Product Pick of the Month:
Xilver Droplet LED Luminaire

Xilver presents the Droplet , an automated luminaire utilizing high-power LED technology in a compact design for entertainment, display, and architectural lighting. The luminaire provides full control of position, movement, effects, and the entire color spectrum. The high-power LEDs give you the ability to create lightning-fast color changes. Separate control of hue, saturation, and intensity for easy color selection in 16 million different shades. Also included is a strobe that flashes with desired speed, color, and duration. The unit comes with a beam angle of 10° as standard, and includes optional lenses for 18° or 30° beam angles.

The advantages of LED technology ensure long life of the light source and the absence of heat and infrared, and ultraviolet light will not damage artwork or merchandise. All functions are completely smooth, silent, and accurate throughout the 360° pan and 270° tilt movement. Innovative mechanics and newly developed stepper motor control produce stillness.

Droplet is 5.11" (130mm) in diameter, 7.25" (185mm) in height, and weighs just 3.3lb (1.5kg). Droplet supports control by industry standard DMX512 and proprietary XSI (Xilver Serial Interface) protocol. The unit operates on 12 DMX channels in standard mode and eight channels in reduced mode. User-friendly software enables control of multiple Droplets and update firmware at minimum costs. Booting or homing occurs quietly and in less than three seconds. The unit includes an integral switch-mode power supply, is convection-cooled, and is completely self-contained. Internal electronics provide temperature stability, color uniformity, and over six years of typical use from the LED array.

Droplet can be integrated in many different applications, since the housing may be coated to blend in with any environment and it can be operated in any direction. The specially designed universal mounting plate enables pre-wiring and mounting to wall boxes, truss clamps, or other objects, so the Droplet can be attached only in a few seconds. The unit comes with a wide-range power supply, 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz.

Close Encounters
American DJ introduces the Pod Series. These fixtures include the ActivePod, ColorPod, RotoPod, and LunarPod. Great for mobile DJs and clubs, each Pod casts a dazzling moonflower pattern of radiating light beams and is packed with new features. The ActivePod is a multicolored sound-activated moonflower that creates an X-shaped effect. The ColorPod is also a multicolored, sound-activated moonflower, but it creates a more conventional shower of light beams that rotate back and forth to the beat of the music. The RotoPod is a white moonflower that rotates continuously, and the LunarPod is a static white moonflower that operates manually to flash on and off.
American DJ

Pack Light
ETC introduces the SmartPack, a portable and low-cost dimmer pack. This 19", two-space rack-mount unit houses either six 2.4kW or twelve 1.2kW channels of dimming. SmartPack does DMX and is ready to upgrade to DMX512A and RDM (Remote Device Management). With built-in presets and a sequencer, it can run on its own, without a console. You can change from single- to three-phase operation easily and it is noiseless. For extreme versatility and convenience, SmartPack offers a full range of output connectors (Edison, Stage Pin, Twist-Lock®, Neutrik PowerCon®, Japanese C, Socapex-compatible, Harting, TenBe, Schuko, and C-Form 16A) along with multi-language capability as standard options. SmartPack is UL/cUL-listed and CE-marked; available in six voltage and current ratings for all global markets.
Electronic Theatre Controls

A Broad Palette
Apollo Design Technology introduces the Comspec II color mixer that allows designers to easily and quickly create any desired color. The re-engineered Comspec II now features 9.5" front and 7" rear apertures for optimum light output, a universal mounting plate to fit 6.25", 7.5", and 10" color frame slots, two long-life gel strings for smooth color progression, a built-in heat blocker for extended gel life, two-mode, user-friendly operation, and a compact three-speed, two-fan design provides quiet operation. Apollo supports the Comspec II color mixer by also offering power supplies, replacement gel strings, and after-sale service.
Apollo Design Technology

No Biz Like Showbiz
GE Lighting introduces the new Showbiz series of high-voltage halogen lamps that have been developed to offer customers a higher level of performance and greater product reliability. The GE Six Sigma process brings the latest technology and the highest production standards to the Showbiz product line. Halogen products offer a wide range of applications in the stage, studio, film, and television industries. Higher efficiency is maintained with optimum fill pressures obtained through the use of fused silica bulb wall material, and smaller lamp size allows for compact fixture designs. The line includes 12kW and 24kW lamps in a variety of voltages.
GE Lighting

You Can Talk Back
Coemar introduces the DR-1, a remote device that eliminates the need to gain access to fixtures when programming or servicing lighting equipment. This diagnostic instrument allows the functions (and history) of a fixture to be monitored and checked from anywhere in a venue. Offering bi-directional communication with the fixtures which talk back to the device over a normal DMX cable, when inserted into the DMX512A chain, the DR-1 will replicate all functions and information, which until now were accessed only via a fixture's onboard display panel. A single DR-1, for instance, will allow the operator to access as many as 250 fixtures, allowing him or her to alter the fixture's DMX address, turn the lamp on or off.
Coemar USA

