Fog effects MDG has developed the non-stop Ice Fog Touring Low Fog Generator using refrigerated liquid CO2 as a coolant and CO2 gas as a propellant. Its features include very low fluid consumption, noiseless operation, production of an extremely dense fog, and three safety systems incorporated into the design. Preliminary specifications on this 230VAC, 2,850W model are fluid consumption of 3oz (0.09l) per minute at full volume, a reservoir capacity of 0.66 gallon (2.5l), a particle size of 1-3 microns, and fog color of white. The dimensions of the case are 61" long, 26" wide, and 30" high, and it weighs 175 lbs. Warm-up time is 10 minutes. MDG Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Have it your way Specialized users and OEMs will appreciate the customizing options available from Star Quest, a manufacturer of fog fluid for the entertainment and amusement industries. Water-based and many glycol-based formulations can be offered for most popular brands of fog and haze machines. Scented and scent-free varieties are available. (Cinnamon is a favorite for kids' party centers, and movie theatres use butter "flavor.") In addition, the hang time and color of the fog and haze can be adjusted to match the designer's specs. According to Clarence Thomas, president, its raw materials and production processes are "food-grade quality," which insures fluid purity. Manufacturing incorporates a reverse osmosis chemical process resulting in pure water, necessary to avoid minerals and particulates that can cause clogging. Star Quest can private label fluid for OEMs, as well as furnish fluid in any size container (such as quarts or gallons) and suitable cardboard boxes. MSDS information is available for all products. Star Quest Tulsa, OK

For large and extra-large Chimera's adjustable Speed Ring for 1,200 to 6,000W luminaires can adjust from 12" to 21 1/2". The Speed Ring, model number 9915, is designed for use with Chimera Quartz and Daylite Lightbanks and will also attach to many frequently used luminaires by other manufacturers. Simplicity is a key feature: The Speed Ring can be adjusted to fit the measurements of a luminaire; the mounting hardware is easy to use and allows for fast installation of the Lightbank. Chimera Lighting Boulder, CO

Turning night into day Lowel-Light has developed the DP Daylight System consisting of three HMI/MSR luminaires (200, 400, 575W) and a special dimmable triple output lightweight ballast. Designed by Elemer Nyiry of Cinepower International in the UK, the portable lighting system is compact, lightweight, rugged, and easy to use. The ballast is flicker-free and can operate on voltages of 90-260V. Another convenient feature is its ability to lock onto a light stand via an innovative quick-release clamp that keeps the ballast and its dimming control (50-100%) within easy reach. Other features include an MSR point source in a parabolic reflector for efficient light output, convection-cooling, hot restrike, and a focusing range that encompasses wide flood and narrow spot. Among the safety features are front UV glass with safety power cut switch, an integral cable to the ballast, and advanced electronic controls. Lowel-Light Manufacturing Brooklyn, NY

Heavy-duty plug-ins Protection from environmental conditions and rough handling will be much easier with the Marinco IEC 320 connectors, designed to meet the international standard for appliance couplers, IEC publication 60320. Models 320IEC13 and 320EC15 are manufactured with a proprietary Perma-Lock terminal which have collar-lug overleaves that lock up as the contact tangs tighten down on the wires, which keeps the wire/terminal connection from loosening up as the connector is used. The IEC 320 series connectors are also manufactured with long, deep, funnel wire pockets to easily guide the insertion of wires, thereby speeding up assembly time. In addition, the cord clamp allows for a wide variety of cable sizes (up to 12 gauge) and types to be used with the connector. The connectors are rated at 15A by UL and CSA, while the European agencies permit 10A (220-240 VAC). Marinco Specialty Wiring Devices Napa, CA

A world of illumination Metalux now offers a T8 linear fluorescent luminaire with universal voltage. The GR8 is a recessed, low-profile, plenum-friendly luminaire designed for commonly used voltage systems. The GR8 incorporates T8 lamp and ballast technology and provides increased lens-to-lens spacing distance, resulting in increased energy savings and improved visual comfort. Metalux, division of Cooper Lighting Americus, GA

Can you see Standard and custom-designed optical products for lighting applications are available from Docter Optics. Among the standard optics are blank-molded or ground and polished precision optical components from 4mm to 260mm diameters, including aspheric condenser and spherical singlet lenses; concave first surface mirrors; heat absorbing filters; ellipsoidal and parabolic reflectors, of glass material types such as Schott B270 Superwite(R) and Duran(R) borosilicate. Among the custom products offered are multi-element objective lenses, and specially designed/manufactured components from 2mm to 500mm diameter, such as dichroic color filters and spun aluminum reflectors. Docter Optics Mesa, AZ

Sweet and neat The Sweetlight lighting controller offers secure, standalone, user-friendly computer-based lighting control, says manufacturer Optima Lighting. Its Smart box is connected to the COM port of a Pentium 75 or higher computer with Windows 95 or 98. The software is then installed, and the lighting equipment is assigned utilizing the Sweetlight fixture library. The builder screen shows the name of the equipment, and DMX levels, to create the scenes and build a cue list, then the light show is downloaded into the Smart box. Once the DMX output is connected, the computer can be disconnected, and the Sweetlight Smart box will function as a playback controller, with a manual advance to allow for operator activation of scenes. Optima Lighting Long Island City, NY

Stay away Known as Yellow Jacket, this protective enclosure/warning gate is portable and able to cordon off areas from the public. The Yellow Jacket system folds flat to 4.5" and weighs 14lb, so moving and setup is fast and convenient. According to the manufacturer, "a unique ball-and-detent design snaps the unit in place with a simple twist of the handle." Mounting holes are available for lights, signs, tape, or rope for crowd control and various other accessories. Since they are manufactured from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), Yellow Jackets can be used indoors and out. Cogent Enterprises Sterling Heights, MI

A battery of tests Jensen Tools is distributing the ZTS portable commercial battery tester with capability for checking the condition of more than 25 frequently-used battery types. In addition to the ubiquitous AAA, AA, C, D, N, and 9V types, the tester is able to check the status of Zn (zinc), air, Li (lithium), and coin-type cells as well. The microprocessor-controlled tester has the capability of engaging an automatic test load on a battery under scrutiny. After the timed test cycle, the percentage of remaining battery capacity is displayed on the LED indicator (10-100%). The numerous battery types are accommodated via many contact sockets located on the face of the tester and one attached test lead (negative) for completion of the testing circuit. Jensen Tools Phoenix, AZ