The Source Four and more The ubiquitous ETC Source Four has new models and features available. The Source Four 750 has all the features of the Source Four with more light output, through the use of a new HPL compact filament 750W lamp. The Source Four 750 also features a thermally insulated rear handle that allows for easier and safer instrument aiming and focusing.

Other enhancements to the Source Four series of ellipsoidals include an improved Source Four 19-degree model. A new lens tube casting for the standard 19-degree to 50-degree Source Fours has allowed ETC to redesign the 19-degree lens to produce approximately 30% more light output than before, acc ording to the manufacturer. The performance of the 26-degree, 36-degree, and 50-degree will not be affected: The new tube uses the same 6.25" accessories and remains easily and conveniently interchangeable. All standard Source Four features, including crisp pattern projection and smooth washes, cool beam technology, rotating barrel, and tool-free lamp adjustment are retained, the company says.

Also new from ETC is the Source Four Zoom available in two zoom ranges, 15-30 degrees and 25-50 degrees. The zooming mechanism is said to be very user-friendly, including graduated scale markings on the body of the instrument. Designed for one-handed operation, turning the single knob causes a change in the beam angle. Sliding the knob forward or backward sharpens or softens the beam, with a locking lever on the focus mechanism to "fix the focus solidly in place," ETC says. ELECTRONIC THEATRE CONTROLS Middleton, WI

Millennium approaches The Lehigh Millennium lighting control console combines the familiarity of a manual lighting console with the sophistication of the Microsoft Windows 95 OS, running on a Pentium-equipped computer. Through manual and memory modes, up to 250 control channels, and moving light control, can be accessed. All console functions are accessed using keypad or mouse control, plus the alphanumeric labeling of dimmers, cues, channels, and submasters simplify control. Other system features are: two-scene or single-scene operation with 24/48 or 48/96 channel models, 125 or 250 control channels, 600-cue memory, 24 submasters with 10 memory pages, and two timed fader pairs. Proportional patching of 1,024 dimmers, user-defined dimmer curve profiles, capability of 2,000 macros, offline editing, and software distributed upgrades are other features. LEHIGH ELECTRIC PRODUCTS CO. Allentown, PA

Lighting for all occasions The MorLite LPL HID/TRT series is a high light output luminaire designed for high-intensity discharge and triple-tube compact fluorescent lamps, and built to be wet-location-rated and offer excellent vandal resistance. Suitable for exterior and interior environments, the LPL HID/TRT series may be wall- or ceiling-mounted. UV-stabilized, interlocking extruded polycarbonate lenses with linear prisms may be specified in clear or opal. The housings are available in matte white, black, gray, bronze, or custom colors. The final finish is a durable baked powdercoat applied over a specialized corrosion-resistant pre-treatment. MORLITE LIGHTING Girard, PA

Paint for light WRC-680 (White Reflectance Coating) is a highly reflective, diffused white coating for application on metal or plastic surfaces. According to the manufacturer, "the coating is a perfect replacement for Kodak 6080," and yields a 96-98% reflectivity over the wavelength region from 300 to 1,200nm, and over 90% from 220 to 180nm. WRC-680 is suited for use in reflectance spectrophotometers, integrating spheres, and other reflectance/measurement applications. One-liter and two-liter containers are available. LABSPHERE North Sutton, NH

Flexible illumination The Flexilight from Outwater Plastics Industries is a specially developed family of 120V and low-voltage format flexible ropelight. The Flexilight is comprised of 0.5W sub-miniature incandescent bulbs (rated at approximately 35,000 hours) spaced 1" on center in PVC coils. Flexilight is UL-listed and is available in eight different colors in either 1/2"- or 3/8"-diameter formats; it is sold in 30' (9m) or 150' (45m) coils, which can be cut to fit the exact installation requirements. Besides the special mounting accessories, an available Running Light Controller allows for selective pre-programmed or manual flashing and chasing functions. User-selectable variable intensities, frequencies, and rotations allow for customized effects. The Flexilight is designed to withstand extreme temperature differentials, as well as water and UV penetration. OUTWATER PLASTICS INDUSTRIES Woodridge, NJ

Spock lights The LyteQuest Vulcan LQ-215 is a multicolored, single-row effects light. The Vulcan is sound activated with sensitivity control and is ideal for fixed and temporary applications. The LQ-215 includes a 120V/300W lamp for long life. LYTEQUEST Carteret, NJ

