Low voltage with all the trimmings Capri Lighting continues to expand its low-voltage product line. Its newest model is the Capri AirSeal IC-rated LV1ASCIM1. The plaster frame is square, allowing the fixture to be positioned between the joists in either direction. The magnetic transformer, necessary for the low-voltage system, is encased in "potting resin," reducing vibrations and virtually eliminating all humming noise. The Capri AirSeal is well-suited for noise-free locations such as libraries, bedrooms, and areas where dimming is required.

Creating lighting effects with new louver accessories for recessed low-voltage trims is easier since the holders are designed to be inserted into the existing brackets of the Capri low-voltage recessed trims for lighting effects. The honeycomb louver concentrates the light in a manner similar to a snoot or a deep pinhole baffle, but provides the added effect of softening the edges around the light beam. CAPRI LIGHTING/THOMAS LIGHTING Los Angeles, CA

Falling for you DBI/SALA's ShockWave2 shock-absorbing lanyard is said to exceed all applicable OSHA and ANSI standards including the stringent ANSI Z359.1-1992. The lanyard has a stretchable design that is lightweight and provides complete freedom of movement by expanding to 6' when taut and automatically contracting to 4' in reaction to movement. The ShockWave2 limits the fall arrest to 900lb or less.

The specially designed impact indicator provides the user with instant status of the lanyard, increasing safety and allowing for an easier and more reliable inspection process. Specially designed and patented self-locking snap hooks allow for user-friendly operation without catching thumbs or fingers.

Other new products from DBI/SALA include full-body harnesses that meet ANSI and OSHA standards. DBI/SALA Red Wing,