Blast into summer Just in time for the Fourth: Artistry in Motion (AIM) has developed the Big Shot, a remotely fired cannon system with double barrels for spreading confetti and custom paper shapes over large areas. The throw distance of the confetti can be adjusted based on the amount of pressure used with the system (an air compressor or CO2 tank is required). The coverage area depends on many factors including the types of material used--dispersion of confetti is at least 40' (12m), and 75' (23m) for streamers. Remote control is achieved by triggering the solenoids; currently 110V, 24VDC (suitable for use with pyro controllers) and 12V (battery-powered) are available. AIM also has continuous flow systems; wide-area dispersal systems and handheld CO2-charged cannon systems are available. LDs who use confetti should note that the flame-retardant paper can be customized in different ways, including animal and symbol shapes; the paper is available in many vibrant colors and also in Mylar. ARTISTRY IN MOTION Van Nuys, CA

Swivel action Future Light has developed the SwivelPar20 as a combination theatrical lighting instrument and attached accessory arm, for use in converting recessed or other conventional architectural lighting fixtures into a focusing unit capable of accepting color gel and/or filters. Its support arm screws into the medium-base socket, similar to any other A-lamp, and the luminaire is at the bottom of the white supporting assembly. The luminaire, made of aluminum, includes a ratcheting base with 360-degree pan adjustment and a yoke with tension knob, which locks the 300-degree tilt adjustment mechanism. The SwivelPar20 uses 120V R20, PAR-20, or MR-16 lamps; optional dichroic filters for elimination of IR and UV are available. FUTURE LIGHT Cleveland, OH

Neon monitor The EGL UVG-4 Color Checker allows a user to illuminate a small section of phosphor-coated neon tubing and check it for the proper color. When the tester emits ultraviolet light, a 1" portion of the tube will illuminate; this fluorescence causes a phosphor to radiate its own specific visible light color. Designed for portability, the UVG-4 is battery-operated, weighs 8oz, and has a user-replaceable UV lamp. EGL COMPANY Berkeley Heights, NJ

Safer spraying Caig Laboratories has introduced the newly formulated R5, a fast-evaporating, freon-free solvent that is safe for use with materials containing plastics. The firm reports that an application of R5 will improve conductivity in metal surfaces, and also deoxidize, clean, and preserve them. In addition, R5 will reduce intermittents, arcing, radio frequency interference, wear, and abrasion. The formulation is designed to be a direct substitute for freon products including aerosols, and packaging forms include a pump spray, aerosol spray, precision dispenser, and bulk containers. The company's extensive website,, has additional information including detailed specification sheets and a special feedback section with user comments and experiences. CAIG LABORATORIES Poway, CA

Transformer talk Tortran toroidal low-profile transformers for low-voltage halogen lamp fixtures are offered for 120V/60Hz operation atvarious output ratings. The specially designed transformers are rated (output) at 12V in power ratings from 50VA to 300VA, a special 300VA model with dual 12V outputs, and a 500VA with dual 12V secondaries. The dual 12V models, when wired in parallel, can operate 24V lamps. The transformers are UL- and CUL-listed and include built-in auto-resettable thermal protection. TORTRAN Bridgeport, CT

The Eagle has landed The Eagle Electric family of motion-sensing wall switches provides energy savings, safety, and convenience through the use of passive infrared (PIR) sensors with fresnel lenses; they also fit inside standard-sized single-gang boxes. The PIR sensing enables these devices to turn on and maintain lighting when a room is occupied. The motion sensors are available in three different designs and angle widths: 180 degrees, 1,600 sq. ft. (140 sq. m) for large spaces; 150 degrees, 900 sq. ft. (81 sq. m) for mid-sized spaces, and 110 degrees, 400 sq. ft. (36 sq. m) for smaller spaces. Other features include selectable manual or automatic operation that allows users to easily switch between traditional or sensor-controlled operation, an adjustable shut-off time delay to customize the sensor to individual needs, and an adjustable light level control that prevents lights from switching on when sufficient light exists. EAGLE ELECTRIC Long Island City, NY

Souped-up StingRay LDs can create laser effects such as graphic and animation images via LaserMedia StingRay indoor laser systems, which are based on new diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) technology. This series of small laser systems produces a monochromatic green laser beam, and are available in 4.95mW, 50mW, 100mW, and 150mW versions that operate on 120V or 220V. According to the manufacturer, all of the effects can be produced using a standard lighting console via DMX512 or the LaserMedia Phantom Digital Laser Controller. The ScannerRay is another new controller using moving-mirror technology that incorporates a DPSS laser. Also available is a 2.5W DPSS laser system using a proprietary Micro-YAG air-cooled laser that is also monochromatic green with a brightness level equivalent to a large 5W argon water-cooled laser system. LASERMEDIA Los Angeles, CA

