San Francisco was the site of the annual Lightfair trade show and conference program. Sponsored by the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) and the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA), the 10th annual event had over 350 exhibitors and an attendance of almost 14,000.

The conference program featured 36 seminars and four day-long workshops with five tracks, all offering AIA, ASID, and IESNA accreditation, and providing NCQLP Lighting Education Units.

Numerous special events were held as part of the show. The IALD 16th Annual International Lighting Design Awards Presentation honored renowned projects in the historic, and newly refurbished, War Memorial Opera House (see "Leading lights," LD July 1999, page 48). The Nuckolls Fund for Lighting Education awarded grants at a special luncheon and seminar that included a presentation by Richard C. Peters, professor emeritus at the University of California at Berkeley. The National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions held its annual Lighting Certified (LC) luncheon, which featured Mark Ginsberg, deputy secretary, Office of Building Technologies of the US Department of Energy, as the keynote speaker. The San Francisco Bay Walk in memory of Craig A. Roeder raised over $14,000 to benefit the Nuckolls Fund.

Special panels of judges selected the best new products for the New Product Showcase and Awards Presentation, an annual event that attracts thousands and begins the show on a high note. The Best New Product of the Year Award was presented to the Phos by Prescolite. The Technical Innovation Award went to the MultiNeon ColorChanger by Lowel-Light. The Design Excellence Award was won by Tech Lighting for its Symphony. The Energy Award was presented to the Airflow Tolerant Sensor by Novitas. Two new annual awards were presented at this year's event: Jim Benya of Benya Lighting Design presented the first annual Roeder Award (in honor of Craig Roeder) to Color Kinetics for the iColor Cove. And Richard Miller of Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum presented the Judges Citation Award to Lightolier for Metallics Track Lighting.

Lightfair 2000 returns to the Javits Center in New York City, May 9-11. What follows is selective booth coverage, with Cooper Lighting and JJI companies grouped under those headings.

ADVANCE TRANSFORMER First time anywhere: The Centium Program Rapid-Start "Small Can" electronic ballast is designed to operate one, two, three, or four T8 lamps on 120V and 277V systems. The Centium design is 45% smaller and 33% lighter than standard-sized ballasts, while still maintaining the industry standard footprint. Advance Transformer manufactures electronic and magnetic ballasts for all types of light sources and with all industry standard voltage ratings in a wide variety of enclosures.

ALTMAN ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTS First time at Lightfair: This division of Altman Stage Lighting introduced new theatrically inspired lighting instruments featuring long-life metal-halide lamp sources that provide high CRI and very low operating costs. The Master Ellipse and the Shakespeare CDM can project glass or stainless steel gobos with an even field at high brightness with framing and focusing adjustments. The Star Par and Outdoor Par CDM use a proprietary, low-profile ballast, and have a full set of interchangeable lenses. All are offered in eight anodized colors and in a variety of custom painted finishes. The Katie Group is the distributor.

AROMAT First time at Lightfair: Besides introducing new ballasts for different types of fluorescent and metal-halide lamps, Aromat launched the Chroma-Flex Control feature for special metal-halide lamps. Through a potentiometer control connected to the ballast, a user has the ability to adjust the color temperature of metal-halide lamps by up to 1000K, allowing mood adjustments (warmer for winter, cooler for summer) and correction for lamp-to-lamp color variations that occur as lamps age. Similarly, different lamps may be configured with different temperature appearances to optimize merchandise in a retail environment.

BODINE First time anywhere: Bodine's LP500 low-profile emergency ballast for T5 lamps produces up to 520 lumens (initial emergency light output) with one 14 or 28W T5 fluorescent lamp, and is designed to be installed with the electronic or dimming ballast inside the ballast channel of a fluorescent fixture.

COLOR KINETICS First time anywhere: The iColorCove is a digital color-changing cove light, modular in design, that projects a soft-edged strip of light at a 100-degree beam angle, via LEDs, with a predicted life of 100,000 hours. Through digital control (DMX512 or PC), effects such as color crossfades, washes, and random or constant colors can be achieved. Each section of the cove can be individually addressed allowing for advanced control. The iColorMR is a digital replacement for a conventional MR-16 lamp that combines LED light sources with digital control for extremely long life without heat.

