The Coca-Cola Company unveiled one of the largest digital canvases in the world - a new three-dimensional, high tech display in New York City's Times Square on July 1. At more than six stories high, the sign is considered the world's first digital communications portal, featuring 32 custom-made convex and concave, high-definition LED screens. The sign was developed by more than 40 engineers and designers and even features a GPS (Global Positioning System) to remotely manage the controls, 2.6 million LEDs to illuminate the image, and 57 bits of processing to power the speed for the animation, creating an unprecedented digital experience. The design and shape of the 32 sculpted LED screens enable the sign to have a 60° vertical, and an even more unique 140° horizontal viewing angle.

Coca-Cola signs have been a part of the Times Square landscape since 1920 and have featured the latest in technology from the use of electricity itself, to neon, sequenced neon, and now LEDs and GPS. What's next? Only time will tell.