Product Pick of the Month: Sony ECM-88 & ECM-88PT Lavalier Microphones
Sony Professional's ECM-88 and ECM-88PTs are extremely miniature, omni-directional electret-condenser microphones, ideal for quality-critical applications in theatre, broadcasting, and field productions. These microphones achieve a high-sensitivity, flat-and-wide frequency response (20Hz-20kHz) and low noise characteristics, while offering enhancements over the Sony ECM-77 Series lavalier microphones.

The ECM-88/88PT electret condenser microphones use a dual-diaphragm mechanism, which contributes to their high sensitivity and low inherent noise characteristics. The diaphragm and back-plates are fixed vertically to the microphone capsule, which effectively reduces the mechanical noise caused by cable vibration and friction. In addition, the diaphragm for each microphone uses a rectangular “tray” instead of a fragile ring, which minimizes deformation of the diaphragm to maintain sound quality.

Two types of termination are available, allowing users to choose the most appropriate output connector to meet their specific requirements. The ECM-88 is supplied with a Sony four-pin connector (SMC9-4P), for use with the DC-78 power-supply unit or the WRT-8B wireless bodypack transmitter. The ECM-88PT is offered without a connector (pigtail), so users can choose the connectors according to their transmitter. The ECM-88 includes two types of microphone holders: double pin and tie clip. A urethane windscreen is also included. Optional accessories also include the DC-78 DC Power Supply Unit, which is designed for use with the ECM-88 and Sony lavalier microphones equipped with an SMC9-4P connector. It features two-way powering: battery operation (using a AA-size [LR6] alkaline battery) or external DC operation (12-48V). It is supplied with an SMC9-4S input connector and an XLR 3-pin output connector.

Water-resistant architecture reduces the risk of water or perspiration entering the microphone capsule. The microphone capsule is 5/32"×5/32"×11/16", allowing for easy, natural-looking concealment in a stage costume.

Intelix Rack Mount Baluns
Intelix has added rack-mount Baluns to its line of connectivity products. The Intelix RB3 and RB6 rack-mount Baluns are used to transmit video and audio signals over a single run of unshielded twisted pair (UTP) wire, utilizing an existing building's structured wiring system without the tangle of multiple bulky coaxial video and twisted pair audio cords. Rack-mount Baluns feature Phoenix connections and are customizable depending upon the particular installation. Each rack-mount unit can facilitate three, six, or three-and-three V1A2 (one composite baseband video, stereo audio) or V2A2 (two channel video, stereo audio) Balun circuits, and can be used in pairs or with single Baluns of the same variety. This modular approach makes customizing a rack for maximum efficiency and cost savings easier than ever.

Apollo Gel Shield
Apollo Design Technology introduces Apollo Gel Shield, which reflects infrared energy, preventing color filters from absorbing IR energy as heat. This protects the color integrity and life of the color filter. Manufactured on 7mil polyester, Apollo Gel Shield is ideal for color filter and scroller applications on fixtures of 1,000W or less. Apollo Gel Shield is available in sheets of 6"x6" squares, 8"x8" squares, and 20"x24" squares.

d&b E0
The E0 (E zero, for clarity) system is the tiniest loudspeaker ever built by d&b. It is only 9.2"x5.7"x6.7", but still produces a peak sound pressure of 116dB with a conical dispersion angle of 100. The coaxially arranged 5"/1" drivers are housed in a strong polyamide enclosure with an integrated mounting arm. A few mounting accessories are all you need to position this 5.5lb enclosure anywhere you want to. Its small size, coaxial design, sound, and tremendous output allow its use for a very wide range of applications. If lacking a little bass, simply complement the tiny E0 with the compact E-Series bass-reflex system comprised of an E-PAC and an E12 subwoofer.

Genie IWP Super Series
The Genie IWP Super Series offers more in a push-around lift: working heights up to 35'6" without outriggers, a stable work platform, and takes only seconds to set up. The IWP has a unique built-in sensing system that detects if the unit is level or not. All interlocks are conveniently displayed on the ground controls to confirm proper set-up. Two front integral leveling jacks provide an additional 2" of adjustability. Wide-base models fit through double doorways typically found on industrial job sites. Standard-base models conveniently roll through standard doorways. Five platform options are offered, including the largest standard-sized platform in the industry and two fiberglass models. The ultra-narrow aluminum platform is designed to easily fit through ceiling tiles for access to electrical lines and other utilities.