A universal illuminator Lucifer Lighting has developed a universal fiber-optic illuminator allowing for both quartz halogen or metal-halide lamp sources to be specified. The metal-halide option includes a 100W, 5200K lamp designed for fiber-optic applications operating at 120/240/277V. The lamp for the quartz halogen option is 250W, 3000K, at 120V. The universal design also extends to port size, with both 30mm and 55mm ports available, regardless of source specified. In addition, the universal illuminator is suited for glass, and both large and small diameter plastic fiber. The illuminator may include up to two color wheels with separate motor drives, which can be controlled by analog or digital signal. The housing is UL-listed for dry and damp locations, and UL-listed for wet locations in alternative formulation. LUCIFER LIGHTING CO. San Antonio, TX

Points of Lyte Lightolier Lytepoint pendants consist of two standard interchangeable components: a stem or cord suspension and a shade. The design provides dramatic and localized brightness over tables and countertops, with available light sources of 20 or 35W, 12V halogen lamps. The Lytepoint canopy encloses an integral 12V magnetic transformer. Dimming can be accomplished via Lightolier dimmers or other commercially available dimmers suitable for magnetic transformers.

Versatile Lytepoints can be arrayed together to create a "free form" chandelier or positioned as a "screen" of light. The Lytepoint shades come in a variety of shapes and materials, including triplex etched glass and spun aluminum. Glass colors include cobalt blue, satin white, deep red and yellow, and banker's green, among others. Metal shades consist of polished, brushed aluminum, and perforated matte finishes. Many different styles and sizes are available. LIGHTOLIER Fall River, MA

All wired up Marinco Specialty Wiring Devices has redesigned the housings of its 20 and 30A specification grade connectors and plugs to accommodate thicker and heavier power cables and cords. The new housing on the three-wire devices can now accommodate cords with diameters ranging from 0.275" to 0.780", allowing for the accommodation of many different heavier cables. The new housings also feature an integral dust seal to keep contaminants out of the wiring chamber. The redesigned wiring device also retains the rounded ends found on the original design, resulting in a device that does not catch on sharp edges such as stairs, risers, and equipment. MARINCO SPECIALTY WIRING DEVICES Napa, CA

To the exits Combining innovative design and specialized Code-compliance features, Lithonia Lighting says its Signature LED Emergency Exit signs provide enhanced life-safety features without additional equipment and extra costs. This die-cast aluminum series of LED emergency exit signs complies with the NFPA Life Safety Code requirements and automatically test the battery once a month for five minutes and once every six months for 30 minutes. Internal circuitry monitors the battery, lamp platform, AC/DC transfer, and charging circuit. Any malfunction is indicated by a flashing red LED. The Signature Exit series meets the most recent UL illumination and self-testing requirements and EPA Energy Star criteria, and is supported by Lithonia's five-year warranty. All signs consume less than 1.5W. LITHONIA LIGHTING Conyers, GA

Please annunciate. . . . Are you there? Blazon/2 is a strobe light annunciator, developed and distributed by Production Intercom to aid in signaling crew members by a flashing light or via an audible annunciator. Through existing signaling capability of the installed intercom system, the Blazon/2 will be activated, just as any normal call light would be illuminated. The xenon lamp is permanently connected and circuitry is provided to sustain the Blazon/2 for four seconds after being triggered. The xenon lamp has a flash rate of 2Hz, providing eight flashes per cycle. The audible annunciator may be switched to constant, pulsed, or off.

The Blazon/2 is connected to the user's intercom system in the same manner as a belt pack and obtains power from the intercom power supply, without the need for external or supplemental power supply. In its ready mode, the Blazon/2 draws only 21.1mA; with the strobe active, 68mA; and with the strobe and audible annunciator, 80mA. According to the manufacturer, the XLR connectors allow for seamless and direct interconnection to Clear-Com and other popular headset intercom systems. PRODUCTION INTERCOM Barrington, IL

The big switch The Pass & Seymour/legrand manual controller (switch) has a 40A capacity and many features designed for reliability, convenience, and safety. The 40A manual controller is built of a glass-reinforced thermoplastic housing with hefty insulation barriers to help prevent short circuits. The new controllers are designed to be easy to install and have back- and side-wiring capacity and gull-wing-shaped brass terminal pressure clamps to simplify wire insertion. An oversized brass screw terminal can withstand high torque and allow for heavier-gauge cable to be connected to the controller. The two point contact arms and oversized alloy contacts assure positive make/break action. The complete line of manual controllers is UL-listed and CSA-certified. PASS & SEYMOUR/LEGRAND Syracuse, NY

