It’s trade show season again, with PLASA kicking off the fall’s festivities with its annual London product bash. Once again, manufacturers, distributors, designers, and technicians will come from all over the United Kingdom, Europe, North America, and all other points to sample the latest technology at London’s Earls Court. You can expect a fuller report in the November issue of Lighting Dimensions, but already a number of companies have begun to publicize their latest achievements. Here’s a random selection of what you can expect to see on the trade show floor:

Artistic Licence has several new items to show, including the Power-Hub 4, a four-port Ethernet hub that supplies low-voltage power via the data connection; Net-View, a hand-held network tool for the ArtNet Ethernet Standard; Insta-Lynx, a mid-span power insert for 10baseT Ethernet; and Ether-Lynx, a DMX512-to-Ethernet gateway. Avolites will launch the ART2001 installation dimmer, the Pearl 2004 console, and the Pearl Simulator, a free software download that provides a virtual interface with the Pearl 2000 console. Clay Paky will introduce the UK to its Stage Profile Plus SV, with its unique framed moving images effect. Other products will include the CP Color 575, the Colorwave 300 color changer, and the VIP 1200 projector for stationary and moving images.

Compulite, on the Stagetec stand, will present the Rave lighting console, plus the CompuRemote, a rigger’s remote control with illuminated keys; the DimNet line of dimmers; the CompuRack 24-channel digital installation dimmer; and the CompuDim handheld wire/wireless remote control. Flying Pig Systems, makers of the ever-popular Wholehog console, will debut Miniwing attachments for the Wholehog III and Wholehog II PC units. The wings will be available in programming and playback versions. James Thomas Engineering will have several debuts on its stand, including an architectural MR-16 unit, an upgrade to the Thomas Follow Spot Chair, and a streamlined version of the company’s Moving Light Truss.

Lightprocessor, showing on the Lightfactor stand, will have the Dimension series of dimmers, the Paradime distro system, and 18- and 24-channel variants on the Paradime touring system. MA Lighting will present to the world the software update 4.0 to the grandMA range of lighting consoles, which has attracted much attention in the last year. Martin Professional will be on hand with the usual cartload of products, including the MAC 2000 Performance and MAC 2000 Wash, the Maxxyz lighting console, the Ego 1 and 2 DJ effects lights, the MX10 scanner, the Alien 02 architectural unit, and the Freekie, an apparently new concept in lighting control. Jem, Martin’s effects division, will show the Magnum 550 and 950 foggers and the Magnum Hazer.

Lifting, flying, and rigging specialists PCM will show the PCM Pilewind winch, for multipurpose theatrical applications, plus the Tau electric performer winch and the Beta winch as well. The Czech company Robe Show Lighting will make a PLASA debut on its own—it formerly was an OEM—with several products, including the ColorSpot 170 AT, the ColorMix 250 AT, the ColorMix 150 AT Wash, and the ColorMix 150 AT profile.

SGM, showing on the Lightfactor stand, will have the Giotto 400 Profile unit and the Regia console, designed for opera, live performance, clubs, and television, which debuted at SIB last March. New from Studio Due is the XS 600 and XS 700 line of moving-head fixtures.

A PLASA debutante will be the Dutch company Xilver, showing at the Lightfactor stand. Xilver has the Droplet, an automated LED unit for the entertainment market, a product that should have people talking fairly quickly.

Of course, PLASA is generally full of surprises and there will be much more news from the show floor. Keep watching this website for daily updates from the show, plus a full report in the November issue.