Reflecting a "commitment to go beyond the manufacture of truss and into the realm of complete structure design and construction," Ventura, CA-based Total Fabrications has changed its name to Total Structures Inc. The United Kingdom and Singapore offices of the company retain the Total Fabrications name.

The switch comes after a year that saw the company building complete structures, including giant video screen frames (30' wide by 25' tall) for Nocturne Inc., used at the Jones Beach Amphitheater in Long Island, NY. "Our customers are only limited by their imagination when it comes to what we can build," says vice president of finance Peter Johns.

The company has just released Intelligent Pre-Rig (IPR), a product designed to carry three moving yoke fixtures in the truss for transport. Currently in use on the Reba McEntire/Brooks & Dunn and Dishwalla tours, the IPR supports fixture heads and yokes during trucking and storage by custom-designed bungee nets that provide added shock absorption. Once the truss arrives at the venue the heads are lowered on a fixture bar through the bottom of the truss.