The Lumen Awards, given by the New York Section of the Illuminating Engineering Society, were given out in at a gala awards dinner on June 18th. More than ever, this year’s winners are notable for their diversity. The projects include retail applications (a Chanel store in London, the Mall at Millenia, in Orlando, FL); office spaces (the New York headquarters of Schlumberger), a photographic exhibit (Rewarding Lives) and a museum (Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame), a school (International Center of Photography, NY), and an airport (Changi Airport station, Singspore). Perhaps most unusual is Ecliptic, a unique municipal lighting installation in Grand Rapids, MI, in which fiber optic lights built into a skating rink mirror the night sky.

The wide range of subjects is definitive proof of how much our culture has been transformed by the need for excellence in design. Even those environments in which we perform the most mundane daily tasks are being transformed by the need for excellence in lighting design,

What each of these of projects has in common is the organic application of lighting. In each case, the lighting is an inextricable part of the overall design. Nothing has been imposed; everything is part of a unified concept.

If you have recently completed a lighting design that you think is exceptional, now is not too soon to be considering a submission for the 2003 Lumen Awards. Go to the IESNY’s website ( and learn about the criteria and application process for the Lumen Awards. You may be accepting an award next June.

Lumen Awards

The Mall at Millenia. Photo: Tom Hurst

Mall at Millenia
Orlando, FL

The challenge was to create a regional mall that surpasses all design expectations. The Water Garden’s ceiling, bathed in soft blue light draws patrons within. Inside, a triangular fountain leads to the elevator cabs lit by a neon-backlit color-changing ceiling.

Project Name: Mall at Millenia
Owner: The Forbes Company/Taubman Centers Inc.
Architect: JPRA Architects
Lighting Design Firm: Focus Lighting – Paul Gregory, Brett Anderson, J.R. Krauza, Lorinda Walters Flores

School of the International Center of Photography. Photo: Nick Merrick

School of The International Center of Photography
New York, NY

The relocation of this photography school to a basement facility required design ingenuity to overcome the loss of windows and a park view. This street-level glass pavilion, which serves as the entry, glows like a lantern at night. The lighting reinforces the simplicity of the form and establishes the pavilion as an identifiable icon.

Project Name: School of The International Center of Photography
Owner: International Center of Photography
Architect: Gensler
Lighting Design Firm: Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design – Stephen Bernstein, Scott Richardson

Changi Airport Station. Photo: Timothy Griffith

Changi Airport Station
Singapore Airport

A pair of complimentary glass atria entries connected by an underground bridge and metro station articulates this ultra-modern airport train hub. The under-side of this luminous bridge creates an ethereal canopy and generates a visual connection between the two zones of travel.

Project Name: Changi Airport Station
Owner: Singapore Land Transportation Authority
Architect: Skidmore Owings + Merrill, Inc.
Lighting Design Firm: SBLD Studio – Susan Brady, Attila Uysal

Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Photo: Scott Francis

Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame
Springfield, MA

An instantly recognizable look was required for the exterior dome and façade. The project integrated a museum, sports and retail complex that would become a destination for a large number of tourists. The full size interactive interior court includes a 60 second lighting moment when the video, sound and lighting become fully animated. The sports honorees are represented by interactive illuminated plaques lining the dome.

Project Name: Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame
Owner: City of Springfield, MA; Springfield Riverfront Development Corp.
Architect: Gwathmey Siegal Associated Architects
Lighting Design Firm: Mather Jorgensen Lighting Design, Inc.- Anita Jorgensen, Ted Mather, Eric Chenault, Russ Burns, Michele Disco

Lumen Citations

Chanel Brompton Road. Photo: Paul Warchol

Chanel Brompton Road
London, England

This two-story corner boutique is located on a busy London intersection in a fashionable residential area. The client wanted a fresh design that would appeal to a younger, “local” clientele, rather than the passing tourist. Feature elements of the lighting design include a luminous animated staircase and an animated "proscenium-style" display.

Project Name: Chanel Brompton Road
Owner: Chanel Europe
Architect: Peter Marino Architects
Lighting Design Firm: Ann Kale Associates – Matthew Tanteri

Ecliptic. Photo: The Grand Rapids Press

Grand Rapids, MI

Every night in Grand Rapids, Michigan, 166 fiber optic lights mirror the city’s starlit winter sky. The simulated stars glow through the ice of a new municipal skating rink, heart of a revitalized downtown. The project — a collaboration between designers, urban planners and civic leaders — transforms a once dangerous park into a vital urban landscape.

Project Name: Ecliptic
Owner: Parks and Recreation Department, City of Grand Rapids, Michigan Architect/Artist: Maya Lin Studio
Landscape Architect: Quennel, Rothschild & Partners
Local Architect: Design +
Lighting Design Firm: Tillett Lighting Design, Inc. –Linnaea Tillett

Schlumberger New York Offices. Photo: Scott Francis

Schlumberger New York Offices
New York, NY

The New York headquarters of Schlumberger is at the top of a hi-rise office tower. Though restricted in height by the structure and ductwork, the client wanted a “light and bright” space to accompany their belief in an open plan office with views of the city all around. The challenge was to develop an illumination system that would keep the space feeling as inviting and tall as possible while meeting the requirements of workspaces, conference rooms, reception areas, café, and boardroom functions.

Project Name: Schlumberger New York Offices
Owner: Schlumberger LTD
Design Architect: J. Woodson Rainey, Architect
Architect of Record: Owen and Mandolfo
Lighting Design Firm: Kugler Tillotson Associates, Inc. – Jerry Kugler, Randy Sabedra, Shoshanna Segal

Rewarding Lives. Photo: Paul Warchol.

Rewarding Lives
New York, NY

Over 70 famous photographs celebrating the spirit of individual achievement are shown in seven luminous pods, with titles such as “The Loving and Connected,” “The Performative,” and “The Visionary – The Pioneering,” etc.

Project Name: Rewarding Lives
Owner: American Express Corporation
Architect: The Moderns
Lighting Design Firm: Kugler Tillotson Associates, Inc. – Jerry Kugler, Wai Mun Chui, Jason Livingston