Due to a technical error, a portion of the LDI97 show report was not included in the January/February issue. The following continues last month's coverage.

ASA Productions Featured product: Standard 1/2" maple nine-ply road cases offer heavy-duty protection for all forms of transportation and packing needs. Built to exceed ATA and MIL specifications, the cases have recessed hardware, ball corners, and latches. They are available in standard rack, shock-mounted rack, console, and custom configurations.

All Bulbs Lighting Featured products: The company supplies all major brands and types of bulbs, fixtures, batteries, three brands of Gel sockets, gaffer tape, and mag lites for the stage, studio, television, and theme industries.

BASH Lighting Services This Production Resource Group company provides state-of-the-art lighting systems and accessories for rentals and permanent installations.

BML Stage Lighting Besides manufacturing Titan trusses, this production service firm is the US importer of Slick Systems trussing and ground support services.

Bridgestone Engineered Products Featured products: This Nashville, TN-based company featured a line of fiber-optic products.

Cinema Services This Production Resource Group company installs lighting in casinos and themed environments and provides specialized services to keep theatres and showrooms in peak condition.

Coherent Featured products: This laser manufacturer demonstrated its patented CVF wheel developed in cooperation with Light & Sound Design. The two-wheel system provides unlimited color selection and fast color changes for intelligent projection lighting.

Crouse-Hinds Molded Products Featured products: A full range of single-pole and multi-pole plugs and receptacles were featured, including Cam-Lok connectors and Posilok sequential interlock receptacles.

DADCO First time at LDI: The Moving Light Distro is designed for use with 240V fixtures, and features Cam-Lok-type feed-through power feeder connectors, 8-L620 output receptacles, and two-duplex receptacles that provide the same ground for remote controllers.

Elasco Featured products: Elasco cable guards are designed to provide maximum safety protection of exposed cables, hoses, and piping. They provide a safe pathway for temporary or permanent purposes where exposed distribution is needed.

Elation Entertainment Products Featured products: This dealer-oriented manufacturer/ supplier specializes in affordable effects lighting and supplies for the nightclub/bar and bowling markets. Products range from pinspots to centerpiece effects.

Entertainment Lighting Services Featured products: This North Hollywood, CA-based company specializes in the rental and sales of products for the entertainment industry.

Fehr Bros. Featured products: This international distributor of entertainment rigging products featured a range of equipment including shackles, cable, motors, control and distro cable, chain, and wire rope. Specialty products include black aircraft cable, safety cables, and fall arresting equipment.

Fiber-Tec Cases Featured products: A complete line of transport cases includes amplifier, utility, DJ gear, and standard equipment cases. Cases come in standard black or gray finishes with carpet lining. Custom sizes and specifications available.

Flash-Works First time at LDI: The new Multi-10 is a strobe device with a 103/4" diameter by 3" length. Strobe lights are tethered on a wire and come out of one water-resistant enclosure. Each lamp can be remotely installed up to 100' (30m) from the power enclosure.

Full Sail Educational programs offered in the audio, video, film, and digital media fields are taught in a state-of-the-art 100,000-sq.-ft. (9,000 sq. m) facility with soundstages and completely equipped control rooms and edit suites. The educational program can be described as "real world education" and is based on actual experience, with the students participating in working studio sessions, utilizing the school's facilities to create entertainment that is later commercially distributed.

International Association of Lighting Designers The IALD has relocated its executive offices to Chicago. Morag Fullilove, the organization's new president, can be reached at: The Merchandise Mart, 200 World Trade Center, Suite 487, Chicago, IL 60654; phone: 312/527-3677; fax: 312/527-3680.

International Laser Display Association ILDA is a trade organization whose members are leaders in professional applications of laser display. Members promote the advancement of laser artistry, foster the development of new technology, increase public awareness, maintain standards of safety and performance, and promote cooperation within the industry.

