Gobos on Tape Call them gobos, templates, or patterns, thousands of designs exist, and sophisticated manufacturing techniques allow for custom images and color logos to be reproduced in a variety of sizes to fit conventional and moving lights of all types.

Rosco is now offering a Master Series in Lighting videotape, titled Designing With Gobos, which demonstrates lighting effects visually and is accompanied by a complete and informative narrative presenting the concepts of effective gobo usage. While the use of cityscapes and window panes as well as other steel gobos is tried and true, the techniques of combining gobos, rotating gobos, and the creative use of the newer Rosco "colorizer" and "glass prismatic" line of templates are not easily visualized or taught. Simply put, the tape explores the more complex and expressive effects that can now be achieved by the judicious use of templates. The videotape is hosted by the noted lighting designer Neil Peter Jampolis, and is based on lighting seminars taught by Jampolis and Tim Hunter.

"The business of making art...of shaping light...and simulating reality onstage" Jampolis says with enthusiasm as the tape begins. In addition to views of lighting effects such as fire, water (including reflections), and lightning, each look is broken into its component parts, and the purpose and use of each template is demonstrated and thoroughly detailed step by step. Particularly helpful is the inclusion of a full-screen graphic after each effect, showing the gobo types and model numbers used, as well as its position within the lighting instrument or gobo rotator. Throughout the scene vignettes, tips such as "Again, the correct focus is crucial," or suggestions such as "Very slow rotation on steel gobo" are given. Explanations are offered, particularly when different gobos are combined or lighting instruments are focused tightly on one position. Since gel colors are an integral part of effects such as clouds and foliage scenes, suggestions are offered as to choosing appropriate colors and their placement.

In contrast to conventional instructional tapes, the tape strives to involve the viewer in the subject and create a climate for creativity. Jampolis encourages the viewer to consider the usage of different templates and to experiment. He closes with; "All that's missing now is your energy and imagination."

Designing With Gobos is approximately 30 minutes long and is available for purchase from Rosco dealers.

Rosco Laboratories, Stamford, CT

Control for All Level Control Systems (LCS) Matrix Three(TM), a newly developed third-generation automated audio control system, addresses the unique and demanding requirements of live theatrical productions and themed entertainment installations. Matrix Three is modular-based and contained inside a three-rack-unit-high (LX-300) frame. The modular architecture allows for the flexibility of meeting demanding mixing, matrixing, audio processing, and playback challenges, as well as providing for easily configured and redesigned systems. The system allows for up to 32 LX-300 frames to be linked to form a system totally customizable; it is capable of supporting a maximum of 400 audio inputs and 512 audio outputs, and is fault-tolerant. Available I/O modules are CobraNet, ADAT Light Pipe, Analog In, and Analog Out. Later this year an AES/EBU digital I/O module will be available. Each frame contains seven available slots that allow for the flexibility of user design for specific applications. Processing modules include System DSP, Link, EtherTracks, and Comm/Sync. Standard with every system are compressors, parametric EQs, delays, multidimensional panning, and comprehensive external control. Available options include Wild Tracks(TM), a 16-track asynchronous playback system, Variable Room Acoustics System (VRAS)(TM), ethernet control, SMPTE timecode, and Automatic Gain Control (AGC). The user interface is modeled after a traditional sound reinforcement mixing console and uses a cue-based dynamic automation structure. CueStation(TM) software running on an external PC provides the interface for configuring and programming a Matrix Three system. Live operation can be done with CueStation, the compact CueMixer RIF-108, or the new CueConsole(TM) modular control surface.

Level Control Systems, Sierra Madre, CA

It Sounds Like..... Terrasonde has incorporated features from the original Audio Toolbox products into the Rack-Mount Audio Toolbox. The device is 2RU high and features the original audio testing functions, plus an external microphone, screen contrast control on the front panel, switchable 120 or 220/240VAC operation, and PC or Mac interface cables. The DSP-powered device allows for the inclusion of acoustical analysis tools, such as a 1/12-octave RTA with memories, sound level meter with LEQ, energy-time graph with delay calculation, and speaker polarity and noise criteria. The versatile toolbox contains a full-featured sweep signal generator with pink and white noise, stereo dB level meter, frequency counter, impedance meter, distortion meter, and a digital sample scope with X-Y phase capability. The entire unit is software-based and can be upgraded by the user. Also, both the PC and Mac platforms are fully supported and an LCD display is provided. Connections include balanced and unbalanced XLR, 1/4", and RCA, MIDI, and external mic BNC.

TerraSonde, Boulder, CO

A Turn of the Screw The Jensen Tools #118-300 (pictured), is a magnetic ratcheting screwdriver that also features bit storage inside the handle. The ratcheting mechanism changes direction with one adjustment of a knob. The included bits are a Philips # 1 and #2, plus slotted 3/16" and 1/4" sizes. The screwdriver will accept 1/4" hex drive bits. Jensen Tools has also introduced the model #118-301, (not pictured), another type of ratcheting screwdriver. This model features two double-ended reversible bits, slotted 3/16" and a 1/4", and Philips #1 and #2. Reversing is accomplished by a twist of a knob.

