Theatrical Lighting, 1,2,3
Planning a lighting package for small and medium theatrical spaces will be easier with the Altman Theatre Lighting Layout Guides, (small 48–channel guide, and medium 125–channel guides are available). Designed to be used as a starting point in examining the types and quantities of equipment to be specified and purchased, these guides include a light plot and an explanation of the layout/plot. A pictorial review of the types of Altman lighting instruments specified and a review of the lighting concepts that can be illustrated by placement of the luminaires as indicated on the plot are included. Within the guide, there is a color coding of the instruments and the definition is highlighted in the same color used on the plot. The definitions answer the ubiquitous "Why " and "What" questions, as in, why is this light necessary, and what will it do? Combining the introduction, with the explanation of "dividing the stage into areas" (there are nine for a small theatre and 15 for a medium–sized venue) and a thorough examination of the plot and its "shop order," a suitable lighting package and design for most theatrical performances can be achieved. Both the small and medium guide explain the relationship of "areas" to the recommended number of channels and dimmers, all in industry standard numbers, i.e., 125 control channels corresponds to a recommended 96 – 2.4kW dimmers. In addition, a complete kit of materials, specifications, and information is available for further review by budget and planning committees as well as facility managers.

Altman Stage Lighting
Yonkers, NY

Panel Discussion
The SONY PFM Flat Panel Display series are high-definition flat plasma monitors with a 16:9 aspect ratio and a choice of either 1,024 x 1,024 or 852 x 480–pixel capability. The flat monitors have a 42" viewable area (measured diagonally) and a depth of under 6", weighs less than 100lbs, and has a viewing area of 160°. Both displays offer the capability to reproduce clear images and superb detail without distortion, and have a contrast ratio of 400:1 and feature an aluminum bezel, a handle for easier handling/portability, and built-in retractable feet. The compact and stylish flat display can be used as presentation monitors, multisource information monitors, or as part of a wall-mounted video display. The monitors are equipped with an advanced scan converter that can reproduce existing video signals (NTSC, PAL, and HDTV) and computer signals with horizontal frequencies from 15.6 to 45.0Hz. The PFM series can display VGA, SVGA, and XGA computer signals.

Sony Electronics
Park Ridge, NJ

Primary and Digital Ready
Dubbed Digicomp by Rosco Laboratories, paint, fabric, and tape are now available in precise formulations for use in film, TV, and digital video production. Due to the nature of the chromakeying and matting processes, spectral reflectance and chrominance (color purity) are critical parameters of scenic pieces. The paints, fabric, and tape are available in blue, green, and red and are comprised of a flexible vinyl acrylic binder, with a matte finish and excellent adhesive properties. Paint is available in one– and five–gallon sizes. The Digicomp fabric is manufactured of a 100% cotton substrate and impregnated with color to match the Digicomp characteristics. The fabric is available on 30’ and 60’ bolts and is 48" wide. The tapes have excellent adhesive properties without leaving a sticky residue after removal, and are available on 50mm x 50m rolls.

Rosco Laboratories
Stamford, CT

A Masterful Performance
The Virtuoso lighting control console from Vari-Lite provides for integration and control of automated and conventional lights in large and small lighting systems with numerous features that allow for fast, simplified programming with large numbers of cues. Vari-Lite has designed a console that also has off-line capabilities to allow programming to begin prior to load-in, and the console design reduces the time required to create cues and lighting effects. Among the features are: a fully integrated 3D display, complete support of Vari-Lite automated luminaires, DMX512-compatible luminaires and accessories, control of conventionals, backlit buttons and displays for easier programming in low-light environments, and 30 submasters with a variety of playback modes. Other features include a powerful effects package, including Dynamic States for instantaneous "canned" effects, easily established X, Y, and Z positioning for rig calibration and 3D display, as well as system data available in spreadsheet mode with multiple viewing. Virtuoso can accommodate up to four separate user groups online, 2,000 cues for DMX-compatible devices, and between 2,000 and 10,000 cues for Vari*Lite luminaires (depending on the model), 1,000 board cues, and 1,000 effects. SMPTE time code input, MIDI show control, and MIDI timecode input are included.