International Theatrical Truss First time at LDI: A newly designed Arched Roof Tower System has the capacity to span over 100' (30m). A 60'x60' (18x18m) main roof structure can withstand over 60,000lb (27,000kg) and the 20'x20' (6x6m) speaker wing addition can load over 40,000lb (18,000kg) per wing. The company also manufactures six different lines of trussing, custom trussing, and hand crank and motorized tower systems.

Jan-Al Cases Featured products: The firm makes ATA cases for the lighting and sound industries, including products for chain motors, controllers, lighting instruments, and more.

JLG Industries First time at LDI: The company introduced a new range of self-propelled vertical mast products that are fully driveable at heights up to 20' (6m), and a new series of push-around personnel lifts.

J.R. Clancy Featured products: The company installs stage rigging, fixed- and variable-speed winches, TV studio rigging, Shamrock 5000(TM) fixed-speed controllers, and Lambda(TM) lifts.

Kupo Co. First time at LDI: A range of new products debuted, including: a 1k fresnel and PC Spotlight, a 550W fresnel and PC Spotlight, the PG-300 BBO-Silk haze machine, three-stage pin connectors, and a mini-projector.

L'Air International First time at LDI: The L'Air Performa and L'Air Performa Plus vinyl overlays are designed to provide quantified traction and durable protection for the company's subfloors. The vinyl overlays were created for portable, permanent, or semi-permanent use.

Lighting & Electronics First time at LDI: The Runt is a compact, asymmetric cyc light allowing field conversion into multiple units. The luminaire delivers a wide field of light for cyc and set washes without taking up much stage or grid space. The company also showed a complete line of theatrical luminaires including the Mini-Strip, Broad Cyc, dimmable fluorescent striplights, PARs, floods, ellipsoidal reflectors, and fresnels.

Lighting Technologies Featured products: This Atlanta-based full-service company provides all aspects of support for the operation and maintenance of lighting systems from design and consultation to providing equipment and personnel. Part of the Production Resource Group, the company caters to the concert touring and special event touring markets and also services corporate presentations and trade shows.

Minolta First time at LDI: New products include Minolta's 3-D Digitizing Camera system plus a complete line of spectrophotometers, tristimulus colorimeters, convergence meters, spectroradiometers, gloss meters, light booths, light meters, and CRT/LCD color analyzers.

MMI Rental First time at LDI: The company featured new products including the Philips 1800, IEV Turboscan, Vega U2020 Wireless, and Sony cameras.

N & N Productions Featured products: Custom gobos to fit all instruments are made to custom specifications. Gobos are cut from 15mil for most automated luminaires.

National Specialty Lighting First time at LDI: Stage Edge Lights allow actors to easily determine the stage border while the lights are totally hidden from the audience. The lights use 0.5W bulbs on 12" centers enclosed in PVC and mounted on a black extrusion.

ORC Lighting Products First time at LDI: The "Integraded" Seal Lamp is the latest addition to a line of ribbon, cup, and graded sealed lamps. Orc was also showing higher-wattage ceramic lamps and a full agency-approved power supply.

Raztech Lighting Featured products: A line of compact, automated luminaires includes the MicroSpot image projector spotlight, the ODiLite outdoor imaging projector, and the FireFly indoor/outdoor oscillating projector.

Rose Brand First time at LDI: Among Rose Brand's new theatrical fabrics are two cotton velours: Virtue, a 21-ounce medium-weight velour, and Majestic, a 25-ounce heavyweight version. Both are stocked in black, and custom colors are available by special order. Four different weights of synthetic velours are also available: Encore, which is durable, flame retardant, and available in 15- and 22-ounce versions and eight stock colors; Super-Vel, which is inherently flame retardant, ultra-lightweight, economical, and available in 11 stock colors; and Prestige, an inherently flame retardant, heavyweight napped Trevira CS. The company also introduced new metallic fabrics including Black Prism Nulash Cloth, Honeycomb Metallic Mesh, Lamine (available in eight colors), and a Striped Laminette to coordinate with iridescent laminettes. Iridescents were also featured, including Silky Chiffon and Silky Charmeuse, decorative fabrics with a polyester microfiber and a black warp, which can be made flame retardant.