Lake Technology Speaker Controller
Lake Technology's DSP speaker controller, the Lake Contour, is named for its unique sound reshaping capabilities. It has been developed from the hardware platform utilized by Clair Brothers for the company's Lake-designed and -manufactured Clair iO. Contour's features include a new method of equalization and wireless touchscreen operation. Unlike other DSP-based loudspeaker controllers, Contour synthesizes filters, providing precise and flexible equalization for optimizing loudspeaker systems. The synthesis technology supports a virtually unlimited number of EQ curves, in comparison to conventional processors that have a finite number of parametric EQ sections or graphic EQ bands. With Contour, even novice users may easily create complex EQ curves that have before required a significant amount of training and experience.

Martin Audio W8LC Compact Line Array
Martin Audio's new W8LC compact three-way, all-horn line array is the first true mid-sized system offering the same exceptional audio, consistent coverage, high efficiency, and rapid set-up time of its predecessor, the W8L. Its enhanced performance grows from Martin's unique design approach and time-tested horn-loading techniques — the same combination that allows the W8L to transcend traditional compromises. Martin's asymmetrical design allows mid and HF horns to function as separate devices for truly consistent horizontal pattern control. Unlike symmetrical designs where both are combined, the W8LC's horizontal dispersion is a true 90° through the mid and HF bands. This provides a greater usable dispersion angle, which in turn preserves the tonal balance as the listener moves off-axis.

MediaSonic Encode Capture Station
The top-of-the-line MPEG encoders can generate MPEG-2 transport streams for standard definitions and high-definition television. The MediaSonic Encode Capture Station (MS9200CP) makes distribution of MPEG-2 files quicker and easier. When connected to a real-time encoder, the MS9200CP captures the MPEG stream to its internal hard disk. The MPEG-2 HD files can be distributed over local or wide area networks, or written to DVD-R and DVD-ROM disks and to external hard drives. The cost of producing HD content for museums, themed retail, purchase displays, and electronic cinema applications is now very competitive to standard definition production. The MediaSonic HD player was developed for Electrosonic's customers who wanted to replace film and slide playback systems. Hard disk video and HD players are rapidly becoming the technology of choice for applications that require very high-resolution displays.

Milos X-Stage Platforms
Milos Structural Systems, manufacturer of QuickTruss, TriTruss, and Cell Clamps, continues to expand its product range with the addition of X-Stage Platform Systems. The lightweight range of fast-assembling deck systems have incredible loading capacity (up to 750kg/m2 or 150lb/ft2) and provide versatile solutions for stage and touring events. X-Stage is available in two main formats, S1 Scissor Leg with a quick-release adjustable platform and S2 Plug-in Leg featuring telescopic legs for fine adjustment. Platform sections are securely joined using special X-Stage quick-connectors. A wide range of accessories is available to create catwalks, stages, and raised seating areas.

Meyer MILO Loudspeaker
Meyer Sound has unveiled the MILO high-power curvilinear array loudspeaker. A compact and lightweight system, the four-way MILO produces a robust peak output of 140dB SPL with exceptionally smooth phase and frequency response. MILO also offers an overall frequency range of 55Hz to 18kHz and extended high-frequency headroom, with three dedicated transducers for the high-frequency band (5kHz to 18kHz) to provide detailed resolution of transient information, even in very long-throw applications. MILO is a four-way system comprising three transducer sections powered by four discrete amplifier channels. A self-contained system, MILO includes active signal processing and more than 3,900W of onboard amplification. Each of the low-mid transducers has a dedicated 1,125W amplifier channel, with a third 1,125W channel provided for the three high-frequency drivers. A 560W amplifier powers the single mid-high driver.

Nexo Geo T Series
Nexo introduces the Geo T tangent array system for large venues and outdoor applications. Geo T has been engineered as a scalable system that can handle audiences from 1,000 up to 100,000 or more. Developed in conjunction with leading touring sound rental companies, Geo T has been field-tested by SSE Hire with Tori Amos and by Show Company in Singapore with Alan Tam.