Dallas, TX

Websurf and Schedule
Xytech systems has released a web browser module, the latest addition to its Enterprise facility management system. Through the unlimited access provided by the web, users are able to examine theatre and studio availability, view production schedules and location information, and review status of equipment. The program facilitates collaboration by allowing different members of a production team to update project status, input budget information, and allocate necessary resources for completion of a project. The web browser has a security feature that only allows pre-approved access to information and to add new information. There is a user-friendly interface, and the software can support multiple sites, divisions, currencies, and languages. The company also provides technical support, consultation, training, and integration services.

Xytech Systems
Burbank, CA

Ins and Outs
The Marinco 15A and 20A electrical inlets and outlets are weatherproof and offer protection from moisture, rain, and dust. The WP1 Series protects all Marinco styles of 15A and 20A straight blade as well as 15A locking connectors. The cover has a spring-loaded design that allows the lids’ neoprene gasket to form a seal with the surface. The standard cover is black, (WP1); gray (WP1GY) and yellow (WP1YL) are also available.

Marinco Specialty Wiring Devices
Napa, CA

Orders of Protection
The SX2120-SEQ provides guaranteed surge protection and power conditioning for up to 14 individual devices and the ability to sequentially power up/down electronic devices in separate groups. The 2RU (rack unit) enclosure features 14 standard grounded AC straight-blade receptacles that are divided into three groups of four, with two receptacles always on. Remote control for sequential switching is achieved via momentary switching, latching switches, or applied voltage (5-30VDC). In addition, an infinite number of units can be cascaded to operate either simultaneously, or in sequence. On the front is a backlit three–line LCD for the display of operating status and AC line voltage. All functions and time delays are programmable through an easy-to-use menu system, with programming commands being stored in non-volatile memory. All applicable standards are met, such as UL 1449 (1,000 surges—6,000V, 3,000 A) and US government guidelines, grade A, Class 1, model one).

New Frontier Electronics
New Hope, PA

Certified Power Distribution
Pulizzi Engineering is now offering USL/CNL-listed accessory power distribution systems, in various configurations. According to the company, USL/CNL indicates investigation to the US and Canadian (Bi-National) Standard for Safety of Information Technology Equipment, CAN/CSA C22.2, No. 950-95 and UL 1950 Third Edition, including revisions through March 1, 1998, which are based on the Fourth Amendment to IEC 950, second edition. All listed models (four types) are 1RU high and incorporate listed main disconnect breakers. The TPC981-2626 is rated for 240VAC/24A full load, while the remaining three are rated at 240VAC/16A. The TPC981 models utilize up to ten NEMA L6-15R receptacles with NEMA L6-20P power input plugs. The T9092B-CB-2618 utilizes 15 IEC 60950 C13 outlets and has an IEC 60950 C20 power inlet.

Pulizzi Engineering
Santa Ana, CA

Stop the Surge
As ethernet data networks become ubiquitous in facilities of all types, the need for reliability increases. The Leviton surge protective device was developed to provide transient voltage suppression for cards and devices operating on ethernet data networks. Grounding can be accomplished via one of two methods: a ground tab that facilitates connection to equipment ground frame systems, and a low inductance ground braid straps, for use when mechanical mounting constraints preclude the use of the metal ground tab. According to the manufacturer, the surge protective device offers dual redundant protection paths for transients entering into or out of the unit with automatic reset-PTC fusing. In addition, it provides low clamping voltages and the ability to withstand high transient current surges that may be encountered on ethernet PLC ports. RJ45 input and output connectors are used.

Leviton Manufacturing
Little Neck, NY

More of a Good Thing
Shure has added a second UHF frequency band to its popular UC Wireless microphone systems, which consist of a complete family of different microphones and transmitters. The additional frequency set enables users to simultaneously operate a greater number of the wireless systems within one location. Spanning UHF television channels 51 to 54, the UB band offers over 100 additional channels between 692 and 716MHz, grouped into compatible frequency sets for ease of setup. According to Shure, the UB band used in conjunction with the UA band allows for up to 32 compatible systems in a single installation. The company also has developed the UA111, a computer interface adapter that, in conjunction with Windows-based company software, enables more extensive remote monitoring and control functions to be accomplished with the U4D or U4S UHF wireless microphone receiver. Among the capabilities are controlling up to two UHF wireless receivers, monitoring RF and audio levels, and transmitter battery power. An RF "plotter function" indicates signal strength and scans local RF activity within the frequency range of the system.

