Road Ready Cases, a manufacturer of heavy-duty cases, released new high-capacity utility trunks, the RRUT1 and RRUT1E. Developed with the touring and production professional in mind, these trunks are large enough to store oversized gear and come with both integrated casters and unique dishes that stack multiple trunks on top of each other. The RRUT1E has a storage capacity of over 22 cubic ft., and the RRUT1 has eight fully adjustable/removable storage compartments and two take-out drawers to store smaller accessories. Other features include industrial grade latches and rubber feet; recessed, spring-loaded handles; double anchor industrial rivets; tongue and groove locking fit; premium 3/8" vinyl laminated plywood; and heavy duty 3 1/2" caster board with brakes.
Road Ready Cases
Gardena, CA


The Fingerless 3/4 Leather Gloves from SetWear are suitable for rigging, stagehands, conventions, and audio/video productions. The Fingerless glove's palm is made with genuine leather and is anatomically cut with a double-layer gel foam pad. Thicker gel foam padding in the palms helps reduce fatigue, impacts, and vibrations. The gloves feature longer fingers, an eyebrow wipe on thumbs, padded two-way stretch Spandex top for fit and flexibility, and a second layer of leather on thumb and index finger to reduce wear and abrasion. An extra-wide cuff provides easy entry with adjustable wrist closure.
Canoga Park, CA



Gefen released its new Firewire Extender 800, a solution that extends computer-generated video for remote powered performance. Its sender-and-receiver system connects the local computer to the remote device with multi-mode fiber-optic cables. Designed for professional studio applications, the Firewire Extender 800 sends large amounts of data at rates up to 800 megabytes/second. This enables equipment to operate as if connected locally anywhere within a 300' distance from the source. Apple G5 computers come equipped with a Firewire 1394b connection, making the Firewire Extender 800 a peripheral extension solution. Without the Extender 800, Firewire can only be extended about 15' from its source without some degradation.
Woodland Hills, CA


Two fanless 10mm pixel pitch indoor LED video screens, the P10 and R10, are for environments requiring minimum noise levels. Designed for permanent installations, the P10 is lightweight, with each panel weighing 21.16 lbs. The R10 rental product features a fast rig single kingpin design for quick setup and strip down. The R10 is also compatible with all existing LVP1010D accessories. Both models include a clip-on IM (intelligent module) feature for screwless maintenance on LED modules and average power consumption of 100W per panel at 2000 NITS brightness. Other features include 140° horizontal and vertical viewing angle, 10,000 pixels per m2, 4.4 trillion color capability, 14-bit processing depth, 50/60-frame-per-second frame rate, proprietary SDI data input, M4 Technology, and a lifetime of 50,000 hours to half brightness.
Lighthouse Technologies Limited
Irvine, CA



The my250 is a moving yoke fixture with a Philips MSD250/2 discharge lamp and the ability to pan 630° and tilt 265°. The color wheel has an array of eight colors and bi-colors with rainbow effect, six rotating indexable gobos, and an additional seven fixed gobos. All gobos are standard size and interchangeable. Electronic focus is complemented by a bi-directional rotating prism, as well as dimmer and strobe. Gobos remain in focus across the entire visual field, and morphing between gobos is possible. The digital address and display allows a variety of functions to be accessed for the operation of lamp control (on/off), pan and tilt reverse, and lamp and fixture hours. The unit can be set to run independently without a lighting board. Cues can be downloaded into the onboard reprogrammable processor. The fixture can also be placed in a master/slave configuration or be controlled via a sound input. It comes with mounting hardware including safety cable and a 50' DMX cable. Its small footprint is useful in situations where an unobtrusive moving fixture is required.
Group One Ltd.
Farmingdale, NY


The Stage Cyclo from Martin Professional is a full color mixing luminaire for the stage, studio, and event lighting market. Adapted from Martin Architectural's Cyclo luminaire, Stage Cyclo is designed for installation in theatres and television studios and has the flexibility to be hung and re-hung like a touring product. The Stage Cyclo features subtle color changing effects with four 54W high-output fluorescent tubes in red, green, blue, and white. It has a double parabolic louvre reflector for maximum output and even illumination coverage. Its beam angle is approximately 55°. To make the fixture roadworthy, rubber ends have been added and brackets attached on both the ends and the rear of the housing to accept Martin's Omega bracket system. For backlight situations, successive Cyclos can be mounted as close as possible to each other for even distribution of light. For floor mounting, Stage Cyclo comes with built-in retractable legs. XLR connectors have been added to the data section of the fixture, both in 3-pin and 5-pin formats. The Stage Cyclo is directly DMX addressable via a dipswitch panel. Accessories will soon be available for Stage Cyclo, including acrylic covers and manual barndoors.
Martin Professional
Sunrise, FL



The smallest professional audio wireless transmitter, Lectrosonics SM (“Super Mini”) is a high-powered, compandor-free wireless transmitter in a splash-proof package. Delivering 107dB signal-to-noise ratio and flat frequency response to 20kHz, Lectrosonics' patent-pending Digital Hybrid Wireless technology uses both 24-bit digital audio and analog FM signal transmission methods to encode a digital signal into an analog format for transmission over a UHF FM carrier. This unique system replicates the digital audio quality, spectrum efficiency, and long range of optimized FM wireless systems. Operating on a single AA battery, the SM features 100mW of transmitting power, compatibility emulation modes, and an LCD for easy frequency and audio level adjustment. The standard Lectrosonics TA5M 5-pin input jack is wired to a newly developed audio input circuit and is compatible with electret lavalier mikes, dynamic mikes, and line level signals. SM has added RF power for greater resistance interference. Its frequency agility (256 channels) and emulation modes provide operational flexibility and permit use with a variety of pre-existing analog receivers. The small transmitter has a height of 2.25" (not including antenna), width of 1 7/8", depth of 5/8", and weighs 2.8 oz. with battery. The SM is offered in the nine standard Lectrosonics frequency groups with 256 frequencies each and is scheduled to be available in May.
Rio Rancho, NM