Art appreciation FC Lighting has introduced the Architectural Recessed Track Light (ARTL) fixture for highlighting wall art or objects in commercial environments, offices, museums, and other institutional applications. The ARTL is designed to combine the highlighting qualities of track lighting with the concealing aesthetic of a recessed fluorescent ceiling fixture, suitable for installation in a lay-in grid-type ceiling or drywall finished ceiling. Light sources available include (in any combination) 1, 2, or 3 halogen PARs (maximum of 225W) and/or LV MR-16 (maximum 150W) lamps, all with a 360-degree swivel head assembly for total aiming control. Additional flexibility is provided by wiring capability for two circuits, thereby providing for separate dimming of the track heads. The inside of the recessed box is black with a white powder-coat aluminum trim flange, but custom colors can be ordered. ARTL is UL-listed with a non-IC rating. FC LIGHTING Lombard, IL

A touch of the fantastic Nessen's Fantasia wall sconce consists of a solid brass inverted pyramid lamp body and a sandblasted globe-shaped glass lens. The fixture body is 10.5" long, 7.75" at its widest point, and protrudes 5.25" from the wall. The translucent globe is 5" in diameter. A 60W "minican" incandescent lamp is included. Available finishes include polished or brushed brass or satin chrome; baked enamel paint finishes are available. Fantasia is UL- and CUL-listed. NESSEN LIGHTING A subsidiary of the JJI Lighting Group Mamaroneck, NY

An invitation to Ovation Cooper Lighting's Metalux division has introduced Ovation, a new family of completely recessed fluorescent luminaires said to feature modern architectural styling with greater optical precision and increased light output. This is accomplished through the use of computer-designed optics to provide soft lighting and balanced brightness with no direct or reflected lamp glare. A matte white indirect reflector and a perforated steel lamp shield with a white overlay diffuser work with linear T5 or T5 HO, biaxial, or T8 lamp sources. The Ovation family of luminaires is available in 2'x2' and 2'x4' housing sizes and center- or side-mounted models, and in 1-, 2-, 3-, or 4-lamp versions. METALUX LIGHTING/COOPER LIGHTING Americus, GA

The gobo blaster The P-3 Pattern Profile Projection System is for outdoor gobo projection onto buildings, hills, and clouds, and provides images that can be read at over half a mile away. The 7,000W xenon lamp and ballast provide intense white light, and the unit is DMX512-controlled, allowing for features such as a douser, pattern changer, and color changer that can be selected remotely. A rotating gobo holder with 4-6 slots uses custom-sized gobos that are approximately 4" in diameter, cut from .0030" hardened brass. Color capability is available as an optional feature, and the P-3 operates on 200-240VAC, 3-phase, 50/60Hz, and 380-480VAC, 3-phase, 50/60Hz with a 50A draw. The unit can be customized, and mounted in products like the Xenotech automated-yoke searchlight. XENOTECH-STRONG INTERNATIONAL Omaha, NE

Star chambers American Lighting has assembled a complete Fiber Optic Star Kit for DIY installations to create star ceilings and panels. The Star Kit has an illuminator with a 75W halogen lamp and a twinkling wheel for effects; 300 multi-diameter stranded fiber is included. This kit is designed for creation of murals, panels for use in ceilings, and for backdrops for small stage productions. AMERICAN LIGHTING Denver, CO

Exterior and interior ropelight W.A.C. flexible PVC solid-core tube ropelight is UV-stabilized, field-repairable, and available in two sizes, 10mm (.39") and 13mm (.51"), in clear, red, blue, green, and yellow. Both sizes have 1" bulb spacing with a rated life of 30,000 hours, are available in 30' (9m), 150' (45m), and 300' (91m) lengths, and operate on 120V. A special controller (120V, 10A) enables blinking of up to four runs of ropelight (maximum length of 150'). Other accessories include power cords, plastic mounting clips, end caps, and a plastic clear channel (6') length to facilitate installation. W.A.C LIGHTING Garden City, NY

Hanging garden The Luxo Iris is a pendant luminaire specially designed for use in high-ceiling spaces, in a contemporary-styled canister-shaped housing with a single-cable support that provides low-glare illumination. The Iris housing is enclosed with a series of light-diffusing metal ring louvers that run the length of the housing and are integrated into the design. A translucent etched glass lens ensures a diffused, low-glare light from the luminaire, which is almost 17" (43cm) long and about 16" (40cm) in diameter. The Iris pendant is fabricated of metal in a matte white polyester powder-coat finish, uses two 24W compact fluorescent lamps, and is UL- and CUL-listed. LUXO CORP. Port Chester, NY