PreSonus CL44 Compressor/Limiter
The PreSonus CL44 four-channel compressor/limiter/compander with digital signal processing sidechain is a hybrid VCA-based, analog dynamics compressor under digital control. It is a fully featured compressor with variable attack, release, ratio, and threshold. The unit's compander circuit, ideal for vocals, provides automatic gain control (AGC), which increases the signal when it drops below a user-selected threshold. It also features an optical mode, which models the response characteristics of vintage optical compressor/limiters. The unit allows for XLR balanced and 1/2" TRS unbalanced inputs at 10K ohms with the respective outputs at 51K ohms. Also found on the CL44 is a 1/2" TRS compressor sidechain, as well as a 10-segment LED for gain reduction.

SLS RLA/1 & RLA2 Speakers
SLS Loudspeakers debuts its RLA/1 and RLA/2 ribbon line array speaker systems. The RLA/1 is designed to address long-throw problems in applications involving large venues; the RLA/2 is designed specifically for small and medium-sized venues that can't accommodate large cabinet arrays. The RLA/1 system consists of multiple LS9900 three-way cabinet elements vertically coupled and arrayed. The RLA/1's system component sizes, their relative positions, and crossover frequencies were carefully chosen to present a true cylindrical waveform over its entire bandwidth. The RLA/2 system incorporates SLS's latest proprietary ribbon driver technology with space-efficient cabinet design. Each cabinet houses two 8", high-powered cone drivers to deliver a bass response down to 70Hz, and features SLS's PRD1000 proprietary push-pull neodymium ribbon driver for accurate high-frequency response out to 20kHz.

Sigma Electronics Video Converter Cards
Sigma Electronics has unveiled the ADC-2100 and DAC-2100 video converter cards, which are designed to streamline the real-time translation of video signals into and from the digital domain; the new cards are designed to work with Sigma's 2100 series frame. Both video converters feature high-quality 10-bit 4:2:2 SMPTE 259M/ITU-R.BT656 serial digital with EDH and multiple format analog inputs/outputs. The ADC-2100 and DAC-2100 are compatible with the Sigma 2100 series SS-2100-12Plus, a 3RU Frame with Redundant Power Supply; the SS-2100-16Plus, a 3RU Frame and Power Supply; the SS-2100-2 Desk Top Box; the SS-2100-6 Modular Frame; and the SSB-21 Stand-Alone Box.

TerraSonde TerraLink version 1.1
TerraSonde's TerraLink is the first software application for Audio Toolbox users. Audio test and measurement can be extremely complex, and there are few platforms, either hardware- or software-based, that attempt to bridge the gap between the practical and the theoretical. To address that problem, TerraSonde created TerraLink, the complement to its hardware analysis platform, the Audio Toolbox. It is a software application that creates a link between the Audio Toolbox and any Mac or PC. All TerraLink 1.1 users will be eligible for free software upgrades for one year from date of purchase. Contractors software version 3.18 is required, which is available for download along with TerraLink on the TerraSonde website.

Times Square PAR-64 Metal Halide Retrofit Kit
Times Square Lighting has introduced a PAR-64 metal halide retrofit kit. This kit allows users of the Venture or General Electric PAR-64 150W metal halide lamps to keep their fixtures in place without having to replace them due to a discontinued lamp. The kit utilizes Times Square's reflector design with a CDM150 T6 lamp.

Yamaha PM5000 Series Mixing Console
Yamaha Corporation of America announces the debut of the PM5000 mixing console. It includes many new features based on the needs of the sound reinforcement market by retaining the logical layout and ergonomics of the PM4000, while offering the control convenience, recall, and versatility of the PM1D. The PM5000 will be available in July in three configurations to meet the widest range of system requirements: 52 channels (48 mono/4 stereo), 36 channels (32 mono/4 stereo), and 28 channels (24 mono/4 stereo). All versions feature four stereo input modules as standard, and additional stereo modules (replacing mono modules) may be requested by special order. Features include: comprehensive input channel functions, versatile 35-bus configuration for FOH or monitor applications, 12 VCA groups and a 4 Stereo + 8 Mono matrix, a Variable Sum Gain control, and digital scene recall with Recall Safe function.
Commercial Audio Systems Division

