Analog Way

Di-VentiX is a fully digital high-resolution computer and video mixer/seamless switcher with powerful functionalities. Designed for digital HD sources and displays, it features a built-in horizontal or vertical edge-blending capability. Di-VentiX masters crystal clear digital processing and has the lowest latency on the market, according to Analog Way. It is designed with three operation modes: mixer/seamless switcher with high-resolution main and preview outputs; eight inputs to two scaled outputs high-resolution native matrix; and dual output switcher for edge blending on wide screens onto two video projectors. Di-VentiX is designed for high-resolution presentations in large events and rental and staging environments.

Visual Content Packages for RGB LED Displays

Main Light Industries

The Main Light Visual Content Series consists of visual content specifically designed for use with Main Light's SoftLED/Scrim, SoftLED curtain, andHardLED panel products. The initial release is comprised of two collections, titled MLI LED 1 and MLI LED 2. Each CD-ROM includes 99 royalty-free, copyright-protected clips created in conjunction with visual content creation firm Idyll Hand Imagery. The content is optimized to take full advantage of the specific characteristics of Main Light's RGB LED products, which include high-output and high-contrast ratio.

Projector Dowser

City Theatrical

The Part #4160 Projector Dowser is a DMX-controlled mechanical dowser for use with digital projectors. It changes “video black” to a real blackout by positioning a large flag in front of the projector's lens. A large flag is adjustable on the motor shaft to allow the dowser to be placed above, below, or to either side of the projector. Travel of the flag is DMX adjustable within a range of 90°, and full 90° travel takes under one second at full speed. The flag may be trimmed with heavy shears or tin snips. The dowser connects via standard DMX/accessory power 4-pin XLR cables and is compatible with the CTI #2199 power supply or Wybron Forerunner; AC Lighting Chroma-Q, Rainbow, and Spectra-Q; and Rosco power supply units. Dry closure control input for operation without DMX provides local manual control or connection to a show controller. It uses a single DMX channel and is controlled by a standard array of three 10-digit BCD switches, configured as 100s, 10s, and 1s. Additional features include LED status indication as well as a mounting kit with a base, Velcro pad kit, allen key, and rubber feet.



MiSTRIP is a high brightness, slim, high pixel density LED strip making its debut on the current Bon Jovi tour. Possibilities include bright video displays of any size, shape, or form as well as lighting-type effects. The strips can also be integrated into stage sets, exhibition booths, and interior as well as exterior architectural usage. Features include IP65 protection rating and a wide temperature range. The built-in mounting track and cabling solutions make installation of very large systems fast. For the Bon Jovi tour, MiSTRIP is used to create a 42m-wide, three-dimensional scenic stage backdrop designed by Artfag LLC. The first sale of MiSTRIP goes to Barco's rental partner, XL Video, who is supplying video equipment for the tour and is responsible for bringing the backdrop to life.

Studio Command 1200

High End Systems

Studio Command 1200 is the third model of the Studio Command automated wash luminaire family. It shares the same features as the 700 with the exception of the lamp source. The 1200 uses a Philips MSR 1200 source offering a color temperature of 5,900°K, or it may be fitted with an MSR 1200/2 source for a color temperature of 7,200°K. It also offers a variable mechanical and electronic strobe, boosted with the Light Burst effect, and a mechanical dowser for smooth fade to black. Using 14 channels on a DMX link, it has a patented lenticular array optical system to enhance the homogeneity of the projected light. This moving yoke fixture features an adjustable field angle from 18° to 32° and a CMY dichroic-color mixing system that provides rapid and quiet color changes. An option for stand-alone programming and support of TalkBack technology allows any DMX console supporting TalkBack protocol to remotely access the onboard menu system. The H (Halogen) model offers a 1,000W Tungsten source and a 3,200°K color temperature. It works with standard theatre dimming racks. It requires 13 DMX channels plus one channel dedicated to the dimmer.

Indigo AV Mixer

Grass Valley

The Indigo AV Mixer combines video, high-resolution computer images, and audio control in a single, compact unit. It accepts analog and digital, standard- and high-definition (SD/HD) video and audio inputs (including embedded audio in SDI and DV streams), plus high-resolution computer inputs. Internal seamless technology allows a variety of input resolutions to be scaled and mixed. Outputs are also available in multiple formats simultaneously, including DVI and SDI for direct drive of displays, projectors, and for digital recording. The functionality matches that of a broadcast production switcher, with E-MEM effects memory, digital video effects (DVE), keyers allowing a number of picture-in-picture elements to be layered, color correction on every input, and mixes, dissolves and wipes between any source-including high-quality computer graphics created with programs such as PowerPoint — whatever the input resolution. Complementing the video switcher is an audio mixer with motorized faders capable of mixing multiple audio sources, with audio-follow-video (automated audio fading to match picture selection), and automatic audio delay to compensate for video processing. It includes an interface to drive multiple Grass Valley Turbo iDDR video disk recorders and other third-party equipment. AMP automation protocol is built in, and there is an open API to allow other automation systems to control Indigo directly. A number of operation modes assist the operator, including a Quick Start wizard.

