Following its successful launch earlier this year, the Architectural Lighting Master Classes will return February 20-21, 2003, at John Jay College in New York City.

Produced by Sonny Sonnenfeld in association with Architectural Lighting and Architecture magazines, with lighting designers Paul Gregory and Jonathan Spiers as creative consultants, the classes are designed to train architects, interior designers, lighting designers, electrical engineers, owners, and anyone interested in the creative use of light to enhance their projects.

The classes will address architectural lighting design philosophies. Attendees will be shown how creative lighting can add an additional dimension to an architectural design; the faculty will include some very well-known lighting design names. Promotional information for the classes state, “The Architectural Lighting Master Classes are not about lighting sources and fixtures, nor efficacy and efficiency, nor lamp and ballast combinations. It is all about creative lighting design.”

The release adds, “Heads of architectural and interior design offices and leaders of design teams need to maintain their competitive edge and make sure their managers and team leaders can best use lighting to enhance their designs.” The New York Chapter of the American Institute of Architects will co-sponsor the event; those attending will receive 16 Continuing Education Unit credits.

John Jay College is located at 899 Tenth Avenue at West 58th Street in Manhattan. Tuition for the classes is $595, with a $25 discount for registration before December 20, 2002. For AIA members, tuition is $545, with a $25 discount for registration before December 20. You can register by sending a check to Architectural Lighting Master Classes, VNU Conference Dept., 770 Broadway, New York, NY 10003. For more information, call 646-654-4581, or fax 646-654-4597.