Sound and Fury

Gemini Sound Products Corp. presents new products including fog machines and lighting effects. Three new lightweight, low-profile fog machines, the FG-1200 (shown below), FG-2200, and FG-5200 have been added to the product line. The FG-1200 can pump 3,000 cu. ft./min. and has a 700W heat exchanger; the FG-2200, 4,000 cu. ft./min. with an 800W heat exchanger; and the FG-5200, 10,000 cu. ft./min. with a 1,200W heat exchanger. All units have a 32' (10m) remote control with magnetic backing.

Four new lighting effects are also being introduced. The Shooting Star is a sound-activated colored moonflower with shutter effect. The Gem Star is a multicolored moonflower effect that offers three-way switchable action. Bright Star is a white moonflower effect that also offers three-way switchable action, and the Moon Star is a slow-turning white moonflower effect.

Two fan-cooled lighting effects, the Tornado and the Supervisor, also join the mix. The Tornado is a 38-beam effect, and the Supervisor, which replaces the LQ-220, has a 600W lamp and 40 multicolored beams. Both have sound activation with sensitivity control and a blue gloss finish.

Gemini Sound Products Corp.

Briese in the Picture

Briese of Germany has expanded to the US with the creation of Briese USA. Its lighting system incorporates both flash and HMI, and the HMIs can also be used as tungsten lights (HMI ballasts operate on 400 MHz). Briese also offers lightweight flash packs that can adapt to the local current. Briese reflector umbrellas range in size from 30" to 130" and their light source can be adjusted for focusing. Striplights are a new product to the reflector umbrella family and come in three different sizes: Mini, Midi, and Maxi. Other products include standard, fresnel, zoom spot, sun, tubus, and floodlights in addition to electronic ballasts, flashpacks, generators, master boards, and IR transmitters. The gear has been used by photographers Annie Leibovitz and Peter Menke, and by the Wallflowers for its video "Sleepwalker," directed by Mark Romanek.

Briese USA has showrooms in New York (ph: 212-414-9596) and Hollywood (ph: 323-960-1188). From anywhere in the US call 877-544-4822 or visit