The Amp Who Shagged Me The new QSC PowerLight 2 Series amplifiers designed for touring and live sound professionals feature four initial models--the PL 218, PL 224, PL 230, and PL 236--which range in power from 900W to 1,850W per channel (2ohms) in a 21lb, 2RU chassis. The PowerLight 2 Series incorporates the same proven Power Wave(TM) switching technology found in the original PowerLight Series. PowerWave boosts overall sonic quality and ensures efficient, cool-running performance under the most demanding loads. PowerLight 2 amplifiers are also equipped with several features tailored for live sound applications. Built-in clip limiters and selectable low-frequency roll-off filters to boost system response and ensure low-end tightness. A standard data port allows users to interface with QSControl, QSC's computer control system, or other audio network control devices. Other features--a custom security cover that conceals front-panel gain controls to prevent tampering and an optional air filter to prevent dust from entering the amp--make the amps ideally suited for touring use in smoky or dusty environments. QSC, Costa Mesa, CA

Many users of power devices and the Robertson-type head screw will appreciate the new Marinco electrical wiring devices that utilize a combination Robertson head-type/flat blade-type screw on many commonly used electrical wiring components. Wiring devices are available on connectors and plugs in the all-black (theatre grade) family of 15A and 20A straight blade, and 20A and 30A NEMA locking devices. For conventional 15A and 20A straight blade, the Robertson option is available in connector, plug, flanged inlet, flanged outlet, and dust-resistant inlet devices. Robertson-type fasteners, already widely used in Canada, feature a multi-sided bit design that is less likely to slip or cause rounding of the fastener than slotted or Phillips-type heads. The Marinco devices use the #1 size Robertson driver on all devices and can be ordered by adding the suffix ".CN" to a part number. MARINCO SPECIALTY DEVICES, Napa, CA

The newest software from Dataton is Trax 3.6.2, designed for advanced show control using a system that allows for feedback from the device under control; thereby allowing for the desired action or event to be precisely cued and accurately repeated. Among the new features are support for many third-party serial port adapters and cards, and the ability to handle four computer serial ports for system bus communication--thereby doubling the maximum number of physical devices that can be accommodated in one Trax system. The entire software program is available free from the company's website: DATATON, Ossining, NY

Panasonic Broadcast and Television Systems announced the development of the Universal AG-W3 VHS VCR, allowing easy worldwide video communication. The new VCR has special circuitry that compensates for the major television standards and allows for playback of non-native videotapes in a host country operating on a different television standard. In addition, the VCR allows users to record local programs in any tape standard, allowing for the easy convenience of touch and go recording without standards conversion. The universal VCR also offers quasi-playback of S-Video tapes in VHS resolution. According to Panasonic, the AG-W3's digital conversion circuit converts the scanning lines, field frequency, and color signals to match the desired television system. NTSC (North American standard), PAL (European) SECAM, and many other standards are supported by the new VCR, which has a list price of slightly under $2,000 (US). PANASONIC, Los Angeles, CA

GAM Products will be distributing Lighting Innovations' newly developed products that incorporate the popular ETC Source Four ellipsoidal. The Inno Four, developed by Hermann Sorger of Austria, features a 575W HMI lamp and is compatible with both the Source Four zoom 15-30-degree and 25-50-degree and fixed focus (19-degree-50-degree) units, and PARs. The HMI lamp replaces the conventional lamp, and is in proportion to the design of the instrument. Features include: 2,000 lux at a distance of 20m, and a lamp life of 750-1,000 hours. The ballast on/off and intensity control from 100%-30% can be achieved by DMX control, and hot restart is possible. The electronic ballast weighs approximately 8lbs and is flicker-free. Mechanical dousers, remote iris, and focus control are also available. GAM Products, Hollywood, CA

Tubeworks has introduced a glow-in-the-dark confetti called Gloconfetti. According to the company, Gloconfetti was developed using the most advanced "glow and throw" technology, giving the paper vibrant glowing action and a long hang time. Gloconfetti is created using a proprietary process that incorporates high luminescence with lightweight fire-retardant confetti material. It can be purchased in large bulk quantities or smaller individual use packages. The glow-in-the-dark confetti can be used with any conventional confetti launching system and the Tubeworks' Confettistorm(R) confetti blaster, which can disperse confetti using a 300mph air stream rather than compressed air. The launcher also features automatic loading, non-stop blasting, and wide area coverage. A special lighting system can be supplied to maximize the effect of Gloconfetti. TUBEWORKS, Calabasas, CA