On Target
Odyssey introduces the Vector 250, a compact, affordable moving-head luminaire that features a gobo wheel with 11 interchangeable gobos, scrolling and shaking gobo effects, a separate color wheel with 11 dichroic colors plus white, and a rainbow color effect. The unit is quick and quiet with smooth pan and tilt: 540° pan in under 2.9 seconds and 270° tilt in less than 1.8 seconds. Also included are built-in demo programs, auto mode/audio trigger mode, and you can link up to eight units, masters and slave (without controller). It uses a Philips ELC-5 lamp with 500-plus hours' extended life, hanging brackets included, is 110V/220V selectable, and comes with a one-year warranty.
Odyssey Innovative Designs

New Model Year
Vari-Lite introduces the Series 3000, a new line of 1,200W luminaires. The line includes the VL3000 spot and the VL3000 wash. The spot features an output that exceeds 20,000 lumens; the wash features an output of 35,000 lumens, and the same beam-spreader technology found in the VL2000 (formerly the VL2402) wash luminaire. Both luminaires feature CYM color-mixing, a separate fixed color wheel, variable CTO, and dimmer and strobe mechanisms. The spot has a beam-size iris, two rotating gobo wheels, and a rotating effects wheel. The unit also has a 6:1 zoom range. The packaging of the VL3000 fixtures is identical, providing a consistent hang configuration and look no matter which luminaire type is required. (Also, the VL2000 spot was formerly the VL2202.)
Vari-Lite, Inc.

It's in the Bag
The Barger-Baglite was designed by a working director of photography to make his life easier. It works with either Chimera Quartz or Daylight Lightbanks without the need for a separate Speed Ring adapter. The Baglite can go from a single 300W to more light output than a 5kW fresnel, and with a softer look. Plugs into three standard 15A household outlets. Six separate levels of illumination with just the flip of a switch. It uses GE FCM-HIR 650W lamps, which produce more than 90% of a 1,000W lamp for higher efficiency and less heat due to the infrared-reflecting coating of the lamps, which protects the Chimera.
Ed Barger

Bypass Operation
Le Maitre introduces the Show Fogger Pro, a mid-range water-based fog machine in a lightweight and rugged chassis. The unit's modified heat exchanger provides huge, continuous fog output. This machine features Le Maitre's new Rapid Change Technology (RCT), which now allows you to quickly and easily make a capillary tube change on the fly, with its innovative RCT heat exchanger design. This design overcomes a fog machine's biggest service issue — a plugged heating block due to normal wear and tear. All you need is 15 minutes, a crescent wrench, a Leatherman, and a compact, lightweight RCT tube replacement kit (included free with the Show Fogger Pro), and your fog machine's as good as new.
Le Maitre Special Effects Inc.

Pot o'Gold
Leprecon now includes VGA, keyboard, and mouse interface with every LP-X24 console. This latest feature allows for expanded views of set-up, run time, edit, and programming screens, not to mention easy data entry via keyboard. Powerful features such as palettes, effects, and timing parameters are now just a mouse-click away. The LP-X24 has the capacity to run 96 dimmer channels and 48 moving lights with a built-in comprehensive moving light library and powerful effects generator. Users can program 20 pages of preset playbacks with the ability to run six cue lists simultaneously. The new features are also available as an upgrade.
Leprecon, a subsidiary of CAE, Inc.

In a Fix
Quentor introduces the Q-Fix range of flight cases. From the outside they may not look too different, although a closer look reveals a new level of accuracy of manufacture. This is because they utilize a new, patented construction system offering unique, high-strength, and quality assembly. The cases are available in standard sizes or custom-built in almost any size, style, and color. Weight-saving Q-Fix cases are ideal for many applications within the AV, broadcasting, and entertainment industries. The range includes trunks and racks, together with more specialized cases for lighting, cameras, and other AV equipment. Q-Fix cases are available assembled or as a flat-pack system making them ideal for distributors or users whose space is at a premium.
Quentor Ltd.

Whirling Dervish
Rosco introduces the Vortex 360, a gobo rotator that can rotate one or two steel or glass gobos at a fixed or variable speed. It has a transformer plug which will fit into either an ordinary wall outlet, or, with an adapter, into a dimmer. The speed of rotation can be set through a switch adjustment on the plug or by raising or lowering the dimmer. It fits such ellipsoidal fixtures as the ETC Source Four, Altman Shakespeare, Strand SL, and Selecon Pacific. A silent motor gear drives both heat-resistant stainless steel gear assemblies. Even at full speed, the Vortex 360 is so quiet it can be used anywhere. The Vortex 360 can be used at 100-120VAC or 200-240VAC, user selectable with a switch on the transformer plug.
Rosco Laboratories, Inc.

The Case Is the Light
The Pampa Lite was designed by a camera operator with an emphasis on portability. No additional carrying cases are required because the lamps, ballasts, hardware, and everything you need is all in the Pampa Lite. With fast setup time and quick lamp changes from daylight to tungsten, this is the unit to use for that fast last-minute setup where a soft, high-output, controllable unit is required. The barndoors are reversible with mirror or black sides. It can be used as a soft key fill light and as a blue/green-screen unit. The cases are made of ABS plastic and are available in two-, four-, six-, eight-, and 12-lamp versions.
Owen Stephens, SOC