Allen & Heath PL-5 Remote Controller
Allen & Heath has launched the newest addition to its iDR DSP Audio System, the PL-5 remote controller. Shown in prototype form at the PLASA and AES shows last fall, the design has recently been upgraded to its present slimline shape. The PL-5 works in conjunction with the PL-4 infrared wallplate controller. The system allows installers to choose a combination of products from the iDR family to create “set and forget” tailored audio distribution and control systems. Day to day operation is simple, allowing users to control audio in various zones by a combination of software, wallplates, and remote controllers. The new PL-5 is designed to be slim enough to be kept in pockets and sufficiently inexpensive for several to be used by staff in any given venue. The use of the buttons is entirely dictated by how the installer has set up the remote wallplates, and may be programmed to control source selection, volume control, patch selection, or EQ. Control of the remote wallplates is achieved using Allen & Heath's proprietary PL-Anet control system over Cat5 cabling.

Concept Design Productions Plasma Stands
Concept Design Productions Inc. (CDPI) has created a new line of plasma support stands for rent to the event industry, engineered to allow design continuity for high-end corporate theatre. The Plasma Light Box consists of 4'10' powder-coated frames with a large curved transparency/lightbox that can be inset with up to 50" plasma screens. The X-Bow Plasma Stand is a one-sided stand that takes up to a 62" plasma on a curved aluminum grating span 6' wide and 14' high. This may be used with or without two 17'-high angled aluminum pipes on either side as accents. The Plasma Zones are large circular windows between graceful curved arms and are suitable for exhibit, marketing displays, corporate sponsorship, or stand-alone large graphic opportunities. Applications include stage set and trade show exhibits, as well as special and press events. All of the units break down easily for shipping. CDPI provides the plasma stands, as rental stock, with quantity and shelving/lighting accessories available.

Stage Tools Affordable Aluminum Trussing
Stage Tools Truss America LLC has introduced a line of TÜV-approved aluminum trussing that is not only strong and durable, but is also priced affordably to fit the budget of virtually any end-user. The trussing is made from high-strength 6082-T6 extruded aluminum alloy — a material so strong, rigid and corrosion-resistant that it is used by the aviation industry for aircraft construction. Stage Tools offers a complete line of truss in standard lengths, including 3m/9.84', 2m/6.56', and 1m/3.28'. Also available are a wide range of other lengths from 0.5 to 5m, as well as corners, cross and T-junctions. One end of connecting hardware is included with each segment. Overall width of the truss is 290mm (11.5"), with 50mm (2") outer diameter tubing, 20mm (0.75") diagonal bracing, and 2mm (0.078") wall thickness.

VXCO DMXCreator512MK2 PC-DMX Interface
VXCO Lighting Systems announces the new DMXCreator software V5.8 and the updated DMXCreator512MK2 PC-DMX interface. The stand-alone memory of the interface is extended from 2,000 to 8,000 scenes. This allows applications which require a high amount of scenes/sequences such as architectural applications or huge club shows. In stand-alone mode, the PC may be disconnected and the scenes and sequences can be recalled trough an attachable standard pc keyboard. The DMX input of the interface box is also available in this mode and allows to set dimmer functions or other controls manually from any external DMX desk.

Robe ColorSpot 1200
Czech moving-light manufacturer Robe Show Lighting has unveiled its first 1,200W fixture — the ColorSpot 1200 — which is part of the AT (Advanced Technology) family of moving-head and color-changing fixtures. It is designed for large theatre, TV, and live shows, and for installations in multipurpose venues and large clubs. The fixture uses a powerful Philips 1,200W short arc discharge lamp light source. Other major ColorSpot 1200 features include a CMY color-mixing system, variable CTO plus an additional color wheel, 12 rotating, indexable, replaceable dichroic glass gobos on two wheels offering 48 gobo combinations, iris, four rotating prisms and effects, variable frost, a flexible 13-42° linear zoom, remote focus, dimmer, and shutter. It also has a progressive color temperature correction system — from 5600K to 3200K — making it suitable for use in television and film applications.