Jensen Tools, Phoenix, AZ

Low Rider MDG has developed the nonstop Ice Fog Touring Low Fog Generator using refrigerated liquid CO2 as a coolant and CO2 gas as a propellant. Its features include very low fluid consumption, noiseless operation, and production of an extremely dense fog. Three safety systems are incorporated into the design. Preliminary specifications on this 230VAC, 2850W model are fluid consumption of 3oz (0.09l) per minute (full volume), a reservoir capacity of .66 gallons (2.5l), and a particle size of 1-3 micron. The fog color is white; dimensions of the case are 61" long, 26" wide, and 30" high, and it weighs 175lbs. Warmup time is 10 minutes.

MDG, Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

Heavy Metal Sculptural Arts Coating has added copper to its popular Artists Choice Saturated Paint line. Copper will join gold and silver within the company's metallic paint category. All of the paints have superior hiding capability and flowing characteristics. According to Sculptural Arts, these pigment-saturated paints are formulated to have no rust or oxidation problems. The rich and bright colors are composed of mica-platelets suspended in a non-toxic resin base, thereby precluding the need to use bronzing powders. Lisa Saari, company CEO adds, "Copper Gold is water-based, so it's environmentally friendly, and cleanup and disposal is easy." The color is a match for most new copper tubing, and can be easily mixed with red and/or earthtones (from the Saturated Paint family) to create antique copper, aged copper, or virtually any metallic hue. The Saturated Line is available in pints, quarts, and gallon sizes, and a special sample of Copper Gold is available to Entertainment Design readers, via the Reader Service number below, or by calling (800) 743-0379 or (336) 379-7651.

Sculptural Arts Coating, Greensboro, NC

Springs 'N' Wheels Hamilton Caster has introduced a spring-loaded caster design that offers reduced noise level during usage, additional protection of the items being moved via the reduction of shock and vibration, reduced wear on floors and increased life of the caster, wheel, and bearing. The axle rides directly under the spring so that the load is vertically aligned with the spring. In addition, the new design utilizes a floating axle, unlike most conventional designs, that use a pivot-arm to transfer the spring action. Since the design is simplified, fewer parts are required in the manufacture of the casters. The spring-loaded design is used in three popular hot forged-steel caster series, which consists of Champion, Workhorse, and Heavy Service. Each series represents a different top (mounting) plate dimension, assuring compatibility with many installed spring-loaded applications. Available wheel choices include, phenolic, solid polyurethane, molded rubber, polyurethane on iron; in sizes from 4" x 2" to 12" x 3". Weight-bearing capacities (depending on thespring/wheel selection) range from 125lbs to 1,630lbs.

Hamilton Caster, Hamilton, OH

Pulling Squared Jaemar Winches has introduced a new line of center-flanged hand winches, with a unique capability of accommodating two ropes off the same drum simultaneously. A wide range of sizes are available to fit many standard and customized rigging situations. Models are available with gross line pulls from 550lbs to 11,000lbs. Jaemar includes automatic fail-safe braking on all models.

Jaemar Winches, Buffalo, NY

EZ ID LeMark Self-Adhesives Ltd. has developed a re-usable "road case" labeling system utilizing a durable Plastic Adhesive Laminate label that facilitates the identification and routing of road cases and is appropriate for rental inventory tracking and touring applications. The self-adhesive labels are supplied with an adhesive that is designed to permanently adhere to most surfaces and withstand rough handling and wide temperature fluctuations. Each label is coated, and allows for the labeling of contents, delivery information, destinations, etc., via the ubiquitous "permanent" felt-tip marker. Re-use is achieved by using conventional solvents to remove the "permanent" information. LeMark adds that each label can be printed with corporate colors or logos, as well as individualized barcodes to facilitate computer-tracking systems, before the protective (write-on) surface is applied.

Le Mark Self-Adhesives Ltd., Huntingdon, Cambridge, England

Turbo-Charged The Elektralite TurboFog atmospheric generation units are designed for mobile applications where durability is important, and feature extruded aluminum panels, heavy-duty twin grab handles, circuit breaker protection, and industrial rubber feet. Other standard features include DMX512 and analog control, positive switch DIPs for address setting, fluid level indication, positive connect five-pin XLR in/out for synchronization of multiple machines, and thermal shutdown overheat protection.

Elektralite,, Farmingdale, NY

A Home for Tools The LadderPro(TM) Hi-Pockets(TM) tool storage and organizer is designed to keep equipment and supplies close at hand during construction projects. The product is a heavy-duty, weatherproof nylon organizer that easily adjusts to both step and extension ladders using straps. With 14 pockets, two tool clips, and a paintcan loop, Hi-Pockets is capable of handling up to 25lbs of tools and supplies on stepladders, and 15lbs on extensions.

Louisville Ladder Group, Louisville, KY