Rob Zombie brings his brand of circus to the road again. A fan of horror movies, Zombie gives his shows monsters from the 1930s and robots of the '40s; throw in pinup icon Betty Page and TV's Herman Munster and you've got Zombiemania fun for all. LD Sonny Satterfield joined in again for the latest tour.

Equipment includes High End Systems Studio Colors, LSD Icon luminaires, a downstage truss of 60 conventional lights, and 24 conventionals on the floor for sidelight. “There's no spotlights in the show; there's a lot of front wash,” says the LD. “We also have lighting in the set. There's the devil girls in the front, with light shot through them. Rob tends to go for dark, saturated colors, and we had lots of pyro as well. I like using the Icons — definitely a brighter, sharper-edged light than any of the others I've seen, and it's got multiple rotating gobos in it. I like the brightness and punch of them.” Light & Sound Design/Fourth Phase supplied the lighting. Satterfield is using the LSD Icon Console.

“When Rob did the Merry Mayhem tour with Ozzy Osbourne, Mike Keller designed the show then I set it up for a week in LA for rehearsals and programming,” Satterfield explains. “We added more songs and Thom Roberts did some editing for me in Nashville, and came out and programmed with me. Thom and I co-designed and programmed this. We've done Godsmack and Pantera tours together, and we've started a partnership and a website,”

Zombie comes to rehearsals and gives input. For this tour he wanted the set to have a UV look. “The set is actually carved and sculpted; it's got a lot of UV paint in it, and with the right kind of lighting it really jumps out at you,” the LD says. All Access Staging & Production built the set. “Wayne Toth, who does movie sets, has been involved in building Rob's sets for the last five or six years. Rob conceptualizes and designs the sets and Wayne builds the monsters. Rob is an artist in his own right, and his sets reflect that.”

The tour will run through September. The designer says his crew “really kicks ass. Thom is my right-hand man. This is a fun show and a great crew makes it that much nicer.”


Lighting Designer/Director
Sonny Satterfield

Thom Roberts

Set Designer
Rob Zombie

Lighting Crew Chief
Bruce Heard

Lighting Rigger/Tech
Mike Finocchiaro

Icon Tech
Ryan Cox

Equipment Suppliers
Light & Sound Design/Fourth Phase - Nashville
All Access Staging & Production

Lighting Equipment


LSD Icons


High End Systems Studio Color 575s


Diversitronics strobes




LSD 8-light Moles


Wybron Coloram IIs for Moles


L&E Mini-Strips


ETC Source Fours 19°


High End Systems Turbo Cyberlights with mirror removed, on spot stands


Altman 705 UV lights


LSD Icon Console


8' sections Total Productions Intelligent Truss


8' D3 truss


ETC Sensor 48-way dimmers