The Industry History Committee has appointed Jared Saltzman to the position of stage manager for its project, An Oral History of Theatrical Lighting and Its People. Saltzman will coordinate and lead the project to its goal of creating a history of the theatrical and entertainment lighting industry as seen through the eyes of those who have worked as manufacturers, distributors, designers, consultants, and technicians. Interviews for the project will focus on tracing the impact of developing technology on the creative process; this recorded history will be preserved for publication in diverse media and for future research.

Saltzman's responsibilities will include compiling the names of notable industry figures who should be interviewed, seeking individuals who would like to volunteer their time to conduct the taped interviews, arranging the logistics of the interviews, and seeking archival materials that are associated with the interview subjects.

Saltzman is currently a professor of theatre/lighting designer at Bergen Community College in New Jersey. He is also the head electrician at the New Jersey Sports & Exposition Authority, Meadowlands; the lighting director for the New Jersey Nets; resident lighting designer for the New Players Company in Ridgewood, NJ; and a freelance LD and electrician in the New York metropolitan area. He served on the USITT board of directors from 1985-1989. ESTA and USITT, and Entertainment Design and Lighting Dimensions magaz ines, are the sponsors of this project. The project is being coordinated by the History Committee, which includes representatives from the sponsoring organizations and industry professionals. Members are Betsy Adams, David Barbour, Janel Becker, David Johnson, Christine Kaiser of USITT, Robert Kliegl, Zoe Paine, Jonathan Resnick, Marjorie Romans, Lori Rubinstein, Sonny Sonnenfeld, and Jacqueline Tien.

If you are interested in becoming an interviewer or assisting the project in any manner please contact Saltzman at or Lori Rubinstein,, at the ESTA office, phone: 212/244-1505.