Asked if he liked to travel, a famous wit responded, "I like to arrive." As our focus on transportation projects proves this issue, arriving has never been such a pleasurable experience--at least where the illumination is concerned.

A harried commuter, when entering or exiting a venerable landmark like Grand Central Terminal or a new colossus such as Hong Kong International Airport, often has little time to consider the surrounding architecture. A lighting designer knows better. Daylighting was practically invented in New York, and the use of daylight is a key component in Hong Kong. At night, both sparkle--Grand Central in the glow of a marvelous "retro-renovation" that has completely transformed the terminal, and Hong Kong with innovative uplighting techniques that make its roof a tourist attraction in and of itself.

Lighting is a part of any venue designer's travel pack. It adds a sense of wonderment to the Disney Magic, the first in a line of cruise ships that takes the entertainment powerhouse to sea. It is a tool that retail owners in airport terminals are using to put themselves in the "flight path" of consumers awaiting embarkation. And it is part of the artistry of Christopher Janney, who uses light and sound to beautify public spaces like airports and parking garages.

So fasten your seatbelts. And prepare for an enlightening ride through some of today's top transportation venues.