Livingston Football Club in Scotland has maximized its stadium’s ‘dead’ space in an impressively lateral project, involving filling in along one side of the underneath of their stands and turning the void space into a club, known as The Power Station.

Photos: Louise Stickland

Sound and lighting installers The Scan Warehouse supplied the technical infrastructure and produced the lighting design, choosing extensively from the Robe and Studio Due ranges of lighting fixtures, all of which were supplied by Robe UK.

The architecturally interesting 700-capacity space contains two levels of ceilings - following the contours of the stairs. A major challenge was to maximise and feature the low roof height of less than 2m, stretching along one end of the room.

The Scan Warehouse team, led by John Bowman Daniels, used Studio Due Shark 150 moving lights for fast movement coming from the ceilings, and their XS700 fixtures for mid-air effects and wallpaper.

For more spectacle and color, they’ve utilized Robe’s MS Zoom scanners, again picked for their fast action and battery of effects, together with a selection of Robe’s neatly sized ColorMix 150, specified with the CDM lamp, a brighter and clearer upgrade from the standard. For mid-air effects over the dance floor, they are using Robe Spot 170 XTs

. Bowman-Daniels has used Robe elements before, but not for such a large installation. He was impressed that all the fixtures were delivered on time, and worked first time after unpacking. They’ve continued to work without as single glitch, despite getting a good hammering in action from the club’s various operators! He adds that the support from Ian Brown and the crew at Robe UK has been “Fantastic”.

All effects lighting is controlled by a ShowCAD system.