COOPER LIGHTING This company is comprised of 14 separate fixture manufacturers. Recent announcements: the acquisition of Lumiere Design and Manufacturing and Neo-Ray Lighting; its exclusive marketing and joint development agreement with Super Vision International for fiber-optic products; and a joint venture to develop sports lighting systems with Universal Sports Lighting. Its 700-page Buyers Guide of products was also available. Product news by manufacturer is as follows:

Fail-Safe: Vandal-resistant products for cleanrooms and correctional facilities.

Halo: Recessed, surface-mounted, and track fixtures in different styles.

Iris Lighting: The E3SA small-aperture MR-16 luminaire that allows vertical adjustment of up to 75 degrees.

Metalux Lighting: Ovation recessed fluorescent luminaires, available in 2'x2' and 2'x4' housing sizes and in 1-, 2-, 3-, or 4- lamp versions.

McGraw-Edison: HID fixtures for outdoor applications that combine high photometric values with aesthetics.

Optiance: Working with Super Vision, illuminators, fiber-optic cables, and new fixtures are being developed for architectural applications and will be marketed under this name.

Portfolio: A lighting fixture designed to use the Philips QL Induction lamp was unveiled. Designed for the QL 55W and 85W models, the fixture has a rated life of 100,000 hours and a CRI of 85, and can now be used for commercial lighting applications. The fixture can also accommodate a 42W CFL or ED-17 metal-halide lamp for greater versatility. The luminaire will feature a direct/indirect reflector assembly and be suited for installation on a 2'x2' grid-type ceiling.

Sure-Lites: Numerous exit signs and emergency lighting luminaires that meet applicable NEC and UL standards, with solid-state electronics, new-generation battery sources, and a full range of lamps, including LEDs, for all commercially used voltages. For information on these Cooper Lighting companies:

CYRO INDUSTRIES First time anywhere: Acrylite df light diffusing molding and extrusion compounds offer increased lighting efficiency and light management with 20-40% enhanced light transmission as compared to conventional light pigment diffusion polymers. Cyro's Acrymid heat-resistant molding compounds offer versatility in the design of lighting fixtures and lensing due to the high heat resistance (Vicat softening temperature up to 17 degrees C), chemical and weather resistance, rigidity, and crystal clear transparency.

ELECTRONICS DIVERSIFIED First time anywhere: The TSC/E is a distributed network-based lighting control system using industry standard 802.3 ethernet-based protocols to control up to 20 universes of DMX512 devices. TSC/E can interface with and control other serial and analog-based systems, is scalable, has an easy-to-use GUI, and a large selection of remote stations are available. The TSC/E Touch Screen Terminal, a 320x240 EL resistive touch screen display with brightness control is the system interface. Other new products include the MX24 dimmer rack, now available with a universal fluorescent dimmer module, and a Unistrut mounting bracket for EDI's Scrimmer Stik.

ELUX Featured product: Architectural electroluminescent lighting is a self-contained linear light source available in lengths of up to 500' (152m), with an assortment of different extrusions and covers allowing for different types of interior and exterior installations. The UL-listed, CE-marked power supplies are available in different wattages (for different lengths) and can be ordered for most voltage systems, including 110VAC and 220V.

ELECTRONIC THEATRE CONTROLS In prototype: The ETC Irideon AR7 automated luminaire with a 250W MSD lamp, with features that include two wheel positions for color or pattern assemblies, and a choice of wash or spot lenses. Control options include ETC Irideon Composer, IBM-compatible PC, and via lighting controllers and DMX512. The AR7 was viewed inside a stylish new booth designed by Telesis Design and built by Crossroads, both of Chicago. Made from natural stained wood, the booth featured mechanical screens and numerous architectural lighting fixtures, placed to show the integration of Unison dimming and control systems with conventional, ETC Irideon, and theatrical lighting instruments such as the ETC Source Four, outfitted in prototype with a 150W metal-halide lamp.

