Beams Of Lightwright Lightwright software, written by John McKernon, is now available in a Windows(R) 95/98/NT version, as well as Macintosh OS. The CD-ROM also includes Beamwright to aid in selecting lighting instruments. Developed for the lighting designer, Lightwright software features include tracking all aspects of selecting and arranging, numbering, and comparing, plus assigning and footnoting lighting paperwork. Fifty different printing formats are user-selectable. Text columns, work notes, dimensions, and numerical columns are all user-definable. The "external ID" allows matching to AutoCAD(R) and MiniCAD(R) programs. Users can purchase the combination MAC/Windows CD, a Mac upgrade, or a special institutional version from the distributor, City Theatrical. City Theatrical/Bronx, NY

Coating In A Can The Jaxsan 600 Flexible Coating for stage and prop design is an acrylic latex coating that resurfaces materials used in stage props and backdrops to prepare the surface for paint. The coating allows the surface to be smooth or rough in texture and may be applied at thicknesses up to 1/2" (several coats) Jaxsan is fire-retardant, water-thinnable, non-hazardous, and weather-resistant. The acrylic coating can be applied over wood, cloth, plastic, masonry, papier-mache, polystyrene, and urethane foam. Jaxsan 600 is available in white, light gray, and aluminum gray and is available in two- and five-gallon pails, and has a drying time of three hours. Plastic Coatings Corporation/Saint Albans, WV

Audio Signals Neutrik's AES/EBU digital audio adapters were developed to provide an impedance matching transformer for use with analog and digital applications. The use of the adapters, NADITBNC-F and NADITBNC-M, allow for longer cable runs via unbalanced coaxial lines, rather than conventionally used, twisted-pair audio cables that can cause distortion and degrade the quality of the signal. Neutrik developed these adapters with the goals of matching between 110ohms and 75ohms, reduction of hum and noise, and as a transition point for balanced/unbalanced circuits. Neutrik USA/Lakewood, NJ

Dimmers For All The expanded family of Leprecon(R) LD-340/360 Dimmer Series offers users a compact rugged four- or six-channel dimmer with the ability to interface to most types of systems, including DMX512, Microplex, and analog protocols. The dimmers are available in seven different styles, and have different total (wattage) continuous duty cycles ranging from 2,400 to 3,600W. Individual channel capacity is a minimum of 1,800W, 2,400W when 20A-rated cords and connectors are used. All of the dimmers in the series have dual straight blade (Edison) receptacles, illuminated magnetic breakers, dual SCR power circuitry, and additional (AC) line noise filtering to eliminate interference with audio equipment. The lightweight dimmers--approximately 10lbs--have a yoke for attachment to truss or lighting trees and are prewired for fast connection to conventional straight blade (Edison) 15/20A-rated convenience receptacles. Leprecon/CAE, Inc./Hamburg, MI

Rainbow Connections Custom Color Ring 5-Way(R) Binding Posts offer a selection of red, white, blue, yellow, black, or green color rings embedded in the thumbnuts to assure ready circuit and polarity identification in a pleasing design configuration. All current handling parts are gold-plated brass to provide maximum conductivity and resistance to corrosion. The binding posts offer five ways to connect devices, including "banana plug," clip-lead, wire looping, and wire clamping via center hole or spade lug connector. Miniature fluted types are available for 15A,/100V; standard hex nut and fluted types are rated for 30A/1,000V. Hex and fluted nut types with larger studs are also available. Warner Electric Motor and Controls Division/Bristol, CT

"E" For Effortless Cortec(R)'s "E" product line is a family of aerosol cleaners and corrosion-inhibitive sprays developed for use on electronic equipment. The formulas dry quickly and clear, leaving no residue to cause interference. They are safe on insulation materials and resins, according to the manufacturer. All aerosols are environmentally friendly and are non-ozone depleting. The product line includes: E-205 Contact Cleaner; VCI-238, a corrosion inhibitor; E-215 Flux Remover; E-220 Dust-A-Way; E-225 Super Freeze; and E-230 Antistatic Glass Cleaner. Cortec/St. Paul, MN

Board Free Alcorn McBride's LightCue(TM) DMX recorder allows lighting designers to program lighting cues using the board of their choice during programming and then record the cues for dedicated playback from the LightCue. During the recording process, all 512 DMX channels are recorded and stored in memory, then played back upon being triggered by contact closure, serial messages, or SMPTE timecode. Additionally, the LightCue is capable of cross-fading between any two DMX streams, to "ease" into a new playback. Six streams can be played back simultaneously, and the standard configuration includes 20 minutes of storage. Total recording time can be several hours, depending on the choice of media. Alcorn McBride/Orlando, FL

Gala's Hybrid Vertilift System Gala's Vertilift(R) Hybrid Control Rigging System is a variable-speed motorized rigging system that can be operated both by conventional linesets and with computerized control, switching easily and quickly from one mode to another. The flexibility in control modes, hand operation, computer, hybrid, or automated show control allows for many unconventional approaches to rigging systems. For instance, the entire system can be operated manually in rehearsal mode, with a "mimic" mode being used for automated operation during the production. The Vertilift can be purchased and installed as a manual control system with the option to convert to automated control at a later date. The variable-speed feature, in addition to replicating manual operation, allows for ramped starts and stops as well as high-speed operation with heavier loads. Vertilift's design does not use counterweights, providing additional safety backstage.

The actual rigging system represents several mechanical innovations. A new cable drum drive mechanism allows for installation in-line and at grid level, without lateral motion of the batten, while keeping the grid completely open and free of unnecessary rigging apparatus. Another benefit of the Vertilift is that by installation at grid level, shaft and drum load distribution reduces stresses on the building structure. The drum drive units can also be installed below the stage, and in venues originally designed for counterweight rigging systems, both being beneficial for renovations in older and historic theatres. Gala/St. Hubert, Quebec, Canada