Jere Harris, Chairman and CEO, PRG:

“It is with great sadness that we learned of the death of my dear friend and colleague Larry Kellermann. Throughout his long, distinguished career, Larry touched countless people, and he will be greatly missed. Larry had been part of PRG since the company's inception. His skills, honed throughout more than five decades in the industry, helped our company serve its clients with distinction. Larry's personal touch brought something extra to every interaction. In addition to his expertise, Larry shared with all of us his unique ability to make connections. He knew so many people that he was often the conduit by which we all shared information.

“On a more personal note, Larry had a unique passion for life and for our industry. He was one of the most well rounded people I have known. In addition to the professional relationship we shared, Larry and I spent many evenings enjoying a good meal and a cherished bottle of wine and debating a broad range of topics. Larry was always someone who brought vast knowledge and stimulating conversation to a meal. I will miss those times — his energy, his talent and his wit.”

Robert Schiller, formerly with Century Lighting:

“I knew Larry for over 50 years as a fellow worker and friend. I hired him in the ‘50s at Century Lighting in NYC when he came with a degree in, I believe, Library Studies. I was so impressed by his vitality that I hired him for better or for worse. My gut feeling was that it would be for the better and so it was.

“He was always a joy and an ‘experience’ to be with. How he loved inventing wonderful stories, which once centered on the technology of training fleas for a flea circus and the origin of the ‘blue laws.’ His knowledge of all subjects was extensive and he could converse on a par with anyone.

“His work for the Wally Russell fund will also be sorely missed. Whatever he did he did with a fervor and energetic dedication. His love of family was no exception.”

Grif Palmer, Events Western Regional Sales Manager, Barco Folsom:

“I will always remember Larry for his calm and kind demeanor.....even in the heat of a deal or big project. Larry was kind and attentive regardless of where you worked or what you could do for him. He was also very direct in telling you where you had served him well and when you had let him down. He also forgave you and moved on to the next deal. I really can't imagine LDI without seeing Larry stopping by the booth to chat and catch up on the business and my personal life. He made me feel proud to be part of this wacky industry.”