ENLITEN ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTS First time at Lightfair: The Callisto is a totally weatherproof gobo projector designed specifically for architectural and retail applications. It can project any standard monochrome or dichroic color image as well as textured glass patterns. A 150W CDM metal-halide lamp is used and a choice of 10, 20, 25, 30, 35, or 55-degree beam angles are offered. The Callisto is UL-listed and CE-marked.

FIBERSTARS First time anywhere: LinearEssence linear side-emitting acrylic fiber-optic lighting system consists of three integral components: a rigid acrylic wand that emits aimable fiber-optic light from one side, a connector that binds the fiber-optic cable to the wand, and a yoke that holds the complete assembly in place against a flat cabinet or display case surface.

FIBERLIGHT SYSTEMS First time at Lightfair: This Australia-based fiber-optic manufacturer has developed specialized light fixtures that include: a fiber-optic version of festoon lighting, rod-suspended glass chandeliers with multiple fiber endpoints, and illuminated pavers, bollards, and special fiber-optic fixtures for installation within different floor/surface materials.

FUMING LAMPS Featured products: This diversified lamp manufacturer has a product line consisting of floor and desk fixtures, halogen lamps of all sizes and types, and CFLs in numerous styles with a medium base designed for direct replacement of incandescent lamps.

GENERAL ELECTRIC LIGHTING First time anywhere: The A-Line compact fluorescent lamp brings the benefits of long life (10-13 times that of conventional incandescent lamps) and energy savings to users who need a light source shaped like an A-lamp with a medium base. Also an expansion of the Starcoat line of fluorescent lamps to include 8' T8, 3' T8, 2' T8, and the Mod-U-Line T8. Starcoat lamps offer extremely high CRI and have a 95% lumen maintenance factor over the long life of the lamp.

GROUP ONE First time at Lightfair: Clay Paky Stage Color 300 is an automated washlight with an HTI 300 or HMD 300 lamp, and DMX512 control. Other features include three-color (CMY) mixing, 450-degree pan, 252-degree tilt, selectable pan and tilt resolution (8 or 16 bits), and automatic pan and tilt repositioning. Clay Paky Stage Light 300 is an effects projector with an HTI 300 or HMD 300 lamp, a manual zoom lens, electronic focusing, and 36 selectable colors on two wheels. There are also six indexable rotating gobos, color temperature correction (two filters), and movement specifications of the Stage Color 300, again with DMX512 control.

HIGH END SYSTEMS First time at Lightfair: The Studio Spot(TM) 575, a moving-yoke automated luminaire achieving up to 370 degrees pan and 225 degrees of tilt. Lenses provide 13-degree, 19-degree, or 30-degree beam angles. Other features include 10 user-selectable gobos/effects installed as part of two rotating gobo wheels. Also the Studio Color(R) moving-yoke fixture.

ILLUMINATING ENGINEERING SOCIETY The IES was established in 1906 to advance knowledge and disseminate information for the improvement of the lighted environment to the benefit of society. The website at offers complete resources for lighting professionals; new areas include IIDA project submittal forms, award submissions, and LD+A magazine archives.

INTERTEK TESTING SERVICES (ITS) This OSHA-accredited Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) is able to certify electrical and electronic equipment for compliance with the applicable safety regulations of a particular country. ITS is able to offer ETL-listed certification for products to be sold in North America, as well as the GS and/or SEMKO S mark for products sold in Europe, as evidence of compliance with internationally recognized standards, including UL, CSA, and IEC.

HUBBELL First time at Lightfair: Many new lighting fixtures and systems, including the Devine Lighting Geometrics 2000, a diverse architectural line emphasizing shape and form such as ovals, triangles, wedges, louvers, hemispheres, and circles, available in different mounting styles and colors. Also a new one- or two-circuit, four-wire track system that allows for individual switching and dimming of each circuit. It is available in many different-sized lengths and can be cut on-site without special preparation or field modification. A complete line of mounting accessories and track-mounted fixtures are offered in a designer series, architectural series, classic series, or as part of the wallwash series.

