Clamp down with Bogen Bogen Photo has developed a Column Clamp (code number 3434) designed to work with removable tripod columns and heads. The clamp attaches securely to any solid structure up to 2.25" thick including table tops, railings, and fences. It accepts columns from 0.98" to 1.1" in diameter which can be locked in any position at any desired height. BOGEN PHOTO Ramsey, NJ

Letting the light out Elf Atochem North America's impact acrylic resin, called Plexiglas frosted acrylic, can be used in extrusion, profile, and molding processes to produce two-sided, frosted, textured surfaces often used for light covers, refractors, and lens applications within general purpose lighting fixtures. The acrylic resin itself contains small beads that scatter the incoming light, eliminating the need for secondary machining of the finished products to realize diffusion, and increasing light levels, since more illumination is transmitted through the resin. ELF ATOCHEM (a subsidiary of Elf Aquitaine) Philadelphia, PA

Less watts, more light Display and museum lighting can consume less energy when Litetronics Display-PAR 35W halogen lamps in PAR-20, PAR-30, and Longneck PAR-30 styles are used. The optics within the PAR lamp soften the light, minimizing harsh edges and bright spots. According to the manufacturer, the Display-PAR can replace a 50W incandescent, which saves on energy costs, and provides a whiter light more favorable for accenting colors and textures.

Also recently introduced is the 120W halogen PAR-38 lamp with a rated life of 3,000 hours. This lamp is designed for applications with high ceilings that still require high levels of illumination, and is available in spot, flood, and wide flood styles. LITETRONICS Alsip, IL

Lowel-Light goes fluorescent Lowel-Light has become the exclusive distributor of the Fluo-Tec studio line of fluorescent lighting equipment in North America. Different styles of luminaires are available, depending on the number and size of fluorescent tubes used: the 450 series is available in two models, the 450DM, dimmable, and the 450ND, non-dimmable. Both models feature four 55W lamps (120V or 220V operation) and a proprietary auto voltage circuit detector to detect drops in the power supply; options include a DMX interface, two styles of honeycomb grids, and a specular snout for beam control. A case series, called Caselites, will be available soon. LOWEL-LIGHT MANUFACTURING Brooklyn, NY

A blast of fun Events of all types, including millennium celebrations, will be more colorful with the self-propelled streamer launcher distributed by Fettis "R" Us. The Y2K Launcher consists of a 16"x3/4" clear tube that incorporates a small CO2 cartridge located in the base, activated by a twisting motion. A variety of 10 streamer colors are available and the CO2 cartridge disperses the streamers over a 20-30' distance. Each launcher is loaded with a solid color, and the tube can be customized with an event logo or theme. Fettis "R" Us Altamonte Springs, FL

Classics by Cooper The Halo division of Cooper Lighting has created a themed collection of track heads that represent ellipsoidals, fresnels, PARs, and other theatrical-styled lighting instruments. The Studio Classics line is available in polished aluminum or matte black, and have gel holders, barndoors, and appropriate knobs for full adjustment of rotation and elevation. The line can accept PAR-20, -30, and -38 lamps as well as PAR-30L and -38L metal-halide sources. Studio Classics can be used with five different lengths of extensions and are compatible with Halo or Lazer-by-Halo track systems. COOPER LIGHTING Americus, GA

Downlighting with style The Alkco Down Lighting collection is comprised of three lines of recessed downlighting fixtures: the DL100, DL200, and DL400, all UL- and CUL-listed. The entire collection offers a range of fixture sizes and styles, each available with choices of louver, lens, and trim-ring options, to suit most application environments.

The DL100 has a miniaturized 2.5" aperture, in fixed and aimable housing styles. Either MR-16 or bi-pin lamps may be specified. The DL200 fixtures embody classic recessed downlighting design with a 7" aperture. A Super Flat model features a low-profile, 5" fixture depth for shallow-ceiling applications. The DL400 series is designed for larger spaces and boasts a 9.75" aperture; a Super Flat model is available with a shallow 5" overall fixture depth. The DL200 and DL400 may be specified with dimming ballasts and compact fluorescent lamps. ALKCO LIGHTING (a subsidiary of JJI) Franklin Park, IL

Lutron in control Lutron has developed new lighting control systems for specific applications and added features to others. The Pro AV Digital Lighting Controller (DLC) is a self-contained lighting control package designed for audiovisual environments. It can control up to six 800W lighting zones and 16 different lighting scenes, and is compatible with incandescent, fluorescent, and fluorescent dimming lighting systems. Programming can be done with a PC and Lutron's Grafik Eye Liaison software (included).