MAC 700 Wash

Martin Professional

The companion washlight to the MAC 700 Profile, the MAC 700 Wash is a 700W Fresnel luminaire with an HTI 700 D4/75 lamp, full CMY color mixing system, and variable CTC plus eight-position color wheel. Other features include a wide-range variable zoom, continuous and indexable beam shaper, and extremely smooth and fast dimmer shutter system. It also boasts the same modular design and silent cooling as the MAC 700 Profile. It houses an efficient optical system powered by a 700W short-arc discharge lamp that produces a uniform distribution of light and color and a very cool color temperature. A variable zoom is capable of a very wide range of beam angles from a 12.5° beam to a wide 66° flood, and the fully motorized zoom can achieve any beam angle within its range. Through a new motor control system, the 0 to 100% dimming performance is fast and seamless for smooth fades. The color wheel plus UV transmitter filter covers hard to achieve shades, and all colors on the wheel are replaceable. A rotating and indexable beam shaper allows for alignment of the beam for easier coverage of scenery and set pieces. Multi connectors and spring-loaded release mechanisms mean that no tools are necessary to remove and insert modules. A multi-position tilt lock keeps the head in place. Additionally, a silent low-speed cooling system makes the fixture suitable for noise sensitive applications like TV and theatre. Additional features include electronic ballast for flicker-free operation, lower weight, extended lamp life, and a power saving mode; hot lamp re-strike; an auto sensing switch mode power supply for worldwide operation. Pan movement is 540° with 246° of tilt. Movement is 16-bit, and an intelligent position correction system automatically returns the fixture to its original position. The fixture is DMX controllable and equipped with both 3-pin and 5-pin XLR connectors. It is also RDM-ready.

HDMI 201 Tx/Rx HDMI Extender

Extron Electronics

The HDMI 201 Tx/Rx HDMI Extender is a transmitter and receiver set for sending HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) signals over long distances using conventional twisted pair cabling such as CAT 5e, CAT 6, and CAT 7. It fully supports HDMI for extending digital video and control signals from HDMI-equipped devices. It is capable of transmitting HDTV signals over 200' and computer-video signals over 100' at UXGA (1600×1200) resolution. The extender allows for streamlined system integration and is ideal for environments where HDMI content needs to be transmitted over long distances. RS-232 signals can be transmitted along with the HDMI signals, enabling remote display control. Additionally, either the transmitter or receiver can be remotely powered, so that only one of the devices requires external power. The transmitter and receiver are housed in 1" high, quarter rack width metal enclosures.

Design Spot 250 White


The Design Spot 250 White is a 250W DMX moving head designed to coordinate with neutral ceilings and backdrops, and therefore appropriate for churches, architectural applications, stage sets, and clubs. It can function as a spot and wash due to the variable frost. The iris function allows users to pinpoint performers, presenters, and objects at any distance. It also features a pulse effect, gobo morphing, 14 interchangeable metal and glass gobos (seven rotating and seven static) on two separate wheels, eight dichroic filters (seven colors plus white), and a true UV filter. Additional features include a three-facet prism that rotates in both directions at variable speeds; variable speed strobe effect; preset variable/random strobe and dimming pulse effect; and dual flag mechanical dimming system. It has a maximum pan movement of 530° and maximum tilt of 280°. The optical system features a high-output luminous-parabolic dichroic reflector. Its beam angle is 17°, with replaceable 14° and 20° beam angles included. Equipped with 16 DMX channels, it also features Elation's exclusive RDMX (Remote DMX Addressing) capability.

3DBOXX 8300 Series Workstation

BOXX® Technologies Inc.

The 3DBOXX 8300 Performance Series Workstation is a high-performance personal workstation which leverages the power of Dual-Core Intel® Xeon® 5100 Series processors running in conjunction with the new Intel 5000X chipset. With new performance features such as a 1333MHz front side bus, 4MB of cache shared between two cores, FB-DIMMs (fully buffered), and powerful I/O, it is designed to help the visual artist benefit from trends toward multi-core processing and multi-threaded applications. Features include a 64-bit, parallel processing technology eco-system; up to 32GB of FB DIMM ECC memory; two PCI Express graphics x16 slots; one PCI Express x8 slot; two PCI-X 133 MHz high bandwidth slots; four port SATA 3 Gbps and four port SAS on-board controllers; Gigabit Ethernet on-board; FireWire (1394a) on-board controller; two 5.25 bay chassis option; up to 3TB of local storage with a four-drive chassis; eight and 12 bay chassis available for up to nine TB of local storage with 750GB drives.