JJI GROUP Numerous niche specialty companies comprise the JJI Group, providing specification-grade fixtures to lighting markets worldwide. These include:

Alcko: The Recessed Trak miniature track lighting system provides all the aiming flexibility and accenting capabilities of traditional surface-mounted track lighting in a new recessed design. Each light module utilizes a 50W MR-16 lamp and has an internal mechanism that allows for 330-degree rotation. The module spacing is one per foot.

Architectural Landscape Lighting: The SL-35 above-ground, bullet-shaped landscape lighting fixture is made of composite materials and is characterized by a sleek contemporary design with an expanded round lamphead and a tapered, rounded heat sink at the rear of the head, with a 175W metal-halide lamp inside.

Ardee Lighting: The Matrex is a collection of versatile, high-performance recessed fixture housings that allow for one to four halogen lamps and provide a rotation arc of 358 degrees and tilt of 30 degrees for each lamp. A range of louvers and lenses is offered.

d'ac Lighting: Strato and Sego fixtures provide softly diffused ambient area lighting from original-design fixtures that can be mounted interchangeably to ceiling and walls. Models can be illuminated with one 24W CFL, or two 60W T20 incandescent lamps. The larger models accommodate two 24W CFLs or three 60W incandescent lamps.

Guth: The Enviroguard low-mount family of luminaires is available in four sizes for applications from tabletop to 35' (11m). Styles offered include eight different reflector designs, and more than 16 HID, fluorescent, and incandescent lamp sources. The luminaires offer 95% lumen efficiency and exhibit up to 25% uplight.

Hessamerica: The NV450ML is the newest model developed for the Novara family of original-design and wall-mounted landscape lighting fixtures. It is characterized by the same distinctive wedge shape common to all fixtures in the family. Lamp sources include a range of metal-halide, compact fluorescent, or halogen types.

Highlites: The High-Glow is a series of low-profile, highly energy-efficient exit signs, in wall-, side-, or ceiling-mounted models to suit a broad range of applications. Ultra-bright LEDs or highly luminous cold cathode light sources provide years of use.

Lam: The Bridge is an ultra-thin semi-indirect linear fluorescent fixture that consists of a suspended assembly with a shallow housing supported by a suspension-bridge cable support system. Illumination is provided by single or dual T5 or T5HO linear fluorescent lamps.

Metrolux: The Visionmaster luminaire incorporates an adjustable reflector and a special lens that emits lighting for underpasses and tunnels with a minimum of glare whether day or night. The Prismalouver lens acts as a louver by shielding side glare and permitting light to be directed forward. The luminaire's reflector has integral 16-degree adjustment to permit optimum beam aiming.

Morlite: The LP2000 series of vandal-resistant, energy-efficient, high-performance fluorescent luminaires that can use two T8 fluorescent or up to four biax compact fluorescent lamps. Also suited for wet or damp locations both indoors and outdoors. Vista: The Lumiform 7200 series hinged-access patient overbed luminaire uses linear T8 or T5 fluorescent lamps or biax CFLs, available in 2', 3', and 4' lengths in a choice of colonial or contemporary styles.

LEE FILTERS First time at Lightfair: Glass dichroic filters have been greatly expanded since their introduction last year. Now numbering 37, the color selections are more closely matched to Lee's line of polyester filters (gel). These repeatable choices allow for numerous fixtures of different styles to contain the same color. Lee has assembled a special glass series swatchbook with all of their glass offerings, including details on glass frames and stock and custom sizing information.

LEHIGH ELECTRIC PRODUCTS Featured product: The Millennium Windows-based memory console, with a 200MHz Pentium processor, will control 1,024 dimmers with 600 cues in 125- or 250-channel models. Two-scene manual control is available in 24/48 and 48/96 channels with 10 pages of 24 submasters. A moving-lights module will be released soon, which will include 512 moving light channels, attribute encoders, category buttons, focus preset palettes, automatic fixture groups, and a library.

