The wholly owned US subsidiary of Martin Professional A/S, Martin Professional, Inc., has announced several promotions as well as a new sales structure designed to better service the various markets the company supplies.

Eric Loader, previously director of sales for the company, is now vice president of sales and marketing. “As our company continues to grow, we need to improve the way we sell and deliver our products to the US, Caribbean, Mexican, and Central American markets,” he says. “Our number one goal is focused on how we can best service our dealers. This has brought on the changes in our sales department in order to maximize our resources as well as focus more on our dealers' needs.

Newly appointed, but veterans in the company, there are now three directors of sales assigned to the three key business units: Timothy Brennan in rental/production; Jamey Brock in retail/club; and Frank Montero in installation/projects.

In addition to this and reporting to the corresponding director of sales, market managers have been assign-ed to each key segment: Mark Nelson in installation projects; Dave Chesal in clubs; and Gary Fallon in retail. A market manager for rental/production will be assigned shortly. Each sales territory (West, Central, East, and Export) will now also have regional managers focused on these key market segments.

“What does this mean to the market?” Loader continues. “Martin now has over 25 sales staff focused on selling solutions to service our customers' needs. While there are still a few spots to fill, we believe that even though there is some cross-over with those dealers who actively practice business in two or more of the primary markets, having our staff focused on the core businesses they supply will allow us to better understand the needs and market conditions. Yes, that means there are up to five or six sales personnel who might call on one large account, but typically, that will be specific individuals within that account focused on their primary markets. There will be some key account managers when required as well.” (