Lightolier, manufacturer of interior decorative lighting fixtures and dimming control systems, has developed an online lighting education program for those new to the lighting industry. Titled "Lessons in Lighting," the course allows people to develop their knowledge when it's convenient, without long periods of time away from their jobs.

The self-administered program is being made available without charge to the lighting industry, and will include tests to determine the student's grasp of the material. "Lessons in Lighting" begins with lighting fundamentals, and continues on to specific applications of different light sources, luminaires, ballasts, and lighting controls, as well as the lighting design process. The program is available now, with advanced lessons to be added by mid-summer.

The course can be accessed through Lightolier's website,, by clicking on "Lessons in Lighting On-Line." Each lesson has been designed to be completed in 20-25 minutes, including a download time of less than five minutes with a 28.8kbps modem. The company has registered with both the ALA for CLS accreditation and the AIA for CES accreditation for those who successfully complete the training.