LEVITON First time at Lightfair: A complete line of occupancy sensors designed to be compatible with the contemporary styled Decora electrical devices. The Light Logger energy analyzer automatically records occupancy and lighting use in commercial facilities, to calculate projected lighting energy savings when occupancy sensors are installed. No wiring or hardware mounting attachments are required and the data recorder can store up to 8,200 log entries in memory, with monitoring capability of up to three rooms. Leviton will lend the Light Logger to qualified users free for one week to ascertain proposed energy savings.

LEXALITE INTERNATIONAL First time at Lightfair: Perforated aluminum Lex-Efx Light Control Film, a new polymeric film to aid engineers and designers in the development of new direct/indirect fluorescent luminaires. Also the Lex-Efx Cool Lens line of injection-molded prismatic lenses that performs similarly to a louver-type covering, yielding high luminaire efficiency, 60-degree cutoff at every viewing angle, and easy cleaning. Cool Lens is currently available in the 2x2 size; smaller custom sizes can be produced.

LIGHTIDEAS First time anywhere: The Trimblehouse Kitty Hawk series luminaire is a combination reflector, lens, and metal circular shade for outdoor environments. The fixture consists of a solid shade and smooth round design that can be equipped with either a 150 or 175W metal-halide lamp. The luminaire is available with either a ribbed lens or a clear lens with a multi-tier reflector system consisting of polished Alzak. Mounting configurations are post-top, wall-mount, and stem-mount.

LIGHTOLIER First time anywhere: The Silhouette incorporates the T5 lamp and an electronic luminaire in an ultra-slim modular profile that permits units to be mounted individually or joined together for a variety of configurations and patterns. Also the Metallics Track family, a modular system of adapters and shades in fixtures including incandescent, advanced metal-halide, and low-voltage lamp sources.

LITETOUCH First time at Lightfair: The Litetouch 5000 Lighting Control system offers lighting/dimming and an integrated control system for homes and other environments larger than 5,000 sq. ft. (450 sq. m). It can be operated by wall-mounted control stations, infrared remote, or touch-tone phones, and can fully integrate security, audiovisual systems, and HVAC for complete automation and ease of use. The system consists of a central control unit, control modules, and stations available in 10 different finishes to match most decor; all buttons can be custom engraved.

LITETRONICS First time at Lightfair: The Color-Brite Plus T10 fluorescent lamp at 40W replaces two standard T12 cool white fluorescent lamps of the same wattage, reducing energy consumption. In addition, the T10 offers a CRI of 88, with a color temperature of 5000K, and special cathode guards designed to prevent end darkening and ensure maximum lumen output for the life of the lamp. The smaller size of the T10 allows for easier installation in many commercial T12 lighting fixtures.

LOWEL-LIGHT Featured product: The MultiNeon color changer allows a single neon tube to display a range of colors and, with DMX control, provides infinite creative color and special effect possibilities. Standard glass tubes are used and any shape can be accommodated. Company news: Lowel-Light is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

LIGHTING RESEARCH CENTER The LRC's Graduate Education Program includes 48 credits of project and coursework over four semesters, leading to an MS degree in lighting. The LRC is affiliated with the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and cites a 100% job placement rate for its graduates. New faculty members include: John Van Derlofske, who will establish a Transportation Lighting Group; Yukio Akashi, a research scientist who will lead LRC initiatives in lamp and luminaire evaluation; and technical editor Alma Taylor, who spearheads the National Lighting Product Information Program.

LUCIFER LIGHTING First time anywhere: Lightstones, a collection of fiber-optic recessed fixtures for in-wall and in-ground illumination of pathways. The fixtures are best suited for delineation of corridors, walkways, and driveways. Glass or plastic fiber may be used. The Eyeball is a small, highly-styled fiber-optic downlight that can be adjusted 20 degrees from vertical in all directions, then secured in its desired position. The fixture is lensed with clear or frosted glass available in spot, medium flood, and flood beam options. Standard finishes are white, black, chrome, or brass.

