Robin DuCrest, the founder and president of the Utah-based Special FX Lighting, died in December.

Innovative and creative, he was responsible for a number of important developments in color for lighting. His legacy to the industry can be seen illuminating buildings, bridges, theme parks, museums, and monuments worldwide.

Special FX Lighting was started in 1984 from a need for reflector bulbs in colors not then available on the market. As the years passed, new technology introduced higher temperature coatings and Special FX turned its main focus to flat glass for use on architectural and theatrical instruments. Newer coatings also allowed Special FX to branch out with color coatings for polymer substrates.

A memorial celebration of DuCrest's life was held Friday, December 17 at the Cliff Rose Lodge Gardens in Springdale, UT. For those who wish to honor DuCrest's life, donations may be made to any charity of your choice, or to the following charity in his name:

Deprung Loesling Educational Fund

2092 Vista Dale Court

Atlanta, GA 30084