F515 Cable Winch

Fisher Technical Services

The F515 high-speed self-contained winch is the latest in Fisher's F-Series of self-contained high-performance winches. This unit features a maximum load capacity of 500lbs and a top line speed of 15'. The motor and motion controls are fully integrated within the winch frame itself, and it only requires a power connection and the connection of any one of the handheld or system controllers from the FTSI Navigator automation system to operate. F-Series winches incorporate an array of redundant and self-monitoring safety systems and are qualified for use in safety-intensive applications such as performer flight or over-audience scenery manipulation. Winches may be operated as stand-alone units or networked with any number of other machines of any type to produce a fully integrated automation system.

Manager Stage

Analog Way/Medialon

Analog Way, a designer and manufacturer of image converters, and Medialon have introduced Manager Stage, a software application designed to control the complete range of Analog Way seamless switchers for live events. Based on the Medialon Manager software, it is a solution designed to control multi-screen live events, while taking full advantage of the features of the iX range, Analog Way's high-resolution presentation seamless switchers. The graphic user interface allows visualization of the projection area. It enables the user to easily preview and schedule images and transition effects. Transition effects are stored as presets or sequences and can be launched live during the presentation. In addition, the presets can be edited live on the preview screen before being displayed on the main screen. The software is available now and will be exclusively sold and supported by Analog Way. Manager Stage for Analog Way allows the combination of several Analog Way Seamless Switchers, such as the Di-VentiX, the EventiX, the Octo range series, or the Graphic Switcher II. It can be upgraded to a full version of Medialon Manager Stage to control products other than Analog Way.

FLM Series


The FLM series, specifically built for the rental and staging market, is the most silent 20k lumen projector on the market, according to the company. With its extreme brightness, compact design, and low noise, the projector is designed for large events and venues where brightness and quality may be an issue. The first projector in the series to be launched is the FLM R20+, featuring a high-contrast 3-chip DLP engine based on Texas Instruments technology. The unit has a true native SXGA+ resolution, 20,000 center lumens, and a contrast ratio of 1800:1. It boasts fully sealed optics and impressive lamp maintenance. The lens range of the Barco RLM and SLM projector series can be reused on the FLM series, so there is no need for new lenses. Its advanced 10-bit processing ensures high-quality video performance. Options for additional software plug-ins deliver extra functionality for features such as multi-screen applications and advanced setting controls.

Xcelon 575


The Xcelon 575 is a DMX projector driven by a 575W Philips lamp with two gobo wheels (rotating and static), three rotating prisms, multicolor combos, and many other effects. The 10-channel fixture has a total of 13 interchangeable, indexable gobos (10 metal and three glass) on two wheels. Six of the gobos are rotating, and gobos from the two wheels can be overlain. A separate color wheel contains four dichroic filters and an open slot and also provides the ability to create split, quad, and shared color combinations. A rainbow effect can also be created, since the fixture offers continuous variable color scrolling in both directions. Additional features include three prisms (a 3-facet, 5-facet and 9-facet); a macro function for creating rotating gobo/rotating prism combinations; a variable speed strobe effect (1 to 10 flashes per second); preset variable/random strobe and dimming pulse effect; motor driven remote focusing (near to far); dual flag mechanical dimming system; high-output luminous-parabolic dichroic reflector; anti-reflection coated lenses; and 19° beam angle. The unit can be operated with any standard DMX controller or as a stand-alone effect in sound active mode. It includes Elation's exclusive Remote DMX addressing feature (RDMX), which lets you set DMX values remotely from the convenience of your DMX controller.

VL500/1000 Floor Stand

City Theatrical

City Theatrical's new VL500/1000 Floor Stand is a sleek, low profile, moving light mounting base specifically designed for VARI*LITE's new VL500 Wash luminaires. It features a broad, stable, low profile base measuring 17"×13"×1" (43.2cm × 33cm × 2.5cm) with rounded corners. Fabricated from strong but lightweight aluminum, the stand is stackable for ease of storage. The mounting plate contains 1/2" (12.7mm) diameter mounting holes on 8" (20.3cm) centers suitable for either VL500 or VL1000, as well as a center hole to enable the mounting of any conventional lighting fixture.

Golden Dragon Argus

Osram Opto Semiconductors

The new Golden Dragon Argus® provides uniform backlighting and color mixing, suitable for large display applications and for backlighting a 32" to 82" liquid crystal display (LCD) panel. Each includes a proprietary lens that enables the product's high luminous efficacy. The assembly comprises four thin-film, highly luminous LEDs (two green, one blue, and one red) in a marquis jewel arrangement. Any number of configurations can be combined, either offset in honeycomb patterns or in rows, to form infinitely scalable, high-intensity backlighting systems. The lens system has now been adapted for use in its surface-mount technology LEDs. The result is the transference of the LED's optical properties to a high-output light source, enabling bright light to be emitted sideways over the entire surface. Backlighting systems achieve uniform white light distribution using the red, green, and blue spectrums of thin-film and ThinGaN® (gallium nitride) technologies. This allows the highest brightness levels at the lowest operating voltage, is scalable, and supports all wavelengths. Each LED can be individually controlled to change the color hue using the footprint with a low-profile optics package height of only 4mm. The LEDs provide a switching time of less than 100ns. As the speed of liquid crystals increases, sequential color driver strategies will enable further enhancements in LCD display performance by reducing the need for costly color filters. They are shockproof and offer a lifetime of more than 50,000 hours.

Fantasy Scan 250

American DJ

The Fantasy Scan 250 is a 250W effect that creates the same multicolor textured glass patterns as the Fantasy 250 but with the addition of X/Y mirror scanner movement. Suitable for clubs and lounges, it comes with one gobo, four textured glass patterns, and eight dichroic colors plus white. The gobo and textured glass are replaceable. With a prism mirror, it can spin images forward or backward, and it also includes a strobe effect and a gobo shake effect. The five-channel unit can be operated with any universal DMX controller but can also run stand-alone in sound-active mode or with its 10 built-in programs. Other features include: a 30° beam angle, manual full-focusing, and smooth stepper motors. Additionally, it has a large, high-velocity fan, which keeps it cool enough to run without on/off duty cycles. It also features multi-voltage operation (98V, 120V, 208V, 230V, and 255V).

VectorWorks 12 Viewer


A free, downloadable Viewer application has been updated for VectorWorks 12, enabling those who do not own the program to view and print projects created in VectorWorks Fundamentals, VectorWorks Architect, VectorWorks Landmark, VectorWorks Spotlight, VectorWorks Machine Design, and VectorWorks Designer. It lets an individual open a VectorWorks file and make use of the viewing tools and commands, such as the Pan and Zoom tools. As the Viewer can be used by anyone who does not own VectorWorks, it also allows service bureaus to print files for customers. To download the VectorWorks Viewer, visit www.nemetschek.net/downloads/fundamentals.

My Favorite DJ/VJ Gear:

I really like strobes, and the Martin Atomic Strobes are incredible. They are extremely bright and reliable. I like the fact that they don't duty-cycle out. I think the all time greatest club lighting controller is the Martin Light Jockey. What else can do what it does for the price? It's got macros, palettes, time codes, DMX in, offline visualizer, etc. It is also reliable and time tested; I have never had any major problems with the program.

The new LeMaitre CO2 system is really impressive — finally a CO2 system that is affordable. In the past, only mega clubs could afford a system like this, but now anyone can afford one. It's compact and well built.
Jeff Nickles, president
Production Design Associates
North Charleston, SC