LUMENYTE First time anywhere: The Lineon Neon Alternative Lighting System, for applications where the look and impact, but not the hassle, of neon are desired. The fiber-optic system, sold in kit form, provides bright, saturated color, and is flexible and installation-friendly. Also the Sublyte submersible fiber-optic illumi-nator, rated IP65, submersible to 15' (5m), with a 60W xenon metal-halide lamp.

LUTRON First time anywhere: The Spacer System Infrared Preset Lighting Control is part of a complete system that is easy to install, program, and operate. It can create and recall multiple lighting scenes or one favorite scene, for wall-mounted controls or via the hand-held remote control. The system received a 1999 Lightfair innovator award.

LUXO First time anywhere: The Ellen Maxi wall sconce, part of the Designer series of contemporary lighting fixtures. The luminaire is characterized by a cylindrical solid or perforated metal shade, with evenly spaced ring louvers running from top to bottom, creating a distinctive vertical/horizontal appearance while yielding a bright and diffused light. Illumination is provided by one or two 18W CFLs.

MAGNETEK First time anywhere: The Triad electronic compact fluorescent ballast can operate one or two 40W twin T5 CFLs. The compact design allows for small and slim rectangular enclosures. An auto-reset shutdown circuit provides for end-of-lamp-life protection, and the ballast is designed for universal voltage (108-305V) configurations.

MARTIN PROFESSIONAL Featured products: Numerous automated luminaires for architectural use were displayed in its attention-getting booth. Products included the MX-1 scanner, which has a 250W halogen lamp, 230-degree pan, and a digital dimmer.

MAXLITE First time anywhere: The Batwing Circline CFL is particularly well-suited for replacement of incandescent A-lamps commonly used for table or task lighting fixtures. It features downward-pointing arms that connect the fluorescent lamp to the adapter and eliminate the shadows often found with older CFLs. Available in 22W (1,500 lumens), 30W (2,200 lumens), and 36W (2,400 lumens) versions, the Batwing series is guaranteed for up to 10,000 hours and the electronic adapters for up to 30,000 hours.

MICROLITE First time anywhere: Lighting Management Software (LMS) 95 is an interactive, Windows-based lighting control software featuring a graphic display of real-time facility floor plans, designed to facilitate management of the Microlite lighting control system for large buildings, sports facilities, and other institutional and commercial applications.

MODULAR First time at Lightfair: LEDs with intensities of 6,000 millicandelas and a rated life of 20-plus years in styles and enclosures for uplights and wall lighting fixtures, both surface-mount and recessed. Thin profile strips fabricated of polycarbonate or aluminum with different LED configurations are also available.

NEO-NEON First time at Lightfair: Fiber-optic lighting components including the Halogen Bulb Light Engine series of illuminators with a universal design and options of 50, 75, 100, or 150W halogen lamps. The illuminators can operate on 120V or 220V and have a motor-driven, controllable color wheel with red, yellow, blue, and green plus clear as colors. A basic wired control unit is supplied with the illuminator.

NATIONAL COUNCIL ON QUALIFICATIONS FOR THE LIGHTING PROFESSIONS NCQLP certification is a voluntary, industry-led effort that recognizes professionals who have met specified basic standards as measured by the Lighting Certification Examination and demonstrates to the public that the individual can apply fundamental lighting principles and techniques. Readers of Lighting Dimensions without an LC need to act quickly, as the deadline of the next round of examinations is September 27. The website,, has details.

NATIONAL DIMMING INITIATIVE Supported by numerous lighting control manufacturers in the US, the NDI aims to assist lighting designers, specifiers, architects, and facility managers with the selection and specification of lighting controls. A primary tool is its educational CD-ROM, which provides manufacturer data about lighting controls and fluorescent dimming technology.

