During the Chicago Automobile Show, held at McCormick Place in early February, a storm broke out at the Chrysler booth. High End Systems Dataflashes(R) and Cyberlights(R) were programmed to create a cloudburst, then sunshine, a sunset, a moon, and finally a shooting star over a brand new convertible. Over at the Acura booth, Vari*Lite(R) automated luminaires were positioned around a circular screen and programmed to produce a variety of eye-catching effects.

While these corporate shows have appropriated moving lights to create a wide variety of looks to impress and dazzle, another intelligent light-specifically designed for this use-was making its second appearance. The Toyota booth had 83 of Coemar's new EHP (Exhibit Hall Projection) 2500s in its design.

Supplied in the US exclusively by The Obie Company, the Coemar EHP has a 2,500W HTI source, but acts more like an intense leko in that the iris can be made rectangular or round in shape. Also, the light has a 28-45 beam angle, color mixing capability from its color wheels, and the shutter iris can be removed so a gobo holder can be placed in the desired position. The electronics are modular for easy maintenance and the unit runs very quietly. The lights made their first appearance at the Detroit Auto Show in January.

Toyota's stand also included six Coemar NAT lights, which were hooked up to Wybron's Autopilot system, to provide a light show every 20 minutes. George P. Johnson designed the stand's sets and Chris Medvitz from The Obie Company designed the lighting into those plans. Besides Toyota, Chrysler, and Acura, The Obie Company also supplied lighting for Lexus, Nissan, and Mazda/Mitsubishi.