Product Pick of the Month: Field Template Rules!
The Field Template Rules! Stage Fixture Template reflects today's lighting manufacturers, including ETC, Altman, and Selecon, along with current generic moving-light fixtures. Hanging weight, cut color size, and beam spread information are listed adjacent to each symbol. The system is designed by LD Steven Shelley, author of A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting, and distributed by Fred Allen & Associates.

What's new is that the symbols are represented in 1/2", 1/4", and 3/8" scale, all in one template. These scales, along with 3/16", are printed on the top and bottom of the template, so scale rulers are a thing of the past. Prepunched to snap into a binder, it also acts as a divider.

Field Templates are plastic drafting templates that empower the lighting designer to draft light plots quicker, cleaner, and faster. Using the patented Pro•Grid system, the symbols are aligned on a grid that allows the designer to accurately pre-space instruments on a plot without using a scale rule. Field Templates also contain an expanded selection of lighting circuitry and accessory symbols along with reference information. These precise pieces of plastic are one potent parcel of practical tools.

Other new templates include the Field Template Lite Continental, which is designed for drafting overseas light plots. European symbols and their beam spread information are grouped by type and arranged on a metric scale. Scalloped edges are provided for drafting masking and curtains. Available in French in 1:25 scale. The Layout Field Template includes 1'6", 1'9", and 2'0" repeated spacing of the most popular instrumentation used in current light plots including enhanced and axial ellipsoidals, PAR-64s, and Source Four PARs. Currently available only in 1/2" scale. These three new templates join the other popular Field Templates — Stage Fixture, Striplight, Lite, and the ever popular Field Template Business Card. Custom templates are also available at
Field Template

Martin Architectural Cyclo Series

Martin Architectural introduces the Cyclo series, a range of tubular washlights featuring RGB color-mixing. It is a slim, surface-mounted fixture designed for use in cove lighting, light boxes, or behind semi-transparent materials. It comes in three varieties: Cyclo 02, 03, and 04. Cyclo 02 is a fluorescent color temperature changer that consists of two dimmable T5 tubes, a warm white at 2700K and a daylight white at 6000K. By adjusting the relative intensity levels of the two tubes, any color temperature between the two extremes can be generated. The Cyclo 03 and 04 offer full color-mixing using RGB technology to generate white light of any temperature as well as virtually all colors and shades. The Cyclo 04 features an additional white 4000K tube for extended color control. The units can be controlled from any DMX controller with the Martin 516 Converter.
Martin Architectural

io Lighting Plane Step Light
io Lighting has developed a series of architectural luminaires that use LEDs. Currently, there are two major product families, Plane and Tile. The Plane series includes a steplight configuration, where using a low power-consumption and long-life LED makes a lot of fiscal sense. It is available with a variety of different color combinations for edge glow and pathway lighting. The luminaires are designed for both exterior and interior applications and are UL-listed for wet and damp locations. In a dark environment, the distance the edge glow effect travels will vary based on color. Environmentally sealed, enclosed, and gasketed, the faceplate consists of a 5.9"-square corrosion-resistant zinc casting (stainless steel is optional) and a UV-stable, optically-clear, high-strength polycarbonate housing. LED luminaire modules contained within the housing are replaceable. A 120V, 277V, or 347V energy-saving current limiting Class 2 power supply (driver) is located within the junction box, and the power consumption is 11W.
io Lighting

Milos X-Stage Platform Systems
Milos Structural Systems, manufacturer of QuickTruss®, TriTruss, and Cell Clamps, continues to expand its product range with the addition of X-Stage Platform Systems. The lightweight range of fast assembling deck systems has incredible loading capacity (up to 750kg/m2, 150 lb/ft2) and provides versatile solutions for stage and touring events. X-Stage is available in two main formats: S1, Scissor Leg with a quick-release adjustable platform, and S2, Plug-in Leg featuring telescopic legs for fine adjustment. Platform sections are securely joined using special X-Stage quick-connectors. A wide range of accessories is available to create catwalks, stages, and raised seating areas.
Milos Structural Systems

Morpheus Lights ColorFader3 Series
Morpheus Lights introduces the ColorFader3 series, adding remote variable-speed DMX fan control, direct push-button addressing, and state-of-the-art electronics to the ColorFader line. The new ColorFader3 series updates the S Fader, M Fader, XL Fader, and eight Fader models with control electronics that expand functionality, simplify operation, and optimize performance. Features include remote variable-speed DMX fan control that permits cooling fans to be gradually brought to speed, push-button controls, and a bright LED display that makes the ColorFader3 easy to set up and address, as well as the indicators that permit control status and DMX data reception to be confirmed from a distance. ColorFader3 units operate on two or three DMX channels: Three-channel control lets you mix thousands of subtle color variations. Two-channel control gives you dynamic variable-speed ColorFader transitions between 90 preprogrammed colors or 10 preprogrammed chases.
Morpheus Lights

Orgatech Lightstar L.E.D. Luminaire
The Lightstar L.E.D. luminaire combines 80 LEDs floating in space with a fluorescent luminaire for a stunning visual effect. New from Orgatech, the Lightstar L.E.D. is a part of its Lightguide collection of luminaires, uniting technology and design to create an exceptional indirect luminaire, featuring two dimmable 54W T5HO lamps with wide distribution reflectors, and decorative downlighting from LEDs embedded within twin laminated glass wings. Designed for special applications, the luminaire embodies the best of performance and innovation, and is equally at home in residential or commercial applications. The luminaire suspends from two steel wire Y connections. The LEDs are independently controllable from an inset rocker switch, and the standard dimmable ballast enables infinitely variable control of glare-free indirect illumination levels.
Orgatech Omegalux

SGM Regia Consoles

The SGM Regia 2048 is a line of lighting consoles designed for use in entertainment applications. The line includes three models, designed to meet specific requirements for theatre, touring, clubs, and television. The features include: 2,048 DMX channels, four independent DMX lines, two built-in 12" TFT monitors (Regia 2048 Live), motorized A and B masters, trackball to accurately position mirrors and automated luminaires, Shape Engine, personalities library for all major fixture models, unlimited multipart cues, Windows-based user interface, built-in CD-ROM drive, built-in hard disk, two external SVGA ports, and total compatibility with Studio Series and Pilot 2000 libraries. Operating areas are clearly divided and controls are laid out in a logical manner for efficient programming. The status of any fixture, scanner, or color changer can be checked at a glance.
SGM Elettronica srl
Techni-Lux Inc. exclusive US distributor