NEXLIGHT First time at Lightfair: The Nexlight low-voltage lighting control system is based on a two-wire architecture to tie all the switches and relays together. This allows easily configurable functions, such as relay assignments, grouping, and lighting-scene preset patterns. A large selection of switches is available, including the Glacier series of high-amenity wall units. Company news: Northport Engineering acquired the Nexlight low-voltage control system (previously named Litecom) from Honeywell. NOVITAS First time anywhere: T he Super Dual Tech Sensor uses new passive infrared and ultrasonic dual technology to create what the company says is a reliable and trouble-free sensor. It is designed to overcome problems of false activation due to heavy ventilation air flow, blackouts caused by coverage gaps, and coverage fluctuations due to changes in humidity, temperature, and electrical noise.

NSI COLORTRAN First time at Lightfair: Architectural applications can now benefit from theatrical luminaires by NSI Colortran, a firm recently acquired by Leviton. The 150W Mini Ellipse uses an HID arc-lamp source with solid-state ballast; it is particularly suited for pattern projection in retail applications and is available in black or white finishes and with a ceiling mounting attachment. Other new products include a fresnel with a 70W HID lamp and solid-state ballast. Circle 184 on Reader Service Card

OPTIC-LIGHT Featured products: Complete fiber-optic lighting systems using CSA- and UL-listed illuminators, fiber, lenses, and light fixtures. The Boss high-intensity produces 11,200 lumens of light with a rated lamp life of 9,000 hours. The Sparkler illuminator in combination with mini-light cable offers reliable bright light for star fields and other endpoint fiber applications.

OSRAM SYLVANIA First time at Lightfair: Besides the expected new lamps, two instructional CD-ROMs: "Introduction to Lighting" offers information about lamps, lighting basics, and control systems; the second CD-ROM is devoted exclusively to retail lighting and explains the latest trends. A special information kiosk reviews important concepts such as color, energy efficiency, and lumen efficacy. The Lightpoint course schedule for fall, including Lighting Essentials, Lighting Design and Applications, and Energy Focus is available.

PHILIPS First time anywhere: The EarthLight household product line has expanded to include a CFL designed to closely mimic the style and look of a conventional 60W A-lamp. Two versions will initially be offered, a 12W and 16W, both with an average lifespan of 6,000 hours. The EarthLight line of CFLs now includes a 20W dimmable flood that provides light equivalent to a standard 75W incandescent. The dimmable CFL is available with a snap-on R30 or R40 reflector.

PRESCOLITE First time anywhere: The introduction of Phos/VSL also marks the launch of a new category of downlights, since the fixture is surface-mounted to the ceiling, rather than recessed, allowing for use in challenging environments. The socket is designed to accept both a triple- and a quad-tube CFL, in single- and two-lamp combinations, spanning 26W, 32W, and 42W versions. Also, new fixtures resulting from a partnership between Prescolite and European lighting manufacturer Wever & Ducre include Collection 99, track lighting fixtures, and surface-mounted "modulars"--multihead, point-source luminaires that allow their focus to be directed to multiple objects from a single electrical connection. MR-16 and AR-111 lamps are used. Company news: Check out the website at

PRUDENTIAL LIGHTING First time anywhere: The GLV-9 is one of its galvanized series of direct/indirect linear fluorescent lighting fixtures designed to accent a space as well as provide illumination. The look of galvanized steel is available in a variety of reflector designs and perforation or slotting options. Numerous mounting configurations are also available.

QUALITY LIGHTING First time anywhere: The 550 Adjust-A-Beam is an aimable floodlight designed for dramatic effects. It provides high performance area floodlighting with a widely adjustable beam spread that uses a special reflector that can be adjusted between 17 degrees and 80 degrees without opening the fixture. Special moveable reflector panels can be positioned and repositioned quickly by turning a single cam. Lamp options include high-pressure sodium, metal-halide, or HQI lamps of 35-175W.

REMOTE SOURCE LIGHTING INTERNATIONAL First time at Lightfair: The Zero Clearance LightPump is a fully vented fiber-optic illuminator that uses a 3200K 175W halogen lamp that can be operated in closed environment locations with minimal clearance on the sides, rear, and top of the mounting space. The ventilation systems include both an air intake and an exhaust, facilitating installation inside museum and retail display cases and wall voids.