SICO North America Featured products: Mobile folding stages and tables, cafeteria mobile folding tables, and Insta-Theatre portable dance floors.

Space Cannon First time at LDI: The SET-IREOS 4000/7000 outdoor xenon luminaire has a built-in dichroic color changer and frost filter. Six DMX channels control its functions, and it comes equipped with a keyboard and LCD display for manual use or internal programming.

SSRC Featured products: SSRC showed its range of custom electrical distribution equipment, including extruded aluminum connector strips, plug boxes, floor pockets, patch panels, and cable assemblies.

Stage Craft First time at LDI: The Custom Performance Platform is one of the company's scenic stage units designed for use in themed environments. Other scenic support elements include the StageLine Stage Van II for corporate touring events.

Steinigke Showtechnic Featured products: This German company featured Futurelight intelligent lighting and advertising projections and Omnitronic sound equipment.

Strategic Resource Solutions Corp. First time at LDI: The Lonlight is a protocol translator converting LonTalk(R), a building automation data protocol, to DMX512. The Lonlight has the ability to integrate sensing devices so that building automation systems and DMX-controlled devices can respond dynamically to changes in temperature, light levels, proximity, and other factors. Windows-compatible and configurable.

Super Vision International Featured products: Side Glow fiber-optic cable and end point fiber optics. Recent projects include the Tokyo Dome Ferris Wheel, which uses an SV-2000 light source, SV-126 side-glow cable, and an SV-700 control system, and the end-point fiber optics for the Coca-Cola Bottle in Times Square.

Syncrolite First time at LDI: The company introduced the SX3K and SX7K as "the first flyable, moving large-scale automated lighting fixtures with full DMX control of pan, tilt, focus, douser, and color." Using a high temp proprietary gel with combined diffusion, the long-lasting scrolls provide long-throw wash capability, in addition to a full range of skylight effects.

Technical Supply Japan USA First time at LDI: Products including Virtual DMX, a Windows 95 program for DMX effects; Liddell-V, a PC-based controller software and hardware; DMX Vaccine, a parameter converter; DMX Curve, for adjusting dimmer output; and DMX Switch, DMX Midi, Thunder Shutter, and Mira Spot.

Toleeto Fasteners First time at LDI: A new heavy-duty line of Cord-Lox(R) reusable velcro cable ties. Also shown was the BWY Series with velcro sewn to a strong nylon webbing backing.

Tomcat Featured products: In addition to custom fabrication of lighting support and outdoor roof trussing systems, the company stocks a ready-to-ship supply of truss, chain hoists, and rigging.

Tracoman Featured products: The firm is the US distributor of LiteStructures Aluminum Truss Systems.

Underwriters Laboratories First time at LDI: Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL), founded in 1894, is an independent, not-for-profit product safety testing and certification organization for the evaluation of products, materials, and systems, in the interest of public safety. Different testing (for US and international compliance), product classifying, and even on-site factory inspections are offered by this organization through a network of offices throughout the US and worldwide.

Uni-Par Featured products: Rugged, lightweight thermoplastic PAR lighting fixtures include the UP-1 for PAR-64 or -56 lamps, UP-2 for PAR-38, -46, or R lamps, and the UP-3 for PAR-20 or MR-16 lamps. All can be made in translucent colors.

US Industry Featured products: This importer/ wholesaler of stage and entertainment lighting offered a range of products including PAR-64/56/46/38/20/16s, pinspots, sockets, reflectors, safety cable, barndoors, clamps, lamp bars, ACL bars, stage pin connectors, 19-pin connectors, light stands, track lights, strobes, spotlights, light bulbs, lamp sockets, stage cables, and fog machines.

Vanco Lighting Services This Production Resource Group company is a lighting supplier and rental shop experienced in the theatre, theme park, special event, touring, and retail markets.

LDI98 will be held November 13-16 at the Phoenix Civic Plaza in Phoenix, AZ. For more information, call Intertec Trade Shows & Conferences at 800/288-8606.