Flying Pig Systems and Cast Lighting have announced a new link-up that provides WYSIWYG visualization with the Wholehog® control system. This collaboration means that every Wholehog III console will come bundled with WYSIWYG Perform Console Edition. This new version of WYSIWYG connects to the Hog III via Ethernet. It provides 512 channels of visualization and advanced features such as AutoFocus and patch transfer. It will also be possible to view blind programming or preview upcoming cues in your visualizer while maintaining normal output onstage.

Designed to work with the Wholehog III, WYSIWYG Perform Console Edition is a feature-rich version of the well-known visualization tool, which includes CAD, data management, and rendering facilities. Where additional visualization channels are required, the supplied dongle can be easily and quickly upgraded to another level of WYSIWYG Perform. This new package is currently still under development, but is being previewed at trade shows and beta-test sites. All existing owners of Wholehog III consoles will receive their free copy of WYSIWYG Perform Console Edition as soon as it is released.