Working on accents The Thomas/Capri LVMG1 4" adjustable low-voltage micro-pinhole adjustable gimbal for 75W MR-16 lamps provides a downlight with a 4" aperture for special designer accents. Using standard MR-16 low-voltage lamps, the adjustment mechanism inside the housing, known as Thomas Trans-Center Beam Optics, provides the ability to have the center of the lamp beam aimed through the exact center of the pinhole aperture regardless of the angle at which the lamp itself has been set. The user can rotate the mechanism 358 degrees and tilt the lamp up to 45 degrees. The mechanism will lock both angle adjustments in place to prevent movement during relamping. The pinhole is finished in white with a black interior bevel, terminating in a 11/2" pinhole aperture. Thomas ships the LVMG1 with a glass shield for MR-16 lamps, but colored lenses or special filters may be used in place of the clear shield. THOMAS/CAPRI Los Angeles, CA

Balanced and Uni-Form The 450W Uni-Form pulse start metal-halide lamp ballast control system produces 50,000 lumens--equal to 400W high-pressure sodium with a rated life of 20,000 hours, according to its manufacturer. Venture Lighting's newly designed arc tube and compact shape allow the lamp to emit more light, and in combination with low current drawing ballasts and pulse start ignitors allow the metal-halide system to achieve faster warm-up and faster restrike times besides higher maintained lumens over the entire life of the 450W lamp. The electronic ballast also helps maintain consistent halide temperatures, which ensures color uniformity.

The company has also developed a new One Call warranty program for the complete Uni-Form arc tube lamp with ballasts and controls to provide extended warranty periods for the complete engineered lighting system. VENTURE LIGHTING Solon, OH

Beyond X-tremes American DJ Supply has added three new effects lighting units to its X-treme family of intelligent lighting instruments. The X-Centri, the X-Cess, and the X-Elon all operate via DMX512 protocol and are compatible with all other members of the X-treme product line. The X-Centri features nine dichroic colors plus white, and has six rotating, interchangeable gobos with separate gobo/color wheels, producing a variety of color patterns.

Weighing only 35lb, X-Centri utilizes a 200W, 2,000-hour lamp and can achieve 170-degree pan with a 90-degree tilt. The X-Cess is a DMX512 color changer featuring eight dichroic colors plus white and includes strobes in every color along with split colors. In addition, the X-Cess can be sound activated and has a variety of built-inprograms. The X-Elon can be used with 120V or 220V environments and can be controlled via DMX or the American DJ Show Designer. Operational features of the X-Elon include two separate gobo/color wheels and nine colors plus white on one wheel--the second wheel features four changeable color gobos. Combining both wheels creates unique color-pattern effects that can be enhanced with the four fixed-aperture irises. A 200W, 2,000-hour lamp is the source and 0-100% dimming is available. AMERICAN DJ SUPPLY Los Angeles, CA

One, two, three Lex Products' Twofer Junior is 1999 National Electrical Code (NEC)-compliant and offers features different from conventional molded twofers. Using SJT UL-listed cord, factory crimp connections, separate compartments for each connector, and an all-black molded construction, the twofer is lightweight, flexible, compact, and allows for total freedom of cord routing. The Twofer is available as model #3123J, a modified "Y" with three 12/3 SJTO leads, 36" overall.

The threefer is available as part #4123J, a modified "W" with four 12/3 SJTO leads 36" overall. Factory-installed connectors are available, including stage pins, twist locks, and straight blades (Edisons).

Complete details, including a technical bulletin explaining the changes in the NEC that pertain to this product, are available to Lighting Dimensions readers from Lex Products. LEX PRODUCTS Stamford, CT

Sweeping movements The Coemar TX 360B provides a full 360-degree range of movement in both the X and Y axes, and is suited for venues with minimal ceiling heights. By using the Philips 575W MSR/2 lamp, projections can be achieved from distances as great as 75' (23m). Other features include four rotating and three fixed gobos, eight dichroic colors plus white, a variable speed rotocolor strobe effect, and a blackout shutter. Coemar products are distributed in the US by The Obie Company. THE OBIE COMPANY Torrance, CA