Soundtube Entertainment has introduced a unique line of weatherproof Omni360-degree speakers, to be called Stormtech(TM). The speakers are designed for superior sound, high resistance to vandalism, and ease of installation. Each speaker allows for direct wiring or conduit attachment in any of six positions. Speakers can be buried, placed at ground level, or hung overhead. The Omni360 has a wide dispersion angle that reproduces all frequencies throughout the covered listening area. The speaker line includes a 5.25" two-way sealed model and a 5.25" and 8" ported model, each utilizing high power carbon/poly/rubber drivers and poly/ferro tweeters. The enclosures are UV-resistant and weatherproof, and available in both 8ohm and 70V versions with built-in, multi-tap transformers. All Soundtube products have a three-year warranty. SOUNDTUBE ENTERTAINMENT, Park City, UT

Pulizzi Engineering has developed a "latching" control circuit for remote on/off and emergency power off (EPO) requirements. This special option is now available on many of the company's power distribution systems and mating remote control panels. The special circuitry meets the requirements of the Semiconductor S2-93A standard, OSHA, and other regulations enforced by agencies with jurisdiction over personnel safety. The latching circuit places the power distribution unit and connected equipment in a safe shut-down condition when emergency power off is activated or when there is a severe brownout or power interruption. The remote on/off and emergency power off are provided via industry-standard, three-pin I/O remote ports. Remote start requires two conditions--a maintained closure and a momentary closure between a different set of pins. The safety features build on this concept of using different sets of pin closure. A complete range of power protection and remote power control systems is available. PULIZZI ENGINEERING, Santa Ana, CA

The aptly named Trapeze Hanger, manufactured by Ward Industries, allows for attachment of electrical conduits and pipe to the popular strut/framing/track systems commonly used in building construction and in some theatres. Typically used for hanging HVAC ductwork, the Trapeze Hanger has a newly designed profile that can now be used with standard pipe clamps to support virtually any size of conduit and piping. The support is roll-formed from 16- and 18-gauge steel, and is available in 10' and 20' lengths. The rectangular profile, 15" x 2", provides additional support for heavy loads. WARD INDUSTRIES, Pittsburgh, PA

Occasionally, it is desirable to operate keyboards, monitors, and mice (the computer kind) remotely away from the CPU. Gefen Systems has developed many different solutions providing for extension of Macintosh and PC-compatible devices in distances of up to 1,000', though most units are for 100' and 500' distances. Other devices allow for switching between any combination of two computers (PC and Mac), or provide for simultaneous extension of up to five Macintosh keyboards and mice up to 1,000' away from the CPU. The same monitor signal can be viewed on six remote locations with a special monitor distribution amplifier. Finally, there is a special device that provides for a single monitor, keyboard, and mouse to be switched between PC, SGI, and Macintosh computers. GEFEN SYSTEMS, Woodland Hills, CA

The Shure PSM 700 Personal Monitor is a frequency-agile system offering 32 selectable UHF frequencies conveniently divided into two compatibility groups. As many as 16 PSM 700 wireless systems may be operated simultaneously per group. There is a choice of stereo, mono, or Mixmode operation. Other features include the use of a new E5 earphone, a frequency locator function, dynamic overload control, and the ability to link multiple antenna combiners. The E5 earphones incorporate dual-driver, universal-fit design and are equipped with proprietary low mass/high energy drivers. Numerous accessories are provided to ensure a comfortable fit (since they are universalfit); optional custom-fit sleeves are also available. The P7T transmitter occupies half of a single rack space and is equipped with front-panel controls and monitoring capabilities, including an eight-LED stereo input meter, input level control, channel selection , and mono/stereo select switch. The P7R Body-Pack receiver allows for user control of on/off, volume, and balance. There are also LED displays for the indication of power on, low battery signal, and the presence of an active wireless signal. SHURE, Evanston, IL