Product Pick of the Month: GAM's SX4 Effects Projector

GAM Products introduces the SX4 Effects Projector, a version of the GAM Film FX. The SX4 converts an ETC Source Four ellipsoidal into a lightweight, compact, and efficient scenic projector for creating moving effects. When the project is over, the Source Four can be converted back to its normal inventory status and used for traditional applications ready to be easily converted back to a scenic projector when needed.

The SX4 is ideal for theme parks, museums, and retail and display applications where long loop life is required. GAM projects approximately 4,000 hours of continuous use of the thin film FX reel. With the SX4, you can create rolling clouds, raging fires, falling rain and snow, and many more moving effects.

The SX4 uses the same thin film FX/Reels used by the GAM Film/FX machine. With the larger rollers and drive mechanism of the SX4, the film loop life is prolonged. The economical film loops called FX/Reel are now available in 12 designs with many new effects planned to expand the possibilities.

The SX4 has a built-in speed control and a built-in reverse switch so that the direction of the film loop can be changed by flipping a switch. The unit's speed may be varied even if there are no dimmers available. The speed control can be used in conjunction with a dimmer for mastering a group of SX4s or for control from the lighting controller. However, in many display applications there may not be a traditional lighting controller available and having the built-in speed control is an added asset.

The pull-out drawer, which can be easily removed for reloading effects, provides an interesting opportunity for future developments now well under way. New effects drawers of different types will be available soon to fit the existing housing. This will extend the range of effects that you can create with the SX4. Both the SX4 housing and the pull-out effects drawer can be safety-cabled conveniently.


You Can Call Me Al

Apollo Design Technology, Inc. has introduced its new SuperLife Al gobos, which are manufactured from 10-mil aluminum alloy. As a reflector of heat generated from high wattage fixtures, aluminum gobos can last up to seven times longer than stainless-steel gobos. These gobos are designed for permanent installations and architectural applications; Apollo's SuperLife Al gobos are available in any size custom pattern.


Ring My Bell

Cambridge Electronics' Quicklink Private Wire automatic ring down unit provides instant off-hook access between two telephone sets or equivalents (fax, modem, answering machine) in a tiny “hockey-puck”-sized package at a very low cost. Ideal for theatrical prop use to simulate genuine telephone ringing on stage, rather than using doorbell-like contraptions that lack proper cadence, don't sound like phones, and don't stop when the handset is lifted. The Quicklink can also be used to establish an economical intercom system, using either wired or cordless telephones. The unit is powered from a simple wall adapter or a DC source and is ⅝" × 4¼" × 2½" and weighs 6oz.


Roll On

Hamilton has unveiled the new Endurance Series casters, manufactured from hot forged steel, which are designed to accommodate both thrust and radial forces and tend to swivel more easily under extreme loads. The standard Endurance Series is designed for 2"-and 3"-wide wheels for capacities up to 3,000lbs, while the new Super Endurance Series is designed for capacities up to 5,000lbs. Wheel choices range in size from 4" × 2" to 12" × 3". All Endurance Series casters are finished in bright zinc plating and come standard with a choice of six different wheel types. Standard bearing selections include precision ball bearing, precision tapered bearing, or straight roller bearing.


Show Control in a Can

Leviton's NSI/Lighting Control Division introduces the MLC-128R, a programmable control system that is designed for simple shows to elaborate events. The front panel of the rackmount device offers access for up to 1,024 user-programmable scenes. Device position memories allow fast, standard show setup times with minimal editing. The unit has 512 channels and can control 128 individual intelligent devices via DMX. The memory capacity supports up to 256 device patterns for up to 256 shows. Features include an editable fixture library, four encoder wheels and a joystick control, audio synchronization, an RS232 port, MIDI in/thru/out, and a two-line, 40-character backlit LCD display.


A Little TLC

Lightronics announces a new line of lighting consoles. The new TL Series features a streamlined appearance and feel while maintaining the same great features from earlier designs. The new series will include 12-, 16-, 24-, and 32-channel models. All models will include user-programmed scene and chase memories and optional DMX output. Some models will feature sound-activated chase operation and dimmer soft-patch capability. All models are covered by Lightronics' two-year warranty and customer support.


LA Is My Lady

Listen Technologies Corporation announces the addition of three new microphones for use with its portable transmitters. The LA-270 noise-canceling microphone is designed to cancel ambient noise and deliver clean audio in the noisiest of environments. It features a directional microphone and unobtrusive ear clips that are comfortable to wear and easy to adjust. The Listen LA-272 headworn microphone and earphone incorporates a directional microphone with a single earphone in an over-the-head configuration. For those who dislike the headband style, there is the LA-273. This unit also uses a directional microphone with an earphone, but it latches over the presenter's ear for unobtrusive microphone placement. All three microphones come with a 3.5mm mini-plug for use with the Listen LT-700 Portable Transmitter. The LA-272 and LA-273 have a second 3.5mm mini-plug for use with Listen receivers or other audio devices.


To the Maxxyz

Martin is debuting the Maxxyz lighting controller, which is designed to be intuitive with expandable characteristics, an abundance of cutting-edge features, and a modular design. The Maxxyz has a built-in 3D visualizer, which gives real-time preview of shows. Other features include ethernet capability and eight DMX512 outputs for a total of 4,096 channels. Additionally there are two DMX512 inputs for capturing DMX and for master/slave functions with other controllers. An effects generator that saves time when making complex movement and effects is also included. Even matrix effects from the Martin Matrix controller are included. Other features include two super-high luminance industrial 12.1" SVGA TFT color touchscreens, built-in DVD/CD-RW, Penny and Giles digital fader belts, built-in two-way speakers and headphone output, and USB connections for various peripherals.


Hot Potato

For procedures that require more protection, Setwear now offers a Hothand glove. These gloves feature heat-resistant leather and the palms, fingers, and thumbs are lined with Thinsulate and Bemberg materials to help provide extra protection. The Hothand gloves are designed to handle most hot materials used in any industry. The gloves are great for lighting, rigging, rappelling, belaying, and more. These multipurpose gloves also help provide extra protection both from hot or cold elements.


What's the Frequency, Kenneth?

Shure introduces its new ULX Standard and Professional UHF Wireless Systems. These systems, designed for both live performance and systems integration applications, feature Shure's proprietary Automatic Frequency Selection circuitry, which automatically scans a user's environment for open frequencies. Both models operate between 554-865MHz and offer up to 1,440 selectable frequencies that are organized into pre-programmed groups. Additional features include: frequency and volume lockouts, advanced front-panel controls, indicators for RF signal strength, furnished rack hardware, remote mountable ½-wave antennas, and an extruded metal chassis. ULX systems are available with a variety of Shure's leading handheld, head-worn, instrument, and lavalier microphone options, including the SM58, Beta 58, Beta 87A, Beta 87C, Beta 53, and WL50.


Pass the Baton

Streamlight introduces the BatonLite, a high-intensity LED flashlight, manufactured from anodized machine aircraft aluminum with a knurled grip. It contains three 100,00-hour high-intensity light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The lens is unbreakable Lexan, sealed with an O-ring, and only weighs 2.8oz with batteries. Length is 5.5", run time is 12+ hours, produced with three N-size alkaline batteries. It produces 42,000 millicandellas of light. It has a swiveling keyring collar with ring. The light features a momentary blink as well as a locked on mode. And it's available in any color as long as it's black.