Lutron's Personna dimmable fluorescent lighting fixtures include an electronic dimming ballast that can be operated by a wireless handheld remote control. The fixtures are available for single- or multi-fixture applications and come in three models, all using three T8 32W fluorescent lamps. Up to 19 satellite fixtures can be connected to a Personna master fixture for simultaneous dimming control.

The company also has introduced additional dimming ballasts for 120V 32W T8 linear fluorescent, as well as for 120V 18, 26, and 32W 4-pin triple- and quad-tube compact fluorescent lamps. LUTRON ELECTRONICS Coopersburg, PA

A Selecon selection New Zealand-based Selecon has developed new luminaires, all available for worldwide distribution. The Super Wide provides a beam of 90 degrees with all the features previously associated with its Pacific line of cool beam ellipsoidals. The beam is wider than a fresnel and can be shaped with four shutters or with patterns. The Auriol MR-16 profile offers precise beam-shaping and pattern projection across the complete beam angle zoom range of 25-50 degrees. A 1,000W fresnel, the High Performance 7" delivers an even, controlled beam adjustable from 7 to 56 degrees using the BTR lamp, and has a special slide focus system and an adjustable yoke pivot position. ETL listings are now available for most products. The new CD-ROM interactive catalog is available free to Lighting Dimensions readers. Selecon Auckland, New Zealand

Ready for their closeup Altman CDM-TV fresnels use Philips ceramic discharge metal-halide lamps to achieve high performance with low heat and long life, and use less energy than conventional lighting equipment used in TV studios. Altman CDM-TVs are available in 150W, 75W, and 35W sizes, both in hanging and location versions. The UV-blocked CDM lamp provides a stable color temperature of 3000K, an average lamp life of 10,000 hours, a CRI of 85+, and a rated efficiency of up to 92 lumens per watt.

Other features include an integral electronic ballast, aluminum reflectors, Teflon-assisted focusing, a 5" short-throw borosilicate lens, and an extruded aluminum head in a light gold finish. Compared to a conventional 1,000W tungsten fixture, the CDM lamp uses less than 10% of the energy of a tungsten source, providing lower studio operating costs and higher comfort levels for talent, staff, and others working in a studio environment. ALTMAN STAGE LIGHTING Yonkers, NY

LEDs in the round Colorcorp has developed Litefast, a freestanding kiosk or inverted ceiling-mount LED-based information/display message system that uses LEDs to convey text- or image-based messages. Litefast is a 360-degree, transparent system available in three models. CA65 is a floor model over 6' tall; an inverted model is 28" long and can be attached to the ceiling directly or via an extension bracket; LC12 is a countertop model that is 14" tall, 5" in diameter, and displays two lines of text (one red and one blue). For all models, messages can be set to scroll or crawl through the kiosk, surrounding models or small objects displayed within. Data input can be done by RS232 or RS486 with a PC or via telephone modem. BMP, JPG, and PCX files can be integrated into the message. Colorcorp Cleveland, OH

Wet and wild The Morpheus Lights WetFader is a rugged, all-environment color-mixing accessory that uses three color scrolls (cyan, yellow, and magenta) to create a CYM color-mixing system under DMX512 control. The WetFader is both weather-resistant and submersible in salt- and freshwater environments. The submersion depth is 33' (1 atmosphere) and the housing is constructed of cast aluminum with a 7.5"-diameter aperture. The maximum input optical energy is up to 1.2kW, provided by an HID lamp, providing 24VDC. Through the special WetFader Power Supply (WPS), six or 12 WetFaders can be controlled with different addresses; the WPS can also store cues, allowing for additional program flexibility.

The XL Fader shares many of the same operational features as the WetFader and is available with many different adapter plates to allow for use with a variety of lighting instruments. The XL Fader has 90 of the most commonly used colors already programmed, and these can be activated by either a bump or a timed fade cue. The three-scroll direct mode can also be used for custom color selection. MORPHEUS LIGHTS Santa Clara, CA