SENTRY ELECTRIC CORP. Featured products: Outdoor luminaires using HID lamps in a variety of styles with matching posts and bollards of all types. Styles include Gothic, Art Deco, Georgian, Renaissance, Colonial, Modern, and custom designs.

SPACE CANNON First time anywhere: The Litehose is a type of linear lighting technology similar to light pipe, made of extruded, durable, optical-grade acrylic available in different diameters and sizes. Reflective paints and films are not required and the Litehose can be produced in varied finishes for the specific colors desired. The Focus is an architectural luminaire utilizing a 1,200W lamp source designed to work with the Litehose or separately. It is driven by three independent DMX512 channels to control the cyan, magenta, and yellow colors to obtain smooth color crossfading. The Focus includes a mechanical dimmer/ shutter and a zoom optical system fitted for dynamic control of beam spread from 3 degrees to 90 degrees allowing for variable photometrics.

SPECIAL FX LIGHTING First time at Lightfair: FX Dichro-X lenses are specially developed lenses that use dichroics and UV inhibitors to match any desired color, for use on exterior installed luminaires using any lamp. The lenses are custom manufactured for each specific application.

STARFIRE First time at Lightfair: Tru-Lux subminiature T2 and T5 cove lighting and wall luminaires are highly compact, low-profile, and designed for small cove lighting applications such as furniture and custom cabinetry and shelving. The basic models are prewired and have an easy-to-install design. Wide ranges of finishes are available. Also, Swaro(R)Lite Crystal Architecture fiber-optic art illumination fixtures contain Strass crystal lenses affixed to a choice of gold- or nickel-plated individual or multiple-unit miniaturized metal housings. The crystals are available in a variety of cubes, spheres, and angles.

STERNER First time at Lightfair: Poles to support floodlighting and area/roadway luminaires are available with new features and designs such as breakaway arms, special finish options, and advance shipping of anchor bolts.

TIR SYSTEMS LTD. Featured products: Specially designed linear lighting solutions that consist of metal-halide lamps in luminaires that direct the light into light guides that provide up to 45' (15m) of light output from a single lamp. Luminaires of different sizes and wattages and light guides of different diameters are available for exterior and interior applications.

TECH LIGHTING First time anywhere: Fixtures designed to work with the Monorail system. The T156 gobo holder is offered in different stem lengths with a chrome, gold, or satin nickel finish. It can be used on Monorail and Twinrail low-voltage systems or with a monopoint or three-head canopy. Gobos are available from a pattern catalog or custom types may be ordered. Additional fixture heads introduced include the Jaclien, a trapezoid of layered Murano glass, and a cone pendant, also of Murano glass and available in different colors.

ULTRATEC FIBRE OPTIC Featured products: The UFO series of fiber offers extremely long transmission with low attenuation. The fiber offers illumination of up to 260' (80m) and is available in 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" sizes for both side and edge illumination. Installation accessories include exterior and interior mounting channels, mounting clips, and end caps. Illuminators available include halogen and metal-halide sources with color wheel options.

VENTURE LIGHTING First time anywhere: The 750W pulse-start metal-halide lamp produces 80,000 lumens with a rated life of 12,000 hours, a CRI of 65, and a temperature of 4000K. Ballasts are available for operation with 120, 208, 240, 277, 347, 480V, as well as 277V controlled current reactor ballasts with igniter starting.

VERILUX First time at Lightfair: The Natural Daylight CFL is offered in a 15W version equivalent to a 60W incandescent and a 23W model comparable to a 100W incandescent. The spectrum of the CFL closely matches pure daylight and provides benefits of reduced glare and eye strain, while offering energy efficiency.

WIKO Featured products: The Solux product line includes MR-16 full-spectrum lamps available in 3500K, 4100K, and 4700K temperatures, beam spreads of 10, 17, 24, and 36 degrees, CRI of 98, and a rated life of 3,000 hours. All lamps operate on 12V.

XENOTECH-STRONG INTERNATIONAL Featured products: The Britelight, a 4kW xenon searchlight for architectural or stage/studio applications, and the Sky Tracker, a 4,000W xenon searchlight with automated movement for outdoor events.