Cast Software has announced the first release of Vivien, a new software application for event and meeting professionals servicing corporate and special functions, incentive meetings, tradeshows, expositions, weddings, and parties alike.

“Vivien is the easy-to-use design solution that event professionals have been asking for,” says Bob Mani, VP sales & business development. “We are merely addressing the needs of event professionals worldwide who are looking for a way to create more captivating events and ultimately, win more contracts. Vivien will become an indispensable member of their team.”

Vivien is a simple and intuitive all-in-one design package. Event professionals can browse through and select from a 3D library of diverse items, including tables, chairs, décor, AV, architectural, banquet, and staging items. By placing them into a chosen venue they can create a virtual representation of their event.

Complete customization is easily achieved by applying textures, colors and lighting to the design. Inventory is tracked by Vivien's extensive database that produces detailed floor plans and layouts as desired. Seating arrangements of any magnitude are automatically calculated and rendered. And when the design is complete, it can be viewed in 2D or 3D, seen as picture-perfect reality from every imaginable angle.

For more information about Vivien, or to download a free 30-day trial, go to: