Tomcat's second annual Las Vegas Motor School will take place this year right on the heels of LDI2002. The workshop, scheduled for October 21 and 22, will be held at 4Wall Entertainment and consists of a full day of motor instruction taught by Don Dimitroff of Columbus McKinnon, a half-day of fall protection led by Morgan Neff of Mine Safety Appliances, and a half-day of truss design, use, and theory taught by Keith Bohn from Tomcat USA.

In other Tomcat training news, the annual Tomcat Hoist and Rigging Workshop will be hosted by Tomcat USA in Midland, TX, February 5-8, 2003. The Hoist and Rigging Workshop is a unique learning opportunity for those new to the entertainment industry as well as veterans of the business.

For more information regarding either workshop or to register, contact Lisa Jebsen at 915-694-7070.