Evanston, IL

Audio Lifeline
The new Wireworks Wirelux family of professional audio cables comes in a variety of sizes and applications. Musilux is the name given to the microphone-style cable. It has two 22 AWG conductors, insulated, paired, and covered with a 100% conductive thermoplastic shield with a bare copper drain wire. Among the features of the cable are: high flexibility, durability, and easy laying flat, coiling, and stripping capabilities. The outer jacket is PVC and available in 10 colors: black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, gray, and white. The cables are available in 500’ spools or in custom assemblies, per customer preference.

Hillside, NJ

Waxing and Buffing
Mylands Waxes, originally offered only in Europe, are now available in the US from Custom Service Hardware. The waxes are formulated with beeswax, carnauba and shellac wax in a toluene-free carrier and may be applied with a soft, lint-free cloth, brush, or fine steel wool. The pigmented wax line may be used on either painted or unpainted wood surfaces and is available in eight shades: light green, mid green, deep red, warm yellow, yellow ochre, vibrant blue, raw umber and black. A clear wax, antique pine, antique brown, and antique mahogany wax are also available and are designed to complement the shade of the wood item being waxed. Typically, users buff the surface with a clean cloth after allowing the wax to dry for a few minutes.

Custom Service Hardware
Cedarburg, WI

E-Z Removal
The Smooth-On Evergreen series of urethane rubber mold compounds are environmentally friendly as well as offering desirable performance characteristics. The urethane series does not contain "free isocyanates, Mercury, MOCA, MDI, or TDI. According to the manufacturer, when compared to conventional rubber, the Evergreen line exhibits superior release properties when casting polyester, urethane, and other types of resins. In addition, the rubbers are also good for casting plaster and concrete.

Easton, PA

Medallion Above
Style-Mark now offers two different styles of urethane ceiling medallions for accent and decorative purposes, in addition to numerous medallions and accent pieces of all types, all designed to replicate older-style plaster medallions. The first urethane style is solid and is usually placed in the center of the room on the ceiling to serve as a focal point. The second style has a circular hole in the center, enabling electrical wires and chains to be passed through for easier installation of chandeliers and ceiling fans. The medallions resist swelling, cupping, and splitting; a UV protective topcoat is applied during manufacturing, according to the manufacturer. A complete line of decorative moldings and trim pieces for interior and exterior applications is available.

Archibold, OH

Paper Protection
The USI Heavy Duty Pouch Laminator offers a protective and waterproof layer to paper, photographs, documents, and other flat items through different types of machines. The HD 400 is a 4" model and the HD1200 is the 12" model. Both heat to operating temperature in minutes and are suitable for high volume usage as well as occasional single applications.

USI Laminate
Madison, CT

Raxxess designed the WMK-10 Wall-Mount-Rack to provide quick, easy access to the rear of an equipment rack.. A mounting "pan" equipped with reinforced keyhold slots provides for attachment to a wall. The pan has "knock-outs" for cable passage and provides secure support for the 10–space rack. Constructed of 16–gauge steel, the rack is vented on the sides, and is available in black. The rack is designed so as to require a key to remove the rack from the back pan; the locking front door can be installed to swing left or right. A complete line of equipment racks as well as rack/enclosures with lift-up and lift-out features are available.

Paterson, NJ

Extend Your Reach
The JLG Industries SX series 110’ or 120’ telescopic boom lifts offer extended reach capabilities and four–wheel drive, an 8’ work platform, selectable four–wheel steering, and all operator controls are common with other JLG lifts for greater familiarity and ease of use. Numerous other products were introduced to facilitate easier usage of aerial work platforms. These include the CRT series, a 33’ and the 40’ scissors lifts that offer rough-terrain maneuverability and compact design for tight working areas. The 600SC Crawler family of telescopic boom lifts with a tracked "wheel" system offer performance and maneuverability on sand and mud.

JLG Industries
McConnellsburg, PA