HD/RGB Multi-Format Video Presenter


The Edirol PR-1000HD Multi-Format Video Presenter is a real-time digital video playback system designed for high-resolution video display/performances in concerts, churches, sporting events, trade shows, clubs, retail, convention centers, and seminars. It allows instantaneous recall of hundreds of HD and SD video clips as well as still images. Regardless of the original format, it scales video from the DVI terminal as a variety of HD, SD, or RGB formats. In addition to RS-232, 422A, and touchscreen support, it can also respond to any MIDI based control device, such as a MIDI Keyboard. Import and export are simplified with HDV/DV inputs, multi-drive DVD, and a 10/100/1000-T based network. The unit contains an internal hard drive, two removable hard drives, USB, and FireWire ports. Playback of clips is instant and can be configured to loop or play preset sequences. Assigning clips, triggering, speed control, audio levels, and other functions are executed via the intuitive graphical user interface. The PR-1000HD can also be linked to the new DVI-200HD or DVI-300HD Breakout Converter, which allows the PR-1000HD's DVI output to be converted to alternative output formats such as Component HD and HD-SDI.

New MR16 LED


The MR16 size Module 3 and Module 6 have been redesigned to offer some key new features. The first is The Tryka Easy-Link System to connect the units: RJ45 connectors go in and out of each fixture, with the chain completed by an RJ45 end terminator fitted to the last in the sequence. The first is then plugged into the driver to allow control of all the units in the chain. Both MR16 units now feature new interchangeable optics, with 25° lenses supplied as standard and optional 6° optics for the Module 6 and oval optics (to provide a wall-wash effect) for the Module 3 offered as alternatives. The new tapered shape also means they can fit into a wider array of housings.

LSK Ultra-Low Skew UTP Cables


The LSK series of ultra-low skew UTP cables is designed for the transmission of component analog video in a twisted-pair format without hardware delay compensation. The series was recently tested and recommended by Magenta Research for use with Magenta's MultiView Series receivers. Different than category-grade networking cables, the LSK has a consistent pair lay with a maximum time delay differential of two nanoseconds (per 100m) between any two pairs. This minimized pair skew (or delay) allows for red, green, and blue video components to remain in sync, ensuring optimal picture quality and reliable video distribution. Magenta Research tested the performance of Gepco's LSK with its own MultiView UTx Universal Transmitter and the MultiView AK1500-SA DP receiver. These transceiver pairs concurrently transmit the combination of high-resolution computer video, duplex serial, and stereo audio signals. As a result of its tests, Magenta found that the LSK provided a strong, consistent video signal, especially over long distances. Each pair within the LSK series cable is constructed from 23-gage solid copper and a precision 100 Ohm, data-grade PVC or plenum TPE dielectric. UL rated, the LSK series is available in both Riser and Plenum versions for installation in almost any environment.

Powerframe® 420


The Powerframe® 420 Advanced Series Mode AC Surge Eliminator and Power Conditioner is an 80A load center in a 16"×12"×4" NEMA enclosure that allows for protection of four 20A branch circuits, complete with Impedance Tolerant® EMI/RFI filtering in a compact and easy-to-install design. The patented Series Mode technology provides proven, reliable protection, stopping multiple surges of up to 6,000V without ground contamination. Its A-1-1 rating assures users of dependable protection from destructive spikes, surges, and inductive transients.

My Favorite Console:

Nowadays, I don't know if one can have a favorite board. With one piece of software being used for multiple consoles, perhaps the question should be, “What is your favorite control platform?”

Anyone who knows me knows my favorite console platform: MA Lighting grandMA. I was one of the first people in this country to own one. Now, I have a full size, a Light, and two grandMA video servers with plans to purchase more. No console on the market has the features, speed, flexibility, and durability of these boards. They are so customizable that I can set up the console to work the way I need to work, which will change depending on the type of show I am working on. I have used them for nearly every show I've worked on including GM, Mercedes, and NASA displays, corporate parties for Quicken Loans and Ford, and the pre-game shows for the Detroit Red Wings.

I regularly use SMPTE to playback shows, and no other console implements timecode better than grandMA. The graphic user interface makes editing a breeze, as it is very similar to a MIDI sequencer.

Finally, there is the complete integration of grandMA video. Even though it runs on separate computers, one can have complete control over the program due to the bi-directional communication between the console and the servers. Once the content is loaded, you can browse it from the console right away with no need to create or edit presets.

Robert Wertheimer, lighting designer
Spectacle Lighting
Ypsilanti, MI