a flashlight at one end, a magnet at the other, and an array of nine red LEDs for warning purposes. Two AA batteries power the flashlight for 11.5 hours of illumination and/or the LED array for 20 hours of continuous flashing. The combination flashlight is available in black or yellow and is about 7" long.
Midland Park, NJ
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Labsphere has engineered the OmniLED LTS (Life Test Station) LED for a turnkey approach for high-volume testing of LEDs. According to the manufacturer, a single measurement sequence performs both optical and electrical tests simultaneously on an array of up to 20 LEDs in less than 60 seconds. Optical measurements include total radiant and luminous flux, peak wavelength, dominant wavelength, CIE purity, and CIE chromaticity. Electrical measurements include forward voltage, forward current, and leakage current. Special user interfaces allow for up to 50 test parameters to be performed with pass/fail criteria, and then exported into Microsoft Excel or Access SW for detailed analysis. A guide titled The Radiometry of Light Emitting Diodes offers information on characteristics of LEDs and a comparison of the different testing methodologies presently available; it is free and available to Lighting Dimensions readers.
North Sutton, NH
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GAMtube is a color sleeve that fits over fluorescent lamps and is now available in over 40 off-the-shelf colors for immediate delivery; it has a colorfast warranty for one year. The expanded line of sleeves comes in sizes to fit T5s, T8s, and T12s as well as biaxial fluorescent lamps. Besides the 40 colors, there is a special service to provide GAMtubes in custom colors (based on any color within the GAM family) and/or sleeve sizes within two weeks. A full range of cine correction filters is also available.
GAM Products
Hollywood, CA
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The Elation Opti-Par provides more light output than a conventional PAR can due to its specially designed reflector and optics and a special 575W, 120V halogen lamp that is used as the light source. The luminaire itself has been stylized and is available in white, black, or traditional aluminum. The standard lens is a narrow-beam (Opti/N); other options are medium beam (Opti/M), medium flood (Opti/MFL), and wide flood lenses (Opti/WFL). The size is 11.5"×8.5"×8.5" and the unit weighs 7lb.
Elation Entertainment Products
Los Angeles, CA
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Pathway Connectivity (formerly Gray Interfaces) recently debuted the Pathport, a specially designed interface for linking DMX512 and ethernet-based networks. It allows existing DMX equipment to use ethernet data equipment and protocols developed by others in the lighting industry. Pathport units provide an affordable data port that can be remotely configured from a PC linked to the system, providing for the control of DMX-capable equipment, such as scrollers and moving lights. The interface is compact and can be located inside a standard double-gang electrical box. In addition, ethernet is used for data and power connectivity. One Pathport interface can process data from a number of control sources.
Pathway Connectivity
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Die-cast aluminum fixture housing, gold-plated socket contacts, 201/4 internal wiring, and internal and external heat-dissipating fins to reduce heat are among the features included in the RAB Quartz Bullet floodlight. The QB also has the “integra hood” glare shield, which minimizes glare from the quartz lamp; the shield can be rotated to match the fixture mounting position. The mounting arm does not require tools to adjust it and an EX-Grip locknut allows for easy tightening with fingers or tools. A 75W bi-pin quartz lamp is the standard lamp and the overall QB dimensions are 5"×3.5".

RAB also manufactures the Mighty Post for support of floodlights used for landscape or ground-level illumination. Among the features are PVC construction in black, white, or green, and three sizes — Mini Mighty (17"), Mighty (19"), and Maxi Mighty (25"). All have a special rounded edge for fixture wire routing and protection, and an in-ground stabilizer with teeth and ribs for secure mounting.
RAB Electric Manufacturing
Northvale, NJ
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Duraline has introduced its electrical Multi-Pin Waterproof Connector Systems. These fully waterproof connector systems feature a reverse taper seal design that isolates each contact and creates a watertight seal, allowing mated connectors to be submerged in up to 3' of water. Heavy-duty contacts ensure reliable connections, and for increased safety, the ground contact is designed to mate first and break last. They are corrosion- and dust-proof and are not harmed by destructive elements such as moisture, corrosives, oils, gasoline, diesel, hydraulic fluid, or extreme heat or cold; they are molded in solid Hypalon rubber with no voids or air gaps and permanently bonded to heavy-duty cable. They are factory mutual tested and approved, exceed OSHA requirements, and are suitable for IEC Class IP67 and NEMA Class 6